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In this episode, we have a full house with Dan, Kamille, Alli and Scott Rose. Scott showcases how to build dynamic emails that give them a choice of actions to take within the email, Kamille walks through the hot off the press updates to the Timeline UI, and Alli shares a simple script used to timestamp a record after an automation run.


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Airtable App Marketplace Highlights (Extensions)

 Scheduler – “With the scheduler app, you can select one or more records in a grid view and display all of the related records on a calendar interface. You can click and drag dates on the calendar to select a start and end time subject to a set of constraints. Knowing what resources are taken or occupied and planning around them is as simple as a drag and drop.”


 Ecomtable – “Streamline Etsy shop management by calculating profit, updating listings, and monitoring reviews.”

Airtable Universe Highlights

DNA Matches – “A tool to track and manage your DNA matches across multiple testing companies.”


Applying to College – “Applying for college is no easy task, especially if you’re a first generation student like me. This was a template that I made to organize all of my applications.”

BuiltOnAir.com Resources

SYSTEMSROCK – “Consulting firm run by Natasha Vorompiova with an emphasis on business systems.”

ANKI FLASH CARDS – “Combine Anki 2.1 with an Airtable database to make a handy tool for all your flash card needs. Useful for memorizing facts, images, quotes. This plugin page includes a tutorial for how to get it set up.”


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