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[S09-E01] Full Podcast Summary for 09-14-2021

Season 9 Episode 1
This weeks Hosts: Kamille ParksDan Fellars
This weeks Segments:
Round The Bases –

This week, we review: {Summary}}

Following Articles Used in this Segment:

[Airtable Community] July product updates – Announcements – Airtable Community Forum

[Web] Airtable: The $7.7B Roblox of the Enterprise | Sacra

[Reddit] What is the benefit of creating multiple select vs a new linked table? : Airtable

[Reddit] Is Airtable the answer?? : Airtable

[Reddit] Have to send an email 5 minutes after a form is submitted, but NOW() function is does not refresh often enough. Workaround? : Airtable

[Reddit] Spreadsheet slowness, does Airtable solves the issue? : Airtable

[Twitter] (19) Airtable on Twitter: "📣 We’re excited to announce the acquisition of #nocode #dataviz tool @BayesData! Get the details via @TechCrunch: h/t @ron_miller" / Twitter

[Web] B2B Case Study: Airtable's Ability To Attract 3M Searches

[Airtable Community] Blocks CLI beta: custom bundler & Webpack? – Development and integrations / Custom Apps – Airtable Community Forum

[Airtable Community] New: create tables, create fields, and update field options from the Scripting App – Development and integrations / Scripting app – Airtable Community Forum

[Airtable Community] Table/Tab selection update needs work IMHO – Show and tell / Product Suggestions – Airtable Community Forum

[Airtable Community] August Product Updates – Announcements – Airtable Community Forum

[Airtable Community] Pricing – Scripting App No Longer Free – Development and integrations / Scripting app – Airtable Community Forum

[Twitter] Andrew Davison on Twitter: "Heads up! 🚨 The @Airtable integration in @Zapier appears to have been updated with a breaking change 😐 As of this AM, column fields are now nested in a 'fields__' item. TLDR; all your Airtable-triggered zaps are now broken." / Twitter

[Twitter] (8) Seth Fannin🛠💻 on Twitter: "I have a need for a use case in airtable but can't find a solution. ✅Hotjar for Airtable Sometimes a database is a product and your users are freely using. I want to know what rows there clicking and what content they like more. Would you pay for this? #nocode" / Twitter

[Twitter] (17) FRANK on Twitter: "When you realize #airtable replaces $3k worth of apps you've already purchased." / Twitter

[BuiltOnAir Community] Slack | general | BuiltOnAir

[BuiltOnAir Community] Slack | airtable-dev | BuiltOnAir

An App a Day –

Watch as we install, explore, and showcase the Junction Assistant App from the Airtable Marketplace. The app is described as “Quickly build junction table records linked to one or many records”.

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Scripting Time –

Explore Scripting with “Dealing with Common Scripting Warnings”.

The scripting block provides warning messages when the code does not meet Airtable's criteria. Here we tackle common scenarios on how to deal with those common warnings. Including the new addition of requiring fields to be passed into table.selectRecordsAsync() method.

Audience Questions –

answers the Airtable question: “”

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