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In the season 13 premier, Dan goes over his On2Air Forms app, Kamille shows us some automations, and Alli shares her script that displays all the editable values of a chosen record.


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Airtable App Marketplace Highlights (Extensions)

Publish – Publish selected data from your Base for easy use on your public website.


Auto Ranker – Generate rank numbers automatically for your records.

Airtable Universe Highlights

Audible Reading List – “As for the base, it’s a bit unique from other reading lists in the Universe. Since it focuses on audio books, that allowed me to include some different fields such as duration, started and completed dates, narrators, and the Audible links. I’ve also created some different views and included a handful of blocks, which are best visualized in the expanded blocks view.”


Techy Inventory List – “As a solopreneur business it’s easy to just buy something new, instead of using the tools we already have access too. I use this table to keep track of software, hardware and website inventory.” Resources

TIKLEADS – “With TikLeads, connect your TikTok Ads account with your Airtable to automatically and instantly have the new lead data in your system. This allows you to build subsequent workflows and customer engagement actions.”

CSV GETTER (EASY NO CODE API) – Use CSV Getter to generate a robust API endpoint URL for your base. With your URL you can download your whole base as CSV or with multiple JSON types. You can also filter and shape your data using parameters. Great for No-coders or those wanting to schedule a backup.

Airtable and E-commerce – This page is your definitive guide to using the Airtable framework to build a successful e-commerce system.


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