5/18/2023 – BuiltOnAir Live Podcast Full Show – S14-E06

Duration: 53 minutes

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Welcome to the BuiltOnAir Podcast, the live show.  The BuiltOnAir Podcast is a live weekly show highlighting everything happening in the Airtable world.

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Todays Hosts

Alli Alosa – Hi there! I’m Alli 🙂 I’m a fine artist turned “techie” with a passion for organization and automation. I’m also proud to be a Community Leader in the Airtable forum, and a co-host of the BuiltOnAir podcast. My favorite part about being an Airtable consultant and developer is that I get to talk with people from all sorts of industries, and each project is an opportunity to learn how a business works.

Kamille Parks – I am an Airtable Community Forums Leader and the developer behind the custom Airtable app “Scheduler”, one of the winning projects in the Airtable Custom Blocks Contest now widely available on the Marketplace. I focus on building simple scripts, automations, and custom apps for Airtable that streamline data entry and everyday workflows.

Show Segments

Meet the Creators – 00:05:29 –

Meet Daretable Attendees from Daretable.

We interviewed a handful of Daretable attendees on how the conference has gone.

Visit them online

Full Segment Details

Segment: Meet the Creators

Start Time: 00:05:29

Daretable Attendees –

Meet Daretable Attendees from Daretable.

We interviewed a handful of Daretable attendees on how the conference has gone.

Visit them online

Full Transcription

The full transcription for the show can be found here:

[00:01:44] All right,
[00:01:45] welcome to the BuiltOnAir Podcast.
[00:01:48] We are live at DareTable.
[00:01:50] We've got Kamille and Alli in person.
[00:01:54] Yay, we're all in the same room.
[00:01:57] Hopefully, hopefully,
[00:01:58] I forgot I was talking in the wrong place.
[00:02:01] Hopefully you can hear us,
[00:02:03] give us feedback
[00:02:04] in the comments if everything
[00:02:06] sounding okay.
[00:02:08] See if we get the people joining here. So
[00:02:11] what we're gonna do for this show
[00:02:13] is we're gonna grab some people that are
[00:02:14] attending,
[00:02:15] and get some feedback
[00:02:17] on how things are going,
[00:02:18] get some insight into
[00:02:19] some amazing, interesting people
[00:02:22] that are here at the conference.
[00:02:23] First, let's start here with this group.
[00:02:25] What's, how's it been so far?
[00:02:27] That's awesome. Yeah.
[00:02:29] I just went to one
[00:02:31] of the sessions hosted by Alex and
[00:02:33] it was just his incredible journey,
[00:02:35] going throughout his life and how he
[00:02:37] ended up using Airtable
[00:02:39] for so many great causes
[00:02:40] like helping veterans and,
[00:02:41] making sure everyone has nice clean water,
[00:02:45] just the whole gamut,
[00:02:46] really great,
[00:02:47] really, really cool stuff.
[00:02:49] We just have such a great community
[00:02:51] and have to have
[00:02:51] everybody here in person
[00:02:52] is just really, really Nice. Yep.
[00:02:54] Yep. So Alli presented yesterday,
[00:02:57] all done. Kamille still gets to go
[00:03:00] put me last.
[00:03:02] So the conference started
[00:03:03] yesterday morning,
[00:03:05] all day, yesterday and then
[00:03:06] today, all day today.
[00:03:09] So, yeah, let, let's see,
[00:03:11] some exciting stuff. Some announcements.
[00:03:13] Airtable is here making
[00:03:14] some announcements that
[00:03:16] we
[00:03:16] can
[00:03:16] share. I mean, the first one
[00:03:18] off the bat, the first
[00:03:19] session off the bat was from
[00:03:22] Airtable co-hosted by Cherry Yang,
[00:03:24] who's a friend of the show and
[00:03:26] just,
[00:03:27] you know, I'm excited for the future,
[00:03:29] just improvements and things that
[00:03:32] really getting the feeling
[00:03:34] that some of the
[00:03:35] complaints and criticisms we've recently
[00:03:38] heard and had ourselves about,
[00:03:41] you know,
[00:03:41] Airtable and certain features
[00:03:43] they're working on it which, you know,
[00:03:45] I don't know how much I can say,
[00:03:47] but it, it was nice to see
[00:03:49] some acknowledgement and you know,
[00:03:51] like, yeah, they're, they're action upon
[00:03:52] things and things take time.
[00:03:54] So.
[00:03:55] Absolutely. Yeah, definitely
[00:03:56] sounds like they are listening for sure.
[00:03:59] They better because
[00:04:00] we're in their headquarters.
[00:04:02] We're inside the
[00:04:03] Airtable office this year.
[00:04:05] We got to look around,
[00:04:06] we saw all the secrets
[00:04:08] on all the white boards and
[00:04:09] everything.
[00:04:10] Not quite.
[00:04:11] I looked, I didn't see anything.
[00:04:13] Would you believe they're working on gene
[00:04:14] splicing?
[00:04:17] Very good. OK. So what we're gonna do,
[00:04:19] I'm gonna leave and go grab some people
[00:04:21] and come in so maybe give
[00:04:23] a summary of what you talked about at your
[00:04:24] presentation, what you're gonna be
[00:04:26] talking about and then I'll bring some.
[00:04:28] Awesome. Yeah. Yesterday
[00:04:30] I did a session called
[00:04:32] Mastering Metrics and it was
[00:04:34] just a lot of the stuff that
[00:04:36] I've already demoed
[00:04:37] on BuiltOnAir actually,
[00:04:38] but just in a big long
[00:04:42] uh
[00:04:42] concatenation of, of it all
[00:04:45] about like bucketing data by month,
[00:04:47] getting a running total stuff like
[00:04:50] that. So just tips and tricks to
[00:04:53] extract the data that you need
[00:04:55] out of your base. And that was really
[00:04:57] great. I enjoyed talking
[00:04:59] to everybody doing that. Yeah.
[00:05:00] Wonderful.
[00:05:01] Yeah.
[00:05:02] And Kamille presents this afternoon.
[00:05:04] Yeah, I'm closing out the conference
[00:05:07] with what was originally gonna be
[00:05:10] pretty hands on people come,
[00:05:13] they give me a question and I try
[00:05:14] to answer it live, still gonna do that,
[00:05:16] but it's gonna start with my life story.
[00:05:18] So that'll be fun. Everyone gets to
[00:05:20] know everything about me
[00:05:22] and
[00:05:22] we have now in the room if,
[00:05:24] if you wanna come and,
[00:05:26] and join us on screen,
[00:05:28] this is Brandy.
[00:05:29] You've already had your session.
[00:05:31] We just sort of describe what
[00:05:33] our sessions were and were going to be.
[00:05:35] Do you wanna tell our audience
[00:05:37] what you talked about yesterday?
[00:05:39] So
[00:05:39] I tell everyone that I felt super
[00:05:41] inadequate being amongst these Airtable
[00:05:43] aficionados like
[00:05:45] people are so smart here,
[00:05:46] but my session was just on
[00:05:48] the basics. Literally base
[00:05:50] icks
[00:05:51] love
[00:05:51] that.
[00:05:52] So I,
[00:05:54] I am a branding nerd.
[00:05:55] So I build it out on an acronym
[00:05:57] called Base Ace.
[00:05:58] So I focused on building
[00:06:00] your base first where
[00:06:02] you take the time up front
[00:06:04] to brainstorm and assimilate your data.
[00:06:06] So that means asking the right
[00:06:08] questions of your if you're a consultant,
[00:06:09] you know, asking them,
[00:06:11] you know, what problem are you
[00:06:13] trying to solve?
[00:06:14] How do you know how can Airtable
[00:06:15] help you? And maybe it won't help you
[00:06:17] to talk about that.
[00:06:18] It might not always be the right solution.
[00:06:21] And then
[00:06:21] really start to think about
[00:06:23] the structure of your data.
[00:06:24] So that leads to the s
[00:06:25] of the base structure,
[00:06:27] your data. So be ready to
[00:06:28] identify the key entities and
[00:06:31] things that you need to go ahead
[00:06:32] and set up for your table.
[00:06:33] And then, so we were building
[00:06:35] out a custom C R M live in the class.
[00:06:37] And so we talked about what type
[00:06:38] of data points
[00:06:39] we would need for each table.
[00:06:41] And then we get to the E of base,
[00:06:43] which means I always forget this e because
[00:06:46] there's two E s established.
[00:06:48] That's right.
[00:06:49] So we're gonna establish our views
[00:06:51] and interfaces and we see that
[00:06:53] data really easily,
[00:06:54] whether that's internally,
[00:06:55] like creating a view for your
[00:06:56] coworkers to quickly
[00:06:58] collaborate on some data. Or
[00:07:00] it may also be
[00:07:01] establishing an interface
[00:07:03] for an external user
[00:07:04] that's, you know,
[00:07:05] having a shared lead. That way,
[00:07:07] we didn't get to the Ace part
[00:07:08] because we were just too busy talking.
[00:07:10] We have
[00:07:10] so much fun. So thank you
[00:07:12] if you came to my session.
[00:07:13] The Ace would stand for
[00:07:15] the automate process.
[00:07:16] So automating whatever you can,
[00:07:18] whether that's creating
[00:07:19] documents that you need for your business,
[00:07:21] images, things like that. And then
[00:07:23] after automation's come control,
[00:07:25] which actually sometimes control needs to
[00:07:28] come before automation
[00:07:29] controlling who has access to the data,
[00:07:32] giving them permissions and
[00:07:33] limiting per permissions.
[00:07:35] And then the last letter is E for ensure.
[00:07:37] Make sure your data is
[00:07:39] backed up. Shout out to On2Air
[00:07:41] their backups.
[00:07:43] You know, have, have a system
[00:07:45] or plan in place
[00:07:46] to back up your data and ensure
[00:07:47] that it will last the length
[00:07:49] of your business.
[00:07:50] Wonderful. And I love that
[00:07:51] automate comes after established because
[00:07:54] we've said before that you can't,
[00:07:56] you can't start
[00:07:58] with just automating things.
[00:07:59] You really have to understand
[00:08:01] what it is that you're building
[00:08:03] and why and what's
[00:08:04] important and
[00:08:05] just,
[00:08:06] and you made a fun little
[00:08:08] acronym
[00:08:08] my goodness.
[00:08:10] And you even had medals.
[00:08:12] I
[00:08:13] gave
[00:08:13] me
[00:08:14] one in. But yes, everybody when
[00:08:16] they left our session,
[00:08:17] they were officially base
[00:08:18] Aces. So make that
[00:08:20] a little metal for that.
[00:08:21] I love that.
[00:08:22] And if you look at my session,
[00:08:24] if you go to www.becomeabaseace.com
[00:08:27] I have all my slide,
[00:08:30] my presentation slide deck videos
[00:08:32] of both my actual presentation.
[00:08:34] And then I did do a
[00:08:35] follow up video last night
[00:08:36] for part two on the ace part.
[00:08:38] So that's on there. And then
[00:08:41] I was going with
[00:08:42] the logo that I designed for that.
[00:08:44] It was actually a an image generated by
[00:08:46] mid
[00:08:47] journey. So I just wanted to put in a,
[00:08:49] a
[00:08:49] quick little award picture
[00:08:50] and it generated that guy wearing a medal.
[00:08:52] So I was like, I gotta have a medal.
[00:08:55] It's super fun.
[00:08:56] I'm so glad to be here.
[00:08:57] So come to be amongst these stars.
[00:08:59] Like I'm always on online
[00:09:00] chatting, but it's great to be
[00:09:02] with, with the brains
[00:09:03] in the room. So thank
[00:09:04] you. Thank you for having me.
[00:09:06] Thank you for coming and you know,
[00:09:08] and for making your content available
[00:09:11] for those who weren't able to come to
[00:09:13] the conference, but
[00:09:15] so important I wasn't able
[00:09:16] to go last year. So definitely huge fomo
[00:09:19] you
[00:09:19] know, like I want to be in the room, but
[00:09:21] so glad to share it.
[00:09:23] Thank
[00:09:23] you. Yeah, thank you for
[00:09:24] coming.
[00:09:25] We'll see you later.
[00:09:26] All right, thanks Brandy.
[00:09:28] Awesome. From
[00:09:30] It's so cool.
[00:09:32] Everyone just knows so much.
[00:09:34] Yeah, it's amazing to be.
[00:09:36] These are like our people.
[00:09:37] Hello,
[00:09:39] how are you?
[00:09:40] Join
[00:09:41] us.
[00:09:43] You can
[00:09:43] please.
[00:09:44] Yeah, we are live on
[00:09:46] youtube.
[00:09:48] We
[00:09:49] vaguely framed.
[00:09:52] So, all right,
[00:09:53] you
[00:09:53] wanna
[00:09:54] know
[00:09:55] My name is David Gatlin.
[00:09:57] Airtable full stack.
[00:09:59] No code solutions engineer.
[00:10:02] I focus mostly on enterprise accounts.
[00:10:06] Connecting large enterprise accounts,
[00:10:09] going through a lot of security
[00:10:10] loopholes,
[00:10:13] documentation and processes.
[00:10:16] been doing Airtable for like 10 years.
[00:10:19] Wow, that beats me.
[00:10:21] Beats me too. I've got six. Yeah,
[00:10:24] that's awesome. Yeah, I
[00:10:25] think that's the longest one
[00:10:27] I've ever heard. Actually, I didn't know
[00:10:29] Airtable
[00:10:29] was 10 years old. 2012, I think.
[00:10:32] Yeah,
[00:10:33] that's crazy.
[00:10:34] So, you've seen
[00:10:36] certainly more than we have.
[00:10:38] Yeah.
[00:10:39] What? Yeah. Well, I used it for
[00:10:41] most of that time, I had another career.
[00:10:45] I was a director of ops for a private,
[00:10:47] so a company that made software
[00:10:49] for private corporate jets.
[00:10:51] And so I used Airtable every day there
[00:10:54] and it was, you know,
[00:10:56] it was our source of truth for everything.
[00:10:58] And then I'd say about three years ago
[00:11:01] I really dove into
[00:11:02] focusing on no code
[00:11:04] and obviously Airtable as a foundation.
[00:11:07] Yeah.
[00:11:07] Wonderful. Awesome.
[00:11:08] And how have you found
[00:11:09] the conference so far?
[00:11:10] Conference has been awesome.
[00:11:12] It's been great
[00:11:13] to meet everybody that's here.
[00:11:15] You know, I see all you guys
[00:11:17] on the forums and I watch this,
[00:11:18] the, the youtube channels.
[00:11:20] So it's, it's nice to meet everybody.
[00:11:22] Awesome networking,
[00:11:24] seeing what
[00:11:25] people are working on
[00:11:27] what their problems are,
[00:11:29] is really intriguing to me.
[00:11:31] You know, there's been a lot of
[00:11:33] people here presenting their solutions and
[00:11:34] I've been kind of poking them
[00:11:36] and saying, well, what are your problems?
[00:11:39] That, that's actually great
[00:11:41] because there's,
[00:11:42] when we come and we present
[00:11:44] something at conferences like this,
[00:11:45] we'll think through, OK,
[00:11:48] we have to sell that this is such
[00:11:50] an interesting and cool project and that's
[00:11:51] why we're presenting it.
[00:11:53] But problems, yeah,
[00:11:54] there's no way anyone build
[00:11:55] anything the first time
[00:11:57] perfectly and
[00:11:58] hearing about how someone
[00:12:01] came across a problem and solved it
[00:12:02] is another great reason
[00:12:04] to come to a conference,
[00:12:04] like,
[00:12:04] and you're in a room
[00:12:06] with a bunch of people
[00:12:07] that have probably hit that or,
[00:12:09] you know, can give you some advice.
[00:12:11] Absolutely.
[00:12:13] Absolutely.
[00:12:14] Yeah, it's been incredible to like,
[00:12:15] just be, these are like the,
[00:12:16] the people that I want to talk to
[00:12:18] all the time. So it's great to have a room
[00:12:20] full of them.
[00:12:22] It's been good.
[00:12:23] Yeah. Absolutely.
[00:12:24] So, what conf
[00:12:25] what session did you just walk in from?
[00:12:29] I was in
[00:12:32] Xavier's conf
[00:12:35] presentation about
[00:12:37] mentoring and nonprofits.
[00:12:40] Which kind of was one
[00:12:42] of the last ones I was saying,
[00:12:43] let me, let's talk about your problems,
[00:12:45] you know, you presented all your
[00:12:47] solution.
[00:12:48] Because she mentioned earlier
[00:12:50] in her presentation that
[00:12:51] nonprofits
[00:12:53] have a, a, there's a big lack of I T
[00:12:56] support in nonprofits because of cost
[00:12:58] obviously.
[00:12:59] And so, you know, I found that
[00:13:01] very interesting, as a,
[00:13:03] as a possible vertical because I'm always
[00:13:06] thinking that way. But,
[00:13:08] yeah, you know,
[00:13:09] that was one of the things
[00:13:10] I pressed her, you know,
[00:13:10] is what are your problems?
[00:13:11] And, it was interesting
[00:13:13] to hear that as well,
[00:13:14] you know,
[00:13:14] where they are
[00:13:15] and where they got stuck,
[00:13:16] you know, they presented this
[00:13:17] and they're like,
[00:13:18] ok, it was two steps down,
[00:13:19] you're stuck. That's, that's interesting.
[00:13:21] Yeah,
[00:13:23] I think
[00:13:25] that, I think that might be my
[00:13:26] favorite part of
[00:13:27] hearing all of these different
[00:13:28] sessions because everyone
[00:13:29] is coming up with different,
[00:13:34] the use case, obviously they're
[00:13:35] all using Airtable
[00:13:36] but there's different use
[00:13:37] cases being put on display
[00:13:38] and it's even different from last year.
[00:13:40] I don't know if you were able
[00:13:41] to go to the one in Austin last year,
[00:13:42] but everyone had a completely different,
[00:13:45] for some reason everyone
[00:13:46] was getting married and so
[00:13:48] let me include it.
[00:13:49] There's a lot of wedding planners and
[00:13:52] more like personal,
[00:13:54] I think basis last year this year is,
[00:13:57] we've seen a lot of nonprofits.
[00:13:59] Yours and the one
[00:14:00] I just went to was also a
[00:14:01] bunch of nonprofits
[00:14:02] it as well.
[00:14:02] Education I think has,
[00:14:04] seen a couple of different sessions here.
[00:14:06] Airtable is just so well
[00:14:08] suited for so many different
[00:14:10] and a lot of customers here as well,
[00:14:12] which has been interesting that are just
[00:14:13] looking to learn. Yeah. Yeah,
[00:14:15] that's very true.
[00:14:16] Which is great. I mean, that's like
[00:14:18] Airtable attracts all sorts
[00:14:20] of different people, which is so cool.
[00:14:22] It really does.
[00:14:25] Absolutely.
[00:14:28] All right. Right
[00:14:29] on
[00:14:29] here.
[00:14:30] So, you know what?
[00:14:31] I forgot to pay attention to chat. Hi.
[00:14:36] Hello,
[00:14:36] hello.
[00:14:38] So, I think we're,
[00:14:40] we're day two, it's about 2 50 PM. PST.
[00:14:46] We only have a few sessions left.
[00:14:48] The next session is,
[00:14:49] what's called UN conference where
[00:14:52] anyone from the audience
[00:14:54] can come up with,
[00:14:55] about 10 minutes to speak on
[00:14:57] something
[00:14:58] and I have not taken a look
[00:15:00] at the list yet of who's coming up or what
[00:15:02] do we want to place bets?
[00:15:05] What are we gonna see?
[00:15:07] What do we hope to see?
[00:15:08] I think we're gonna see a lot of AI
[00:15:11] there's been a lot of AI
[00:15:13] this year too. Yeah, that's right.
[00:15:14] Tons of A I, lots of AI talk.
[00:15:17] It's, it's a, it's a hot,
[00:15:18] hot topic.
[00:15:20] Absolutely.
[00:15:21] Yeah, I'd have to agree with that.
[00:15:23] Yeah. You know what? Yeah,
[00:15:24] we, we suspect AI.
[00:15:27] Yeah,
[00:15:27] exactly.
[00:15:29] All
[00:15:30] right.
[00:15:30] All right.
[00:15:31] Thank you so much for having
[00:15:33] me. Thank
[00:15:33] you
[00:15:34] for joining
[00:15:35] us.
[00:15:35] All
[00:15:35] right.
[00:15:36] Talk
[00:15:36] to you
[00:15:36] later.
[00:15:37] Thank you.
[00:15:40] All right. I think we have,
[00:15:43] we got two, but we only have one chair.
[00:15:47] We've got two Airtable
[00:15:49] celebrities coming in.
[00:15:54] What?
[00:15:56] Take a
[00:15:57] second
[00:15:57] here.
[00:15:59] Yeah.
[00:16:02] Yeah. Yeah. Come along inside.
[00:16:07] All right, welcome. Cherry Yang
[00:16:09] and
[00:16:09] Kuovonne Vorderbruggen.
[00:16:10] Yeah.
[00:16:11] Yes,
[00:16:12] welcome.
[00:16:13] Legends.
[00:16:14] Absolutely.
[00:16:15] You're here at the DareTable
[00:16:16] Conference day two.
[00:16:18] You
[00:16:18] are a
[00:16:18] legend.
[00:16:21] You two
[00:16:21] are the legends and like seeing you
[00:16:23] and being with you two
[00:16:24] together is amazing.
[00:16:25] Well, you both had sessions yesterday.
[00:16:28] I think you were one and two,
[00:16:31] right?
[00:16:32] You were key note
[00:16:33] and then I was in the session
[00:16:34] that started up the break the
[00:16:35] first of the breakouts, right? So
[00:16:38] is that good or bad being
[00:16:41] the first to sort of
[00:16:42] speak at the conference?
[00:16:44] And the rest you just get to
[00:16:46] experience is like a visitor or,
[00:16:47] you know?
[00:16:49] Well, so this is the third time
[00:16:50] that I've been speaking and I told Chris
[00:16:52] thank you very much so much
[00:16:53] for putting me in the spot that I had.
[00:16:55] And he's like, well,
[00:16:56] he listens to my feedback
[00:16:57] on how I liked it before.
[00:16:58] And for me,
[00:16:59] it was the perfect spot because
[00:17:01] no way would ever want the
[00:17:02] attention of the keynote
[00:17:04] and all that pressure.
[00:17:06] But then I got to do my first session.
[00:17:08] It's over and done with and I can just
[00:17:10] enjoy the rest of the conference.
[00:17:12] I agree.
[00:17:13] Yeah, it was nice to get it done
[00:17:15] yesterday
[00:17:16] and now I'm just being destressed.
[00:17:17] Rub it in
[00:17:18] why don't you?
[00:17:19] I still haven't gone.
[00:17:21] I
[00:17:21] said the best for last,
[00:17:23] the
[00:17:24] best for last.
[00:17:25] So Cherry, your session
[00:17:26] you shared actually with
[00:17:28] a representative from Airtable.
[00:17:29] What was,
[00:17:31] what was that kind of like?
[00:17:33] You're sort of prepping
[00:17:34] for the conference.
[00:17:35] You have such a great,
[00:17:36] sort of experience in the consulting side.
[00:17:39] Now you get to talk with,
[00:17:41] ok, we have a chair.
[00:17:45] Now you have,
[00:17:47] the opportunity to sort of
[00:17:49] talk with Airtable at Airtable's
[00:17:51] headquarters.
[00:17:52] Yeah, that was a very special
[00:17:55] experience. I actually got rejected twice
[00:17:59] for the first two topics
[00:18:02] and
[00:18:02] then I was thinking,
[00:18:03] I want to come
[00:18:04] and speak at this conference. So
[00:18:07] I messaged Connor,
[00:18:08] who I met at the Airtable
[00:18:10] Leaders Forum last year.
[00:18:12] And in our first meeting,
[00:18:15] we found out we have the exact
[00:18:17] same birthday 10 years apart.
[00:18:19] Wow,
[00:18:21] that was really funny.
[00:18:23] And then we reached
[00:18:24] out to Steph, actually,
[00:18:26] I reached out to
[00:18:28] someone
[00:18:28] John
[00:18:30] at Airtable and he sent me around
[00:18:32] to lots of different people and then we
[00:18:34] landed on
[00:18:35] eventually got connected
[00:18:37] with Steph, which was great. And
[00:18:40] yeah, that's how this
[00:18:41] whole thing came together.
[00:18:43] Awesome. Wonderful.
[00:18:45] Who
[00:18:45] said the first time
[00:18:46] if it doesn't work through,
[00:18:48] keep on pushing
[00:18:49] the doors and knocking on
[00:18:50] windows and
[00:18:52] exactly,
[00:18:53] yeah, I
[00:18:56] it worked out. You did a good job,
[00:18:58] good
[00:18:58] job,
[00:18:59] a real throwback too
[00:19:01] because the first year I spoke,
[00:19:03] I was a backup speaker for someone else.
[00:19:06] So I remember not sleeping that night.
[00:19:10] I had a whole bunch of client calls
[00:19:12] in the morning.
[00:19:13] Then did my conference talk
[00:19:15] and this was the first year
[00:19:16] of a new virtual
[00:19:17] and then just immediately went to bed.
[00:19:19] I
[00:19:19] love,
[00:19:20] you
[00:19:21] know.
[00:19:22] Yeah.
[00:19:23] Absolutely.
[00:19:25] Yeah. It's been wonderful.
[00:19:27] It really has been.
[00:19:28] So this, this is three for three
[00:19:30] for you
[00:19:31] and you're two of three or did you also
[00:19:32] speak at?
[00:19:33] Ok. Yeah.
[00:19:35] It
[00:19:35] come on now.
[00:19:36] Yeah, I gotta, I gotta get
[00:19:40] out because the first one was virtual
[00:19:42] and then the second time
[00:19:44] was in my home state. So I was like,
[00:19:45] OK, that was an easy.
[00:19:46] And then this one was like,
[00:19:48] I had so much to
[00:19:48] the first two tops. I'm like,
[00:19:50] I've gotta go,
[00:19:52] you gotta go. I remember before you
[00:19:53] were saying that you might not be
[00:19:55] able to go
[00:19:56] and the group chat was in an uproar.
[00:19:58] We were like, what,
[00:19:59] what do you mean?
[00:20:01] You have to go
[00:20:02] well, now that you're here
[00:20:04] and you see, so I'm
[00:20:05] walking with canes now,
[00:20:06] I was diagnosed with severe
[00:20:08] degenerative osteoarthritis
[00:20:09] last summer
[00:20:11] and I was like
[00:20:12] the idea of just getting on a plane
[00:20:14] and having to walk through the airport and
[00:20:16] all that was like so overwhelming.
[00:20:20] But I made it here and everyone here
[00:20:22] has just been super
[00:20:23] helpful and supportive,
[00:20:25] you know, people offering to say,
[00:20:26] hey, can I carry that for you?
[00:20:28] It's just, it's such a wonderful
[00:20:29] caring community. I really love it.
[00:20:31] Yeah,
[00:20:32] it really is. And we promise
[00:20:33] we wouldn't have bullied you
[00:20:35] if you didn't feel
[00:20:36] that you could make it,
[00:20:39] it wouldn't have been
[00:20:40] an Airtable conference without Kuovonne.
[00:20:41] I genuinely, I believe that
[00:20:43] I don't think it would
[00:20:44] have been necessarily the
[00:20:45] same, you know,
[00:20:46] we have a wonderful community
[00:20:48] all within this room
[00:20:48] full of people who've made
[00:20:50] contributions over time
[00:20:52] and there's just certain
[00:20:53] people, it wouldn't feel like,
[00:20:56] you know, an Airtable user conference
[00:21:00] without some of the, the cornerstones.
[00:21:04] Exactly.
[00:21:05] And the users are amazing.
[00:21:07] Just all the care
[00:21:09] and all the nonprofit examples that
[00:21:11] have come up over the last two days.
[00:21:14] It's really inspiring.
[00:21:16] It really is because
[00:21:17] I, you know, right now
[00:21:19] I work with Airtable
[00:21:20] in a fairly corporate setting,
[00:21:22] but it is just so nice to hear so many
[00:21:26] people who are making
[00:21:28] changes directly in their communities
[00:21:31] or communities that they care about using
[00:21:33] Airtable. And I think that's such a,
[00:21:35] a strength of this platform that
[00:21:37] you might not think to use like
[00:21:40] Excel for the betterment of mankind.
[00:21:42] Perhaps
[00:21:44] you
[00:21:44] can.
[00:21:45] Absolutely.
[00:21:47] Right.
[00:21:48] I
[00:21:49] have a quick plug. Yeah, please.
[00:21:52] OK. Awesome. I have a course.
[00:21:55] It's called Airtable Mastery.
[00:21:57] And this conference
[00:21:58] really inspired us to want
[00:22:00] to keep supporting people
[00:22:02] and building on their Airtables.
[00:22:05] So we're offering
[00:22:06] $250 off
[00:22:08] for the course
[00:22:10] for the next 10 days. And type in
[00:22:13] the code DareTable 23
[00:22:16] 250 is the price of the conference,
[00:22:19] a lot of us pay to attend. So it's like
[00:22:22] paying 250 to come to the
[00:22:24] conference to learn. And then
[00:22:26] you get that much off
[00:22:27] and you get that money back
[00:22:29] if you buy the course. Wonderful.
[00:22:30] Where can they find the course? It's
[00:22:36] airopsconsulting.org A I R O P S
[00:22:37] and
[00:22:38] on the page of what we offer, there's
[00:22:42] a
[00:22:42] course tab and the course is called a
[00:22:45] Airtable Mastery. Wonderful,
[00:22:47] great. Thank you so much,
[00:22:49] Cherry. That's awesome.
[00:22:52] Ok. Thank you both
[00:22:53] for joining us. It's awesome being
[00:22:55] in personal
[00:22:57] because
[00:22:57] we've
[00:22:57] been
[00:22:58] there.
[00:22:59] You have seen us in person before.
[00:23:03] The
[00:23:03] podcast
[00:23:04] is really
[00:23:05] amazing. Yeah, this is the first,
[00:23:07] it's really cool. I'm happy about it
[00:23:09] and my first time seeing all three of you.
[00:23:14] Absolutely.
[00:23:16] Thank you
[00:23:17] guys
[00:23:17] so
[00:23:17] much.
[00:23:19] Thank
[00:23:19] you.
[00:23:21] Ok.
[00:23:23] Awesome.
[00:23:24] Yeah, I don't know what we do.
[00:23:26] I
[00:23:27] don't know what to do
[00:23:28] with the chair. Yeah, just leave it.
[00:23:31] Thank you.
[00:23:33] All right.
[00:23:35] Wonderful.
[00:23:37] All right. Do we have another?
[00:23:42] I don't think so.
[00:23:43] We do. Hello. Hello.
[00:23:45] Oh, no, we do need the chair. I,
[00:23:47] oh God,
[00:23:59] ladies.
[00:24:03] That's probably fine welcome.
[00:24:05] Thank you. Thanks
[00:24:06] for
[00:24:06] having
[00:24:06] us. Of course. Thank you for joining
[00:24:08] us.
[00:24:09] It's great. Yeah,
[00:24:10] so
[00:24:11] we've met earlier. Your name is Emily.
[00:24:13] Good to see you again.
[00:24:15] Thank you for joining my
[00:24:17] and what's your name?
[00:24:18] And,
[00:24:19] and
[00:24:20] yes, love it. You can both have
[00:24:23] me tags. I feel like
[00:24:25] I should have one.
[00:24:28] I, I assume from the same organization.
[00:24:31] That's correct. We are here from Nurture,
[00:24:33] which is a nonprofit organization
[00:24:35] focused on health equity during pregnancy,
[00:24:38] postpartum and infancy.
[00:24:39] Wonderful. Excellent.
[00:24:42] And we run on Airtable.
[00:24:43] That's completely on Airtable.
[00:24:45] See, again, we, we've said before,
[00:24:48] all of the different nonprofits that have,
[00:24:50] have come up and they're all different.
[00:24:53] There's, you know, for homeless veterans
[00:24:55] and now for,
[00:24:56] women's health and maternity covering
[00:24:59] so many different aspects
[00:25:00] of making life better,
[00:25:02] for no other reason that it
[00:25:04] should be better.
[00:25:05] And I love that.
[00:25:06] So you run your business or your,
[00:25:08] nonprofit off of Airtable,
[00:25:11] how did you
[00:25:13] start that?
[00:25:15] Kind of stumbled upon it,
[00:25:16] testing out different tools, testing out
[00:25:18] Treo and a sauna and, you know,
[00:25:20] all the usual kind of
[00:25:22] basic task management
[00:25:22] systems.
[00:25:24] And my entry into Airtable was
[00:25:27] through task management and then quickly
[00:25:29] realized that,
[00:25:31] oh, it can do so much more and,
[00:25:33] oh, it can do everything.
[00:25:34] And we are here now
[00:25:35] because we're realizing,
[00:25:37] oh, it can really help us level up,
[00:25:39] scale our impact,
[00:25:41] grow our team,
[00:25:42] expand the number of people
[00:25:45] that we can serve and the
[00:25:48] inequities that we can prevent
[00:25:50] by having more optimized systems and
[00:25:54] spending more time on our mission
[00:25:56] rather than spending time
[00:25:57] on the admin and the
[00:25:58] back end of all the,
[00:26:01] all the things that go into
[00:26:02] running an organization. So,
[00:26:04] we are thrilled about it.
[00:26:05] Wonderful.
[00:26:07] Where, where are you guys based?
[00:26:09] We are national Remotes. Ok. Yeah. Great.
[00:26:13] Very cool.
[00:26:14] And what session did you just go to see?
[00:26:18] I was in the media and content session
[00:26:21] and I was in the inclusion session.
[00:26:23] Oh, awesome.
[00:26:24] Wonderful, wonderful. And how were those?
[00:26:27] Gideon was a hilarious speaker,
[00:26:29] so I thoroughly enjoyed it.
[00:26:32] You know, it was a lot of preaching
[00:26:34] to the choir
[00:26:35] and kind of trash talking other
[00:26:36] non
[00:26:37] Airtable
[00:26:37] platforms,
[00:26:39] but this is the place to do.
[00:26:43] So yeah, it was a good time.
[00:26:46] Excellent. Yes.
[00:26:47] And Sabrina was so knowledgeable.
[00:26:49] I was able to connect with her
[00:26:51] presentation because we are also a small
[00:26:52] nonprofit. So
[00:26:53] the tips and tricks that she was
[00:26:56] able to share with, she had this giant
[00:26:58] spreadsheet of over like 10,000
[00:27:01] and I thought she was exaggerating,
[00:27:03] but then she showed
[00:27:04] us a picture and so how
[00:27:05] she was able to collect
[00:27:07] all of that data really
[00:27:08] with me, we don't have
[00:27:09] 10,000 lines, but we,
[00:27:10] we do have some big bases
[00:27:12] that have a lot of information
[00:27:14] that we get to be able
[00:27:15] to kind of scale down.
[00:27:17] And so that was really useful
[00:27:19] for me to be able to see like,
[00:27:20] oh, ok. Like, because as nonprofits,
[00:27:22] we're kind of like doing all of these
[00:27:24] different things and we have
[00:27:26] all of this data and it's like ok,
[00:27:28] here's an effective and efficient way
[00:27:30] to keep all of that data,
[00:27:31] but make it work for you
[00:27:33] with an inclusion lens,
[00:27:34] which we're all about it
[00:27:35] actually. So it was great.
[00:27:36] Absolutely.
[00:27:37] And
[00:27:38] I,
[00:27:39] I, you know, I feel like as a nonprofit,
[00:27:41] sometimes you have to wear so many
[00:27:43] different hats.
[00:27:44] And Airtable is sort of the king
[00:27:46] at wearing different hats.
[00:27:47] Like you said, it does so many
[00:27:49] different things.
[00:27:50] You can do so many different
[00:27:50] things.
[00:27:51] Do you feel
[00:27:53] as your organization, it
[00:27:57] it's something that you can
[00:27:59] give to some of your,
[00:28:00] your coworkers and your colleagues and,
[00:28:02] and they empower to continue
[00:28:05] optimizing how they help other people or
[00:28:08] right now, are you guys
[00:28:09] still in the stage if it's like
[00:28:11] you guys are building it
[00:28:13] for the for the team,
[00:28:14] I would say from the beginning,
[00:28:16] you know,
[00:28:17] we have had a small team which is only
[00:28:19] our third year in operation.
[00:28:21] So our team is small
[00:28:22] and so we've always had
[00:28:24] kind of all hands on deck
[00:28:25] in terms of actually building
[00:28:27] the bases and being
[00:28:28] empowered to take control
[00:28:29] over the back end of the bases.
[00:28:31] So there's definitely
[00:28:32] different levels and
[00:28:34] kind of points in people's
[00:28:37] Airtables journey.
[00:28:39] But
[00:28:40] people are heavily involved
[00:28:42] and everyone uses it
[00:28:43] for their own task management
[00:28:45] as well as the project management
[00:28:47] for the projects that they are working on
[00:28:49] as well as kind of like the higher end,
[00:28:53] back end budgeting and team
[00:28:55] management. And all of the bigger picture,
[00:28:57] things that we are working on.
[00:28:59] But I would say everyone on the team
[00:29:01] is empowered to a certain degree to be
[00:29:03] and, and has converted and become
[00:29:05] really excited about Airtable.
[00:29:08] And
[00:29:09] yeah, we're
[00:29:11] I think the, I think the team
[00:29:13] is converted and sees the
[00:29:15] the potential.
[00:29:16] Excellent,
[00:29:18] wonderful. That's all you want.
[00:29:21] You want to build a system
[00:29:22] that people use
[00:29:23] and feel comfortable with so that it,
[00:29:25] it's important to be,
[00:29:28] you know, while you're at,
[00:29:29] you're at your job
[00:29:30] and you're, you're doing what you
[00:29:31] love to do. You don't wanna be burdened
[00:29:34] with the nonsense of performing the task
[00:29:37] and, you know,
[00:29:38] being able to build a system
[00:29:40] for you specifically
[00:29:41] and how you guys operate.
[00:29:43] I, I imagine makes things just
[00:29:45] easier on your day to day.
[00:29:46] Yes. What's great about Airtable
[00:29:48] is that you can customize it
[00:29:50] to what you're
[00:29:50] looking for.
[00:29:51] It. It
[00:29:51] super key for us because it
[00:29:53] literally is the heart
[00:29:54] of the organization like
[00:29:55] everyone all full time staff,
[00:29:57] we use it on a daily basis
[00:29:58] like we don't do
[00:29:59] anything outside of Airtable.
[00:30:01] So
[00:30:02] excellent. Thank you ladies
[00:30:04] so much for joining us.
[00:30:06] Thank
[00:30:06] you.
[00:30:06] Absolutely. Yeah,
[00:30:08] we'll chat later for sure, too.
[00:30:10] Great. Thank
[00:30:11] you.
[00:30:12] Wonderful to
[00:30:12] meet
[00:30:13] you too.
[00:30:16] Awesome.
[00:30:18] This is great.
[00:30:19] It's like the power round. Yeah, it,
[00:30:21] because there's, there's
[00:30:23] different sessions, right?
[00:30:24] We sometimes we get to meet
[00:30:26] these people in advance
[00:30:27] and sometimes we've done
[00:30:28] and sometimes we're in
[00:30:28] different sessions and now we
[00:30:30] have two more people
[00:30:31] that I've never seen before
[00:30:32] in my life.
[00:30:33] It's crazy.
[00:30:36] We've got Charlie Melendez
[00:30:38] and Ben Green with us.
[00:30:40] Two other staples
[00:30:41] of the Airtable community.
[00:30:43] Yeah, he
[00:30:44] wasn't here.
[00:30:45] Are you guys enjoying the conference?
[00:30:48] It's been a blast.
[00:30:49] We had some really good
[00:30:50] Indian food last night.
[00:30:51] Oh my God. It was delicious.
[00:30:53] Yeah. Should I say sponsored by
[00:30:56] the CEO of XO
[00:30:57] came here for, you know,
[00:31:00] and he bought us
[00:31:01] dinner.
[00:31:02] That's
[00:31:02] awesome.
[00:31:03] Yeah,
[00:31:03] you
[00:31:03] missed
[00:31:04] out.
[00:31:04] I did.
[00:31:05] I've
[00:31:06] been out with a couple
[00:31:07] of other people too, so
[00:31:08] it's been really good. I mean,
[00:31:10] I feel like some sessions
[00:31:12] are kind of like very Airtable focused
[00:31:14] and then some sessions like transcend
[00:31:16] like definitely Chris's transcend
[00:31:20] everything that you think
[00:31:21] Airtable is and can be.
[00:31:24] And then also interestingly like
[00:31:26] one person who's more code based,
[00:31:28] that kind of takes you,
[00:31:29] you know, from the no code
[00:31:30] to the low code and then like,
[00:31:31] what's right above the low code,
[00:31:34] which is something that's interesting
[00:31:35] because sometimes clients
[00:31:36] need something bigger and more
[00:31:38] scalable and it's just nowhere
[00:31:40] in my brain or pre
[00:31:40] purview.
[00:31:42] And so for him to kind of give
[00:31:43] some tools and show
[00:31:43] how they work was like,
[00:31:44] OK, if I ever need that
[00:31:46] I kind of now know what tools to kind of
[00:31:48] go and, and start my next
[00:31:51] stage of exploration into.
[00:31:53] Absolutely.
[00:31:55] That is sort of fun that
[00:31:58] there are,
[00:31:59] obviously we're all Airtable groupies
[00:32:01] here and we talk about Airtable
[00:32:02] constantly and all the time,
[00:32:05] but sometimes
[00:32:05] just hearing about a different tool
[00:32:07] that I hadn't heard of before,
[00:32:08] makes me wanna go and play
[00:32:10] with something again, you know,
[00:32:12] discover something new
[00:32:14] and, you know, obviously I'm
[00:32:15] gonna be an Airtable groupie for,
[00:32:17] you know, forever.
[00:32:18] But
[00:32:19] sometimes you gotta expand a little bit
[00:32:22] as you grow as your nonprofit becomes,
[00:32:25] you know, goes from your state
[00:32:27] to national or your business
[00:32:28] you know, you,
[00:32:30] you, you get all of the sales needed
[00:32:32] to expand your business.
[00:32:34] Sometimes you just need to add
[00:32:36] another tool to do your job
[00:32:38] even better and
[00:32:38] conferences like these help as you
[00:32:41] hear how other people
[00:32:42] made their way to their
[00:32:44] successes.
[00:32:45] Absolutely. Like Arrow page
[00:32:47] yesterday. Like that was wild
[00:32:49] with
[00:32:49] Nicole Merwin showing off how
[00:32:51] she creates her social media posts
[00:32:53] and that blew
[00:32:53] me away like for free too.
[00:32:55] Really cool. Yeah.
[00:32:57] Shout out to the founder of Aero
[00:32:58] page. Mike,
[00:32:59] I've had a couple conversations
[00:33:01] with him and he's like just a
[00:33:02] super humble guy
[00:33:04] and like she said,
[00:33:05] he wants to give it away for free
[00:33:06] because he has this other
[00:33:07] product that's gonna
[00:33:09] be like a web flow slash
[00:33:10] between web flow and stacker
[00:33:12] mainly for Airtable.
[00:33:13] That's like where he's trying
[00:33:14] to get, drive the value from.
[00:33:16] Yeah, I wanna know about that.
[00:33:17] Yeah. I mean, I, I wish I
[00:33:19] could tell you more but
[00:33:19] I'm under. No, I'm, I'm not, he
[00:33:23] yeah, I mean, it,
[00:33:24] I'm kind of intimidated by tools
[00:33:26] that get more into like the web flow realm
[00:33:28] because it's just a whole another world of
[00:33:30] design. I'm not really a great designer.
[00:33:32] I kind of wear the same clothes every
[00:33:33] day and
[00:33:34] don't really know what looks good,
[00:33:36] you know, I mean,
[00:33:37] so I'm not a great designer.
[00:33:38] But to your other point before, like,
[00:33:41] I also feel like it's intimidating
[00:33:43] to hear other products sometimes. And
[00:33:46] because you're like intimidated of,
[00:33:48] I guess also the failure of not really
[00:33:49] catching a learning curve of something
[00:33:51] that's happened to me a couple of times
[00:33:52] where I'm like, oh,
[00:33:53] I really want to try this tool
[00:33:54] and you start and you're like,
[00:33:56] I'm not getting it
[00:33:56] and then just kind of give up
[00:33:57] and go back to your other ways.
[00:33:59] But sometimes you push through
[00:34:00] and you realize
[00:34:00] and then that becomes one
[00:34:02] of your, your favorite tools.
[00:34:04] But
[00:34:04] to your point, like it is important
[00:34:07] to break out of your comfort zones
[00:34:10] and trying these new tools
[00:34:12] and getting to the next level.
[00:34:14] Absolutely.
[00:34:16] Well, you guys were both at the Austin
[00:34:18] conference last year. Ben, of course
[00:34:20] or is helping in assemble
[00:34:22] and manage these wonderful
[00:34:24] conferences that we go
[00:34:25] to.
[00:34:26] This is the second year
[00:34:28] that it's in person.
[00:34:29] How do you feel
[00:34:30] as we compare from Austin
[00:34:32] last year to San Francisco this year?
[00:34:35] I think the
[00:34:37] in person is really like what I come for,
[00:34:39] like the content is great but
[00:34:41] the people is what like made me
[00:34:43] come that I was like,
[00:34:44] I don't wanna miss out
[00:34:46] and
[00:34:46] Alli and Kamille and Charlie and
[00:34:48] Dan and Kuovonne
[00:34:49] and all, all the other amazing
[00:34:51] people here and Chris, of course.
[00:34:52] So
[00:34:53] it's just
[00:34:54] my, my favorite part is just having
[00:34:56] a place where we can all meet up together
[00:34:58] every year
[00:34:59] and I feel like it's leveling up.
[00:35:01] I mean, I don't wanna set too much
[00:35:03] expectations for next year and whatever,
[00:35:05] but like this has been a really good
[00:35:06] conference. The turnout I would say
[00:35:08] is like double last year in my,
[00:35:10] in my, just my experience,
[00:35:12] my opinion also in terms
[00:35:13] of the quality of the
[00:35:14] turnout, like the people
[00:35:15] that are showing up are
[00:35:16] people from very large businesses
[00:35:19] that are coming. People that
[00:35:20] are also novices,
[00:35:21] people from different countries
[00:35:22] around the world were showing up.
[00:35:24] We have someone from Belgium,
[00:35:26] Belgium,
[00:35:28] our,
[00:35:28] Jan, our watcher.
[00:35:29] Oh, he, oh yeah, he's here. Yes.
[00:35:32] Wonderful. We have people from
[00:35:34] all over and I,
[00:35:35] I think the speakers last year
[00:35:37] were amazing,
[00:35:37] but I think that the
[00:35:38] speakers from this year,
[00:35:39] my goodness,
[00:35:41] be jealous chat.
[00:35:44] You weren't here.
[00:35:46] Definitely try to get here next year,
[00:35:47] which we're looking forward to.
[00:35:50] Again. Airtable
[00:35:50] at Airtable
[00:35:51] headquarters.
[00:35:52] Can you tell us anything Ben?
[00:35:54] Wait till the end of the day
[00:35:55] today and you're
[00:35:56] ok,
[00:35:57] announcements.
[00:36:00] Place your bets now.
[00:36:00] We'll put it on slack for, for everyone.
[00:36:03] Cool.
[00:36:04] Excellent. Thank you
[00:36:05] so much for joining us.
[00:36:07] Is that Howie coming?
[00:36:09] Let me make room.
[00:36:12] I, that would be so hilarious.
[00:36:13] Oh my God. If he walked in this room,
[00:36:15] I'd be like,
[00:36:17] oh my goodness.
[00:36:19] My goodness.
[00:36:23] Oh,
[00:36:26] Yeah, so excited.
[00:36:27] We've got a few more,
[00:36:29] I think a few more talks today actually
[00:36:31] with Jen Rudd presenting
[00:36:33] along with Chris
[00:36:36] and there's one more
[00:36:39] that I should know. That's me.
[00:36:41] Well, you're, you're the keynote though.
[00:36:43] That's like, but I mean,
[00:36:43] there's three more sessions.
[00:36:45] Yes.
[00:36:47] Hello.
[00:36:48] You're the other one
[00:36:50] that's presenting today. We
[00:36:52] were listing the remaining sessions.
[00:36:54] I'm easy to remember
[00:36:56] because I am the first
[00:36:58] fill in the first, what is it?
[00:37:04] I was the first backup speaker
[00:37:07] and
[00:37:08] I'm speaking so,
[00:37:09] excellent. Well, do you want
[00:37:11] to give our audience a little
[00:37:12] preview of what you'll be speaking about?
[00:37:15] Sure.
[00:37:15] Yeah, definitely.
[00:37:16] So I'll be speaking, my name is Rob
[00:37:18] and
[00:37:19] I will be speaking on
[00:37:21] a little bit of a controversial topic
[00:37:23] now that we are here in Airtables
[00:37:25] headquarters.
[00:37:26] But gonna be talking about
[00:37:28] if Airtable is the solution.
[00:37:31] So a lot of people
[00:37:32] like to resort including
[00:37:34] myself to always
[00:37:35] implementing Airtable Solutions.
[00:37:39] But a simple example is for an
[00:37:41] invoicing software
[00:37:43] sometimes it's just better
[00:37:45] to make an invoice with
[00:37:46] a tool that makes invoices as
[00:37:48] opposed to
[00:37:49] actually use actual accounting
[00:37:51] software as opposed
[00:37:53] to making it in Airtable
[00:37:54] and then trying to integrate it
[00:37:56] back into your accounting software.
[00:37:57] And yeah,
[00:37:58] I've been there.
[00:37:59] My dad was yelling at me for years.
[00:38:01] He's like, you need to just be using quick
[00:38:03] books like, oh, and I was like,
[00:38:05] but I like this,
[00:38:06] I'm learning about it and then
[00:38:06] I had to like at one point
[00:38:08] pull a profit and loss
[00:38:09] statement and I was like,
[00:38:11] now I need to figure out
[00:38:12] how to make one of those.
[00:38:13] And then I was like,
[00:38:14] I don't know if this is right.
[00:38:15] So, yeah, I, I completely
[00:38:16] understand where you're
[00:38:17] coming from. It makes sense.
[00:38:19] You know,
[00:38:19] I think a lot of times I will start a
[00:38:21] project in Airtable just because
[00:38:23] it's so fast to build something.
[00:38:25] But you'll see you're gonna hit a wall.
[00:38:29] And depending on what that wall is,
[00:38:31] you might be able to make it work and
[00:38:33] make it work well in Airtable
[00:38:36] with maybe an integration or two.
[00:38:38] And then,
[00:38:39] but there are sometimes where you just,
[00:38:41] well, you should rather consider
[00:38:43] other options and it's,
[00:38:45] it's good to be aware
[00:38:46] of what your options are. Yeah.
[00:38:47] So yeah, so my topic is more
[00:38:49] just about finding that initial,
[00:38:51] why, like why are you trying to
[00:38:53] solve the problem you're trying to solve?
[00:38:55] And then using that,
[00:38:57] that's a kind of internal conversation
[00:38:59] or external conversation if it's with
[00:39:01] other stakeholders,
[00:39:02] figure out why it is that
[00:39:03] you're trying to make what it
[00:39:04] is you're trying to make.
[00:39:06] And then, you know, start with that,
[00:39:08] then figure out how you're gonna make it.
[00:39:10] And then ultimately you kind
[00:39:12] of have your solution. So yeah,
[00:39:14] just kind of forcing some difficult
[00:39:16] questions and difficult thinking.
[00:39:17] And I love that mindset because
[00:39:19] it reminds me of Jurassic Park.
[00:39:22] You spent so long
[00:39:27] trying to figure out
[00:39:29] how you could do it but
[00:39:30] didn't stop to think about
[00:39:32] whether or not you should
[00:39:33] or something of that effect.
[00:39:36] Just because you can build it
[00:39:38] into your platform
[00:39:39] or software doesn't necessarily
[00:39:40] mean like why, what is the purpose? Don't,
[00:39:44] you know,
[00:39:45] you don't need 1000 bells
[00:39:46] and whistles for sure.
[00:39:47] You need to do what it's
[00:39:48] supposed to do and do it well,
[00:39:50] for sure. And,
[00:39:51] and having the context I think is
[00:39:52] almost like a pre
[00:39:54] qualifier to why you're
[00:39:55] actually building whatever it is
[00:39:57] that you're building,
[00:39:58] you have to, you know,
[00:39:59] have that context for yourself
[00:40:01] as well as for other
[00:40:01] stakeholders.
[00:40:02] Because the reason why you're building
[00:40:03] it might not be the
[00:40:04] same reason why someone else
[00:40:06] has that problem. So,
[00:40:09] it's very easy to, for us to
[00:40:11] kind of build solutions for ourselves.
[00:40:13] But
[00:40:14] if the people that are going
[00:40:15] to be interacting with the solution,
[00:40:17] maybe aren't familiar with
[00:40:19] Airtable or don't have
[00:40:21] the ability to, if there's not
[00:40:23] an ability to properly
[00:40:25] set up permissions and
[00:40:26] access, then, you know,
[00:40:28] even though it might be
[00:40:29] the easiest solution or the
[00:40:31] best solution, it might
[00:40:32] not be the right solution. So,
[00:40:34] absolutely, it's important
[00:40:36] to consider all of those angles
[00:40:37] for sure. It really is.
[00:40:39] And you see this is the quality
[00:40:42] of the sessions you get at DareTable
[00:40:44] conferences. So it's a wide breadth
[00:40:46] of topics, not just what you can build in
[00:40:48] Airtable, but like, yeah,
[00:40:50] whether or not you should.
[00:40:51] Yeah, I mean, my mentality is
[00:40:53] find the right solution, first,
[00:40:54] augment seconds and build
[00:40:56] and
[00:40:56] third
[00:40:57] so
[00:40:58] that
[00:40:58] it's very important.
[00:41:01] Thank you.
[00:41:02] Yeah, I would definitely
[00:41:04] agree and your budget will
[00:41:05] thank you as well.
[00:41:07] And that's the thing, right?
[00:41:08] It built from scratch his last.
[00:41:10] Yeah. Yeah.
[00:41:10] Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And,
[00:41:12] and ultimately, I mean,
[00:41:14] it's our goal to make the people
[00:41:16] that we work with or
[00:41:17] you know, whether they're
[00:41:18] internal or external
[00:41:20] or a family member or something
[00:41:21] like that
[00:41:22] the goal is to make them happy. So
[00:41:24] if maybe just making a Google calendar
[00:41:27] is better than trying to incorporate
[00:41:29] calendar events with Airtable
[00:41:31] and then having a I K
[00:41:32] feed and
[00:41:33] all
[00:41:33] these,
[00:41:33] maybe you actually just need to
[00:41:35] do a Google calendar the whole time.
[00:41:38] So simplicity is key,
[00:41:40] that's for sure.
[00:41:41] It is. But it's so complex.
[00:41:43] I know.
[00:41:44] Well, that's the other thing.
[00:41:45] How do you simplify it?
[00:41:46] I'm sure someone has a
[00:41:47] session on simplifying.
[00:41:50] Yeah.
[00:41:51] Yeah,
[00:41:53] absolutely.
[00:41:54] Have you guys been enjoying
[00:41:56] them? Oh, absolutely. These are
[00:41:58] great conferences.
[00:41:59] I think they get better
[00:42:00] and better every year.
[00:42:01] I think all of the speakers this year
[00:42:04] have given great any per perspectives on
[00:42:06] not just Airtable but the sort of
[00:42:09] world of no code or low code and then
[00:42:12] how it affects their actual,
[00:42:15] you know, business or careers which
[00:42:17] range from
[00:42:19] just so many different.
[00:42:21] Everyone is just so different here
[00:42:24] and out there in the world as well.
[00:42:28] So different out there.
[00:42:30] Where did you come
[00:42:30] from today?
[00:42:32] I flew in from southern California,
[00:42:35] so I'm right now, I'm in Carlsbad,
[00:42:37] California
[00:42:38] just
[00:42:38] north
[00:42:39] of San Diego.
[00:42:40] Relocated to Houston very soon
[00:42:43] to be close to family. So
[00:42:49] cool.
[00:42:49] Thank you so much for joining
[00:42:50] us.
[00:42:56] Thank
[00:42:56] you.
[00:42:56] I'm up against Chris and Elliot giving the
[00:43:01] A
[00:43:01] I
[00:43:02] and building Airtable base
[00:43:03] with A I which is inevitable
[00:43:06] and Jen
[00:43:08] doing a booking platform and, and so
[00:43:11] it's a hard choice.
[00:43:13] Yeah,
[00:43:14] I'm the first backup speaker.
[00:43:17] So I've got that going for me.
[00:43:18] But again, three great sessions
[00:43:21] here at DareTable.
[00:43:23] That's
[00:43:24] right. I'm trying to, like
[00:43:26] UK
[00:43:28] has
[00:43:28] been
[00:43:28] an
[00:43:28] yet
[00:43:29] being mean to our chat for not showing.
[00:43:31] Yeah. Yeah, exactly.
[00:43:32] Yeah,
[00:43:32] you stay
[00:43:33] home.
[00:43:33] You could be here.
[00:43:34] Probably so many people
[00:43:36] sitting somewhere in San Francisco
[00:43:37] right now.
[00:43:38] There's also a cat that literally
[00:43:39] couldn't have come because
[00:43:41] you could, you know,
[00:43:43] sit outside the window
[00:43:44] and like watch like binoculars out
[00:43:46] the window.
[00:43:47] You know,
[00:43:47] the screens, the screens
[00:43:49] should be bigger.
[00:43:50] That's what the, the feedback was.
[00:43:51] So maybe if the screens are bigger,
[00:43:53] people could be sitting,
[00:43:55] the hope is that next year,
[00:43:56] we can definitely live stream
[00:43:58] the whole thing
[00:43:58] for sure,
[00:43:59] for sure. So I actually in a prior life,
[00:44:01] I was in the entertainment industry
[00:44:03] working. So, I definitely think I can
[00:44:06] help you come up with some solutions
[00:44:08] to
[00:44:12] I'm going
[00:44:13] to.
[00:44:13] So. Ok.
[00:44:14] Thank you.
[00:44:15] You guys.
[00:44:16] Yep.
[00:44:20] Awesome.
[00:44:22] So,
[00:44:22] you
[00:44:22] know, they
[00:44:22] put
[00:44:23] you
[00:44:23] on out here. So
[00:44:24] everybody's
[00:44:25] ok. Hello, everyone.
[00:44:27] Are we gonna get feedback?
[00:44:30] Hi.
[00:44:31] All
[00:44:32] right.
[00:44:34] This one,
[00:44:35] you can see that one. Ok.
[00:44:37] Hi. Hi. It's nice to meet you.
[00:44:39] I haven't met you yet.
[00:44:40] I'm a huge fan.
[00:44:41] Thank
[00:44:41] you.
[00:44:43] I
[00:44:43] mean, I had dinner
[00:44:44] with her last night. So
[00:44:45] I,
[00:44:48] I see
[00:44:50] now you've already had your session.
[00:44:51] I did
[00:44:52] and it went wonderfully.
[00:44:54] Thank
[00:44:54] you, please. For the audience
[00:44:56] who wasn't able to come give us a quick
[00:44:59] rundown of what you spoke about.
[00:45:01] So I spoke,
[00:45:02] my session was called Unlocking
[00:45:04] Efficiencies.
[00:45:05] And I spoke about utilizing
[00:45:07] Airtable to streamline
[00:45:09] and cut your cost and
[00:45:11] to really automate your systems.
[00:45:14] And we utilized make and a third party
[00:45:17] platform called Arrow
[00:45:18] page, which is completely free.
[00:45:20] And so it was just kind of what that
[00:45:23] platform can do alongside
[00:45:25] Airtable and truly
[00:45:26] what you can automate and
[00:45:28] really help save costs
[00:45:30] on your business and
[00:45:32] cut out, you know, a lot of the middle men
[00:45:35] and
[00:45:36] it
[00:45:36] just was so cool. It really was,
[00:45:38] it's like I was playing
[00:45:39] along with Arrow page
[00:45:40] while you were presenting
[00:45:41] and shoving it all off. And I was like,
[00:45:43] whoa, like I had never used it
[00:45:44] before and it was really, really cool.
[00:45:46] It, there's not much out there
[00:45:47] with it and for me,
[00:45:48] it was even stumbling across it,
[00:45:50] right? Like it like
[00:45:51] again, full disclosure,
[00:45:52] I have no affiliation with Arrow Page.
[00:45:54] Like I don't work with that.
[00:45:55] You, you did start
[00:45:56] your session off with that and
[00:45:58] you also describe yourself
[00:45:59] as a not so technical person
[00:46:01] and just seeing I will
[00:46:02] another reason why I love
[00:46:03] these conferences is because
[00:46:04] people who just sort of,
[00:46:07] they don't have degrees in
[00:46:08] computer science and building such
[00:46:10] complex and like well built systems
[00:46:12] out of all of these different tools.
[00:46:14] It's just great to see. Yeah.
[00:46:16] No. So that was, yeah,
[00:46:17] arrow page for me was like,
[00:46:18] it, it,
[00:46:19] it took what else I needed to
[00:46:21] take out of Airtable that,
[00:46:23] that's not there,
[00:46:23] you know, not there yet. Probably
[00:46:26] and made it and it's a lot more
[00:46:28] visually appealing and aesthetic for me in
[00:46:31] that regard. But
[00:46:32] yeah, it was just, it was,
[00:46:34] and it was a platform
[00:46:36] I stumbled across like it's
[00:46:37] not out there.
[00:46:38] Many don't know about it. It's free. It's,
[00:46:42] I just found it in a Facebook
[00:46:43] community one day and then like
[00:46:45] hit the ground running
[00:46:47] and haven't looked back.
[00:46:48] That's so cool. And you,
[00:46:49] if I'm not mistaken,
[00:46:50] you run your own Facebook
[00:46:51] community around transaction
[00:46:53] coordination. Is that correct? I do.
[00:46:55] So we have a Facebook community
[00:46:57] for real estate transaction
[00:46:59] coordinators called
[00:47:00] Airtable for T CS.
[00:47:03] And it's, we actually created
[00:47:05] because because of that group,
[00:47:08] we created a template base
[00:47:10] as well for transaction coordinators
[00:47:13] and it's so it's fronted by we,
[00:47:14] you know,
[00:47:15] I have to create a base and you sell
[00:47:16] it, you gotta have a company
[00:47:18] name and all of that. So
[00:47:19] we have one called,
[00:47:20] it's called T C Airheads. And so that's
[00:47:23] our
[00:47:25] our
[00:47:25] marketing platform and everything.
[00:47:27] So, Airtable for T CS in a sense is
[00:47:29] powered by T C Airheads,
[00:47:31] which is a group of
[00:47:32] three independent businesswomen
[00:47:35] from all across the country.
[00:47:36] I'm in Nevada.
[00:47:37] We have one in Washington, one in,
[00:47:41] Florida and
[00:47:42] the whole spread. Right.
[00:47:44] So, like, also too,
[00:47:45] like, you build a template base
[00:47:46] with three people across the country
[00:47:48] in different time zones.
[00:47:49] Like
[00:47:50] I was a, that was a lot over,
[00:47:52] you know, eight months
[00:47:53] to a year period there.
[00:47:55] but yeah, we have 600
[00:47:56] I checked this morning
[00:47:57] because I think I told,
[00:47:58] Chris yesterday 500
[00:48:00] it's 633.
[00:48:01] And I was like, look at me go.
[00:48:05] So
[00:48:06] that's not
[00:48:07] a
[00:48:07] no. And he was like, yeah,
[00:48:09] he's like, you built a community
[00:48:11] in a community and I
[00:48:12] was like, yeah, I guess we did.
[00:48:14] So that wasn't the plan but it was
[00:48:16] just there. It's a, a resource that people
[00:48:18] went to of like
[00:48:20] we're in the same industry,
[00:48:22] we have the same problems
[00:48:24] we are using Airtable.
[00:48:25] What have like what formulas
[00:48:27] are you using to calculate
[00:48:29] this or to show that?
[00:48:30] Right? And so it was just,
[00:48:32] it was a really nice way to just
[00:48:34] collaborate with everyone
[00:48:36] but not also bombard
[00:48:37] all the other Airtable communities
[00:48:39] and have them be like,
[00:48:41] what are you doing?
[00:48:43] So every anytime anyone's like,
[00:48:45] how do you have 500 fields, it's like,
[00:48:46] because I've got to do a lot of math.
[00:48:49] There's a lot. So,
[00:48:50] yeah,
[00:48:52] awesome.
[00:48:52] What inspired you to
[00:48:54] speak at this conference?
[00:48:57] Oh, that's a great question.
[00:48:59] I,
[00:49:00] so I have no public speaking background.
[00:49:04] I was, I was so nervous yesterday.
[00:49:06] Like, I'm still, like, shaking from it.
[00:49:08] That's probably too much coffee though.
[00:49:12] And, but I think I was, I just,
[00:49:15] I think I'm a huge advocate for Airtable
[00:49:18] as it is. Like, every person I talk to
[00:49:20] at this point in my life,
[00:49:22] they have a problem.
[00:49:23] My solution is Airtable,
[00:49:24] right? Like, that's, that's just
[00:49:26] where your brain goes. And then so seeing
[00:49:29] that there were speaking opportunities,
[00:49:31] I was like, OK, at the time that,
[00:49:33] that came across, I was really heavy
[00:49:36] into building out or rebuilding my stuff
[00:49:39] into arrow page and using Airtable.
[00:49:41] And I just thought like, yeah,
[00:49:43] nobody knows what this is.
[00:49:44] And I think it's a
[00:49:44] great
[00:49:45] way to do it. And then it was
[00:49:47] also a way for me to showcase
[00:49:48] what I had on the
[00:49:49] back end as well. So it's a way for me to,
[00:49:52] to put it all together and to put it
[00:49:55] in a way that was,
[00:49:56] you don't need to be like you
[00:49:58] said earlier,
[00:49:59] you don't need to be a professional
[00:50:01] coder, right?
[00:50:01] You don't need to know scripting,
[00:50:03] you don't need to know all that.
[00:50:05] You can utilize those functions
[00:50:07] in a general sense, you know,
[00:50:10] common sense, some logic behind it.
[00:50:12] But
[00:50:13] how easy it is to go from
[00:50:15] I actually was just speaking
[00:50:16] to a gentleman out there.
[00:50:17] And he was like, how did
[00:50:19] you even get started in this with no,
[00:50:20] like tech background in any way?
[00:50:24] And it was just,
[00:50:25] it's a gradual transition,
[00:50:27] right? It's just one thing leads to
[00:50:29] another and then you teach yourself
[00:50:30] the next step
[00:50:31] and the next step and the next
[00:50:32] step and
[00:50:33] next thing you know, you have
[00:50:35] a template that you're selling
[00:50:37] across the country
[00:50:38] and it's just like,
[00:50:39] holy cow. So
[00:50:41] you're in San Francisco
[00:50:43] with a bunch of other
[00:50:44] people that are into it.
[00:50:44] I
[00:50:45] Yeah. And now you've been
[00:50:47] pulled into a room where you're
[00:50:48] Yeah, that was,
[00:50:50] yeah.
[00:50:51] So, yeah, he's like, you want
[00:50:53] to do the podcast. I'm like, are you sure?
[00:50:55] Sure you want me on that?
[00:50:57] So, but yeah, of course, we do so.
[00:50:59] Thank you. But
[00:51:01] all right. Thank you so much, Nicole.
[00:51:03] That was great. Thank you guys.
[00:51:05] So OK.
[00:51:06] All right. Thank you for joining us.
[00:51:10] So many great speakers.
[00:51:13] I know it's incredible and you know,
[00:51:16] shout out to Chris Dancy
[00:51:17] because we've had a couple
[00:51:19] of different speakers who've
[00:51:20] said, oh, I'm, I have,
[00:51:22] who have no, they say
[00:51:24] they have no public speaking skills.
[00:51:26] They don't like
[00:51:26] public speaking and then they've all
[00:51:28] through the confidence he instills in
[00:51:30] us
[00:51:31] all have put on such a great
[00:51:33] conference so far
[00:51:34] and I believe we have our final
[00:51:36] guest. Please take a seat.
[00:51:38] So, hello. Hello. Hello. Hi there.
[00:51:42] Thank you for joining us.
[00:51:43] Thank you. For having me.
[00:51:44] Absolutely.
[00:51:45] I think I remember you. Were you at
[00:51:46] the last conference last year?
[00:51:48] First time?
[00:51:49] Ok.
[00:51:50] Goodness
[00:51:51] you
[00:51:51] missed
[00:51:51] out.
[00:51:52] Yeah. Yeah, I, I've heard
[00:51:53] nothing but good things.
[00:51:54] I'm excited to be here.
[00:51:55] I'm hoping to come next year.
[00:51:56] Yeah.
[00:51:57] And what's your name?
[00:51:59] Thank
[00:52:00] you for joining
[00:52:00] us.
[00:52:00] Yeah.
[00:52:01] So how are you enjoying this
[00:52:03] conference so far?
[00:52:04] We've only got a little bit left.
[00:52:06] It's, it's great. I mean,
[00:52:08] I, I get done with implementing
[00:52:10] Airtble at my company
[00:52:11] and we use it to like
[00:52:11] maybe 25% of its capability
[00:52:13] and so to be here
[00:52:15] and to see all the crazy use cases
[00:52:17] and all the ways they
[00:52:18] can just like expand
[00:52:19] and evolve and just do more is really,
[00:52:21] really cool.
[00:52:22] And so I'm sort of our in-house expert,
[00:52:24] I'm gonna come back and,
[00:52:24] you know, bring all these crazy ideas
[00:52:26] back to the team and be like,
[00:52:27] here's how we can improve
[00:52:28] and level up what we're doing. Absolutely.
[00:52:30] And what are you using it for?
[00:52:32] Well, I'm in digital marketing
[00:52:34] so I'm using it a lot
[00:52:35] for task management and
[00:52:36] content planning and things
[00:52:38] like that. But our team overall,
[00:52:40] we're a pretty new marketing team,
[00:52:41] we're pretty lean.
[00:52:43] And
[00:52:44] they had no processes
[00:52:45] in place when I started
[00:52:47] like zero processing.
[00:52:48] Yeah,
[00:52:49] like where everything was just
[00:52:51] a, a fire drill and even
[00:52:52] to the point where, you know,
[00:52:54] we were being on board
[00:52:55] by Airtable, we're on enterprise plans.
[00:52:57] So we had, you know,
[00:52:58] we had our hands held the whole time.
[00:53:00] The part of the process is they,
[00:53:01] they want you to go through this workflow
[00:53:02] mapping and just kind of show us
[00:53:04] how your processes work so we can help you
[00:53:06] build a base that works for that, right?
[00:53:07] Our team couldn't even
[00:53:10] vocalize
[00:53:11] what their process looked like
[00:53:13] because it was, there was no process.
[00:53:15] And so we've really just been
[00:53:17] building literally ground
[00:53:18] zero building from the
[00:53:19] ground up and
[00:53:21] saying, hey, this is our process will be,
[00:53:23] let's do it and see how it works.
[00:53:25] That's so interesting because
[00:53:27] there's in my experience,
[00:53:28] I've been working
[00:53:29] with a lot of different companies
[00:53:31] and organizations that
[00:53:32] did have processes that
[00:53:33] were like
[00:53:34] very well defined,
[00:53:35] but they were paper
[00:53:36] or they were Excel and something I
[00:53:38] haven't yet had,
[00:53:40] you know, a company that existed,
[00:53:42] not like a, you know,
[00:53:43] an idea for a company,
[00:53:44] but that couldn't really define
[00:53:46] that workflow.
[00:53:46] I'm sure that was frustrating.
[00:53:48] But was it
[00:53:49] almost
[00:53:51] like freeing then that?
[00:53:52] No, no, no, we could build from scratch?
[00:53:54] Yes, absolutely. Because when
[00:53:56] I was being hired, my boss said,
[00:53:57] hey, how do you feel about
[00:53:58] coming into like a startup environment?
[00:54:00] Even though we're 1/4 product company,
[00:54:02] we've been around since the thirties.
[00:54:04] But the marketing team
[00:54:05] that work work,
[00:54:06] it's like a startup. And I was like,
[00:54:07] that's great
[00:54:08] that, that didn't
[00:54:08] me because that means
[00:54:09] that I can come in and I'm not
[00:54:11] fighting with anyone else
[00:54:11] in processes. We get to build
[00:54:13] from the ground up
[00:54:14] and we get to decide what works
[00:54:15] for us.
[00:54:16] And it makes it a really collaborative
[00:54:17] and iterative process where we
[00:54:18] acknowledge that this is not gonna
[00:54:20] be perfect, it's not gonna be smooth
[00:54:22] necessarily,
[00:54:23] but we'll get there eventually.
[00:54:24] And so it's really sort of
[00:54:25] empowering and great to have
[00:54:27] sort of the whole team rallying around.
[00:54:28] How do we figure out what the
[00:54:30] fck we do and how to do it better?
[00:54:31] Yeah, absolutely. I think,
[00:54:34] you know, and as you're building
[00:54:36] your system
[00:54:37] and your workflow at the same time,
[00:54:38] do you
[00:54:39] see that,
[00:54:41] you know, Airtable and what tools
[00:54:43] are available to you are affecting your
[00:54:45] workflow or are you thinking
[00:54:47] of your workflow first
[00:54:48] and then trying to find the
[00:54:50] pieces of Airtable that match it?
[00:54:52] A little bit of both, honestly.
[00:54:54] I, I love software and I will
[00:54:56] try new things.
[00:54:57] So I, I do find that sometimes the,
[00:54:58] the tool helps shape how I work.
[00:55:00] But at the same time across our team,
[00:55:02] I have found that
[00:55:04] because it is so customizable
[00:55:06] and whatnot,
[00:55:06] we can really shape it to work how
[00:55:08] everyone else works.
[00:55:09] So, like I have a coworker
[00:55:11] who doesn't like open
[00:55:12] open ended questions, doesn't like
[00:55:14] no process. She needs to have
[00:55:15] something really
[00:55:16] prescriptive and So for her,
[00:55:17] we know that we can put together
[00:55:19] a process that is very sort
[00:55:21] of templated and
[00:55:21] standard and she'll follow it
[00:55:23] and be happy whereas others can
[00:55:24] and kind of build their custom views
[00:55:26] and things like that to kind of fit how
[00:55:27] they have their brain works,
[00:55:28] how they want to work
[00:55:29] and get their stuff done.
[00:55:31] Yeah, it's such a flexible product.
[00:55:33] So that's,
[00:55:33] it's really great for situations
[00:55:34] like that. Yeah.
[00:55:35] Which I mean,
[00:55:36] when I was bringing it to the team,
[00:55:37] it was very overwhelming
[00:55:38] at first because it was like, hey, look,
[00:55:39] here are all these options,
[00:55:40] all these views,
[00:55:41] you can slice and dice how you want
[00:55:42] it. And some of them
[00:55:43] were just like deer in the headlights.
[00:55:44] They were like,
[00:55:44] this is too much.
[00:55:45] I don't know what to do with this.
[00:55:46] So we had to really sort of
[00:55:47] get in the, we
[00:55:48] put together sort of some concepts
[00:55:49] and get some data in there.
[00:55:50] Like, hey, here's how it actually works
[00:55:53] and then let's make it work for you.
[00:55:54] Absolutely. Makes perfect sense.
[00:55:57] Do you have a particular,
[00:55:59] like tidbit that you're excited
[00:56:01] to bring back to share
[00:56:02] with the team that you
[00:56:02] learned while you're here?
[00:56:03] Yeah, I mean, so I,
[00:56:05] I've known for a while that if Airtable
[00:56:08] is really extensible
[00:56:09] with different products,
[00:56:10] you know, you can add make and
[00:56:11] Zapier
[00:56:12] and all these things to it.
[00:56:13] But I've been reluctant to do
[00:56:15] that partially because I don't want to add
[00:56:16] more stuff to our staff,
[00:56:18] but also because
[00:56:19] I don't wanna add more cost.
[00:56:20] But I'm finding a lot
[00:56:21] of really great tools here,
[00:56:22] like
[00:56:22] arrow
[00:56:22] pain and whatnot that are free.
[00:56:25] Right.
[00:56:26] But I'll be able to bring that back
[00:56:28] to a concrete example of the way that we
[00:56:29] can actually make Airtable
[00:56:31] do more for us. And it really,
[00:56:33] I think it will show
[00:56:34] it value really quickly.
[00:56:35] And so I'm really excited to just
[00:56:37] kind of show some of that stuff.
[00:56:39] Yeah.
[00:56:40] Yeah. It's been great to just
[00:56:41] have everybody here
[00:56:42] in the same room and it
[00:56:43] really
[00:56:44] is.
[00:56:44] And just, I mean,
[00:56:45] a lot of us, I, I've been hearing
[00:56:47] this a lot of that.
[00:56:48] All of us or a lot of us
[00:56:48] are the only person we know
[00:56:50] who is at Airtable or you did it a lot and
[00:56:52] evangelize it. And so it's cool
[00:56:53] to be in a room with other people.
[00:56:54] Yeah.
[00:56:54] Everybody here gets it. This is our
[00:56:57] people, even, even my friends.
[00:56:59] I mean, I for fun, I built
[00:57:00] a drag
[00:57:01] race pool in
[00:57:02] Airtable where we can all,
[00:57:03] like, we were picking our favorite,
[00:57:05] you know, drag queens
[00:57:06] and, and whatnot. And
[00:57:07] I would, I'm constantly
[00:57:08] telling everyone we got to use
[00:57:09] for everything, planning a trip,
[00:57:11] all this stuff and they're like,
[00:57:12] we don't care.
[00:57:13] Yeah, exactly. I've been there. Yeah.
[00:57:16] Absolutely.
[00:57:17] Yeah.
[00:57:18] Great. Well, thank you
[00:57:19] so much for joining us.
[00:57:19] Thank you for having me.
[00:57:20] Enjoy the rest of the conference. Yeah,
[00:57:22] awesome. Thank you.
[00:57:24] We'll let you have it.
[00:57:26] Everyone seems to be
[00:57:27] having a wonderful time.
[00:57:28] I see top shelf gaming.
[00:57:30] You asked who are the two
[00:57:32] women who were talking about
[00:57:33] equity? I think we're gonna
[00:57:34] do our best to assemble
[00:57:35] that contact information
[00:57:36] from all of the people
[00:57:37] that we had on and then put it on the
[00:57:39] channel
[00:57:40] so that
[00:57:41] everyone can have,
[00:57:43] you know, all of the great
[00:57:45] things that people are putting
[00:57:46] together and showcasing here.
[00:57:49] Awesome.
[00:57:51] That was awesome.
[00:57:52] There's more people that
[00:57:53] we could have got.
[00:57:54] There's a lot of people here.
[00:57:55] It's been an awesome experience.
[00:57:57] Next year, all you people
[00:57:59] in the comments need to come join us,
[00:58:01] looking
[00:58:01] forward
[00:58:01] to it or actually this year,
[00:58:03] I think they're doing New York
[00:58:05] and Europe.
[00:58:07] I mean, I've been hearing
[00:58:09] all of these locations and I'm like,
[00:58:10] again?
[00:58:11] It's May.
[00:58:12] More coming, more coming,
[00:58:14] Chris has got more up his sleeve. So
[00:58:16] yeah, I'll look forward to hearing
[00:58:18] more about that this afternoon.
[00:58:21] All right, the conference is
[00:58:22] gonna be kicking back off here.
[00:58:24] So we're gonna, we're gonna
[00:58:25] shut off for now.
[00:58:27] But thanks y'all for joining
[00:58:29] and we will see you again next
[00:58:30] week on our show.
[00:58:32] Thank
[00:58:32] you.