[S11-E01] Full Podcast Summary for 05-03-2022

Season 11 Episode 1
This weeks Hosts: Alli AlosaKamille ParksDan Fellars
This weeks Segments:
Round The Bases –

Meet the Creators –

Meet Russell Bishop.

Frontend UX Designer @ Lighthouse

Visit them online

Automate Create –

Watch as we review and work through automations. how to build automated summary tables

Learn more about the automation

A Case for Interface –

Explore Interfaces with “Buttons in Interfaces”.

Interfaces now supports actionable Buttons to perform some limited functionality.

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[S10-E12] Full Podcast Summary for 03-22-2022

Season 10 Episode 12
This weeks Hosts: Alli AlosaDan Fellars
This weeks Segments:
Round The Bases –

Field Focus –

A deep dive into the Rollup HTML Data Rollup – How to use the Rollup field to generate HTML for a list 

Meet the Creators –

Meet Andy Cloke from DataFetcher.com.

Andy Cloke is the one man SAAS Builder behind DataFetcher.com

Visit them online

An App a Day –

Watch as we install, explore, and showcase the DataFetcher App from the Airtable Marketplace. The app is described as “Connect Airtable to any application with no-code.”.

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[S10-E11] Full Podcast Summary for 03-15-2022

Season 10 Episode 11
This weeks Hosts: Alli AlosaDan Fellars
This weeks Segments:
Round The Bases –

Following Articles Used in this Segment:

[Airtable Community] Oops! Editable shared view update – Announcements – Airtable Community Forum

[Reddit] What was your "aha" moment with Airtable? : Airtable

[Reddit] How to Make a Recurring Task List in Airtable : Airtable

[Facebook] (20+) Airtable Community | Quick question surrounding automations: With the ability to now have conditional steps in the workflow, do each of those conditions count as an "actio… | Facebook

[Facebook] (20+) Airtable Community | I know there's a TON of overlap in userbase for Airtable & Zapier, this is a cool thing Zapier just announced today: | Facebook

[BuiltOnAir Community] Slack | general | BuiltOnAir

[BuiltOnAir Community] Slack | Threads | BuiltOnAir

A Case for Interface –

Explore Interfaces with “Creating New Records”.

Interfaces do not yet have support for creating or deleting records. Alli will walk us through how to get around the creation limitation with this clever hack..

Scripting Time –

Explore Scripting with “Create Bar Charts in Markdown”.

This script allows you to create basic bar charts and output them via Markdown. Courtesy of Robin Ingelbrecht.

View Script

Audience Questions –

Dan answers the Airtable question: “How to Change Automation Error Email Recipient”

Answer: Learn how to modify who receives alerts on Automation failures

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