A Library of Community Generated Code for the Scripts Block

Bulk Add a Linked Records to Fields that have existing Linked Records

by Victoria Plummer

This script will let you bulk add a linked record to existing fields.


Creating Projects/Tasks From Templates

by Giovanni Briggs

This script will ensure that the dependencies between the task templates are maintained when creating the tasks for a new project.


Easy External API Example

by Ronald Vonk

This script just pulls pre-defined data from this website:


Rank Descending and Update Field

by Adam C

Ranks your data in descending order based on a field you select, and updates a field you select with the ranking number


Rules Based Tagging (Multiple Select)

by Victoria Plummer

Use this script to replace using a formula to tag data.


Splitting Values Into Quartiles

by Victoria Plummer

With this script, you can run calculations on the content of an entire field and split up values into Quartiles.


Find the Earliest Date Across Multiple Date Fields

by Victoria Plummer

This script allows you to find the earliest date in a record that has multiple date fields.


Create recurring orders

by Kasra

This script will go through recurring orders and create a delivery record for each day that an order should repeat. 


No-Conflict Appointment Scheduler

by Kamille Parks

This script allows you to schedule same-day appointments assuming those appointments don’t overlap.


Find & Replace Text

by Jonathan Bowen

This script serves as a Find and Replace function.


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