Here are a few things we wanted to share with you this week from the Airtable and the BuiltOnAir Community! 


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In this episode, live from Daretable, we interviewed a handful of attendees on how the conference has gone!


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Airtable App Marketplace Highlights (Extensions)

Running total – Advanced running-total calculation.


Download attachments – Download multiple attachments at once.


Airtable Universe Highlights

Airplan: An Airtable Based Project Manager – Airplan is a ‘traditional’ Project Management application implemented in Airtable.


Slack – Project management template applied to the Slack App.

BuiltOnAir.com Resources

AIRCONSULT – Spanish Airtable Consultant run by Eduard Folch.


PORY.IO – “Pory allows you to turn your Airtable databases into web apps or websites in just minutes. With a collection of templates to choose from, a hassle-free editing process, and seamless integration with your favorite apps, Pory will save you time and keep you working on what matters most to you.”


— Love, the BuiltOnAir Team