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Airtable Community

Ask The Community

QR Code Shenanigans

How to count the number of times a value in the 1st column appears in another column in the same table

Need Help. Linking between tabs/automatic update

Format the outcome of IF()

Viewing Dates across Records and Tables

Perform calculation if checkbox checked

Dates with later times, when referenced elsewhere, show as one date later

Number of days since field updated? -recently added info

Using a CRM and number of contacts?

Managing & organizing content assets, keywords, and interlink strategy

Feature Requests

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Show And Tell

Destiny Search Project – Update / New Operations Page

Better Whitespace Use with Custom CSS  – recently updated


Sync Google Contacts – recently updated


Airtable for Web Professionals Facebook Group

Discussion this week:

  • Help with Airtable interactions table
  • IF formula insights
  • Creating a better content calendar in Airtable
  • Introduction to Airtable usage examples


GAP Videos Community

Customized Automation – A Guide to a Unique Email Responder

Airtable Facebook Community

Updates this week:

  • 3 Tips for Onboarding Your Team – link to blog post

BuiltOnAir Web Community

Getting Ready to Go Live. Come back soon.

BuiltOnAir Podcast


BuiltOnAir Slack Community

Recently created Slack community. Come join us here.

Openside Community

Recently re-launched the Openside community, and it’s awesome!