Allows you to update a status field and kicks off a time tracker in the background so they don’t have to worry about tracking their hours.

The Setup
I have 6 fields

  • Current status
  • Current status change time
  • previous status
  • Previous status change time
  • total time
  • Current status = Previous status Check

A view is set up with a filter based on the field “Current status = Previous status Check” if true then filtered out, if false then they appear in the view.

When they enter the view it runs an automation that runs the following script (apologies not sure on correct formatting for the forum)

The useful thing is you can add as many Status as you want by just adding an OR function to the “Current status = Previous status Check” field and adding in additional current VS previous checks. The script will update each status taking it out of the view after updating the timing. You can then duplicate the script for each status you need to update. The reason I do this is at the moment Automations are limited to 25 and I need all the automations I can get for other things i’m doing.