7/12/2022 – BuiltOnAir Live Podcast Full Show – S11-E10

Duration: 66 minutes

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In This Episode

Welcome to the BuiltOnAir Podcast, the live show.  The BuiltOnAir Podcast is a live weekly show highlighting everything happening in the Airtable world.

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Todays Hosts

Kamille Parks – I am an Airtable Community Forums Leader and the developer behind the custom Airtable app “Scheduler”, one of the winning projects in the Airtable Custom Blocks Contest now widely available on the Marketplace. I focus on building simple scripts, automations, and custom apps for Airtable that streamline data entry and everyday workflows.

Dan Fellars – I am the Founder of Openside, On2Air, and BuiltOnAir. I love automation and software. When not coding the next feature of On2Air, I love spending time with my wife and kids and golfing.

Show Segments

Round The Bases – 00:03:35 –

Base Showcase – 00:34:55 –

We dive into a full working base that will Guest Rebecca Elam will showcase a base she built to perform manual app testing for her company.

An App a Day – 00:54:02 –

Watch as we install, explore, and showcase the Glide App from the Airtable Marketplace. The app is described as “Kamille will showcase how she uses Airtable and Glide Apps to build her website”.

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Full Segment Details

Segment: Round The Bases

Start Time: 00:03:35

Roundup of what’s happening in the Airtable communities – Airtable, BuiltOnAir, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Segment: Base Showcase

Start Time: 00:34:55

Manual App Testing

We dive into a full working base that will Guest Rebecca Elam will showcase a base she built to perform manual app testing for her company.

Segment: An App a Day

Start Time: 00:54:02

Airtable App Showcase – Glide – Kamille will showcase how she uses Airtable and Glide Apps to build her website

Watch as we install, explore, and showcase the Glide App from the Airtable Marketplace. The app is described as “Kamille will showcase how she uses Airtable and Glide Apps to build her website”.

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Full Transcription

The full transcription for the show can be found here:

[00:01:40] Welcome to the BuiltOnAir podcast.
[00:01:43] Season 11. Episode we episode I think this
[00:01:48] is wrong, I think we're actually
[00:01:50] episode 10 because we skipped last week.
[00:01:53] So I have the wrong,
[00:01:55] have the wrong thing,
[00:01:56] I forgot to adjust the date on that.
[00:01:58] So we are episode 10
[00:02:00] because we're off last week
[00:02:02] due to the holiday,
[00:02:03] and other circumstances
[00:02:05] and so good to be back
[00:02:07] with everybody myself,
[00:02:09] Dan Fellars and Kamille Parks with us.
[00:02:12] Hello Kamille,
[00:02:14] good to see you again.
[00:02:16] Alli couldn't make it this week,
[00:02:18] but we'll be joined
[00:02:19] shortly by Rebecca Elam
[00:02:21] who has been on the show before
[00:02:23] and friend of the show
[00:02:25] and she'll be with us shortly.
[00:02:27] So good to have everyone with us again.
[00:02:30] We've got an exciting show for us.
[00:02:32] I'll walk through what we're going to be
[00:02:34] talking about today.
[00:02:36] As always, the BuiltOnAir podcast
[00:02:39] is a weekly live show
[00:02:40] will go through a couple
[00:02:42] of different segments.
[00:02:43] We always start with our Round the Bases,
[00:02:46] talking about what's new,
[00:02:47] what's going on in the different
[00:02:48] communities,
[00:02:49] lots of new features
[00:02:50] we're gonna be showcasing today from
[00:02:53] Airtable,
[00:02:53] then we'll do a spotlight on On2Air
[00:02:56] our primary sponsor
[00:02:57] and then Rebecca will be showcasing a base
[00:03:01] that she's built for her company to
[00:03:03] do manual app testing
[00:03:05] and then a quick shout out
[00:03:07] to our community and how you
[00:03:09] can join
[00:03:10] and then we'll end with Kamille
[00:03:12] doing showcasing how she built her
[00:03:14] website using Glide apps and Airtable
[00:03:18] and we're just gonna do those
[00:03:20] two segments today because I think they'll
[00:03:22] be quite extensive
[00:03:24] and there's also quite a few things
[00:03:28] to talk about in the
[00:03:29] roundup. So with that
[00:03:31] we're gonna start with
[00:03:33] the latest greatest hot off the
[00:03:34] press feature announcement
[00:03:37] from Airtable.
[00:03:38] And this was first spotted
[00:03:40] as far as I'm aware in the
[00:03:42] BuiltOnAir community
[00:03:43] shout out to Russell Bishop
[00:03:45] who posted this screenshot.
[00:03:48] This is off of a field.
[00:03:50] So if you look at the
[00:03:51] drop down off of a field,
[00:03:53] you'll see a new menu item
[00:03:56] called show dependencies
[00:03:58] and Russell I believe is
[00:04:00] in an enterprise account
[00:04:02] because this functionality
[00:04:04] right here is actually only
[00:04:06] available to
[00:04:09] enterprise bases
[00:04:11] as far as showing
[00:04:12] all of the dependencies. But
[00:04:15] Jonathan pointed out
[00:04:17] that there's another feature
[00:04:19] that is at the table level.
[00:04:20] So if you click on the table level,
[00:04:23] you'll now see a managed fields
[00:04:25] and I'm gonna show you
[00:04:27] that this is available
[00:04:29] on more than just the
[00:04:31] actually I'm on a pro plan with this base.
[00:04:35] I didn't check to see
[00:04:36] if it's on free or not.
[00:04:38] But now if you click on this
[00:04:40] manage
[00:04:41] field, you get this menu and I'm gonna add
[00:04:43] Rebecca, who's now with us.
[00:04:45] Welcome Rebecca
[00:04:47] just talking about some new
[00:04:48] functionality that just came out today.
[00:04:51] And so now you can see
[00:04:53] all of the fields in the table,
[00:04:56] you can actually click on
[00:04:58] any of them and rename them.
[00:05:00] All right in the same interface,
[00:05:02] you can change the field types,
[00:05:05] you can change
[00:05:07] add descriptions to all of them
[00:05:10] and change the permissions
[00:05:12] and then it shows the dependencies,
[00:05:14] but if you click on this,
[00:05:16] it does require upgrade
[00:05:18] to enterprise to see all of
[00:05:20] this or to interact with it
[00:05:22] and jump to it although
[00:05:23] it does show it grayed out
[00:05:25] so you can't see some things of it.
[00:05:28] So this is pretty cool.
[00:05:30] It seems like it's still useful.
[00:05:32] I think if you have enterprise,
[00:05:33] it'll probably let you click on it
[00:05:35] to jump to that automation or jump to that
[00:05:37] interface,
[00:05:38] but if you have a lower plan,
[00:05:40] you could still like at least see it
[00:05:42] listed.
[00:05:45] And that that's super helpful.
[00:05:47] They have that marker for primary fields
[00:05:50] just so that, you know,
[00:05:53] Obviously my brain already is like
[00:05:55] what if it lets you do this and
[00:05:57] what if it lets you do that?
[00:05:59] It's been out for like
[00:06:01] roughly what an hour,
[00:06:02] so. I'll cool my jets.
[00:06:04] But yeah, you could
[00:06:05] add a new field from here.
[00:06:07] Can you configure a field from here?
[00:06:10] Like if you wanted to change
[00:06:11] a field?
[00:06:14] Like if it's
[00:06:15] Oh yeah, you can. All right, cool.
[00:06:19] Yeah, so you can click there.
[00:06:21] It's also got a menu here
[00:06:22] to kind of the standard
[00:06:23] drop down
[00:06:27] That one you can't delete
[00:06:29] others you can delete
[00:06:30] through the menu here,
[00:06:31] careful on that.
[00:06:32] If you start selecting fields
[00:06:35] on the left with those check
[00:06:36] boxes, can you bulk change stuff?
[00:06:40] You can
[00:06:42] you can you can if it's
[00:06:46] need permissions
[00:06:49] okay if you select two fields
[00:06:52] of the same type
[00:06:54] so click two date fields or
[00:06:56] something.
[00:06:58] Here's two buttons.
[00:07:05] You even changed because
[00:07:07] those are both not permission-able.
[00:07:11] Okay. So like I wanna see,
[00:07:13] do you have more than one
[00:07:16] of an editable type?
[00:07:18] Like if there's two dates or two numbers?
[00:07:28] Okay.
[00:07:32] Get rid of the stick
[00:07:35] because I know precisely
[00:07:37] what I wanted to do
[00:07:39] and I don't know if we could test
[00:07:41] it in here. So
[00:07:43] what I wanted to do
[00:07:45] is if you have two
[00:07:46] or more fields selected of the same type.
[00:07:49] I would want a button that says
[00:07:51] alright, you selected two date fields,
[00:07:54] edit the configuration for both of those
[00:07:56] date fields
[00:07:57] and change the formatting to,
[00:08:00] you know, European or American
[00:08:02] standard or you know whatever
[00:08:04] or ISO format like I want to do that here.
[00:08:08] Yeah. Yeah. I would have been
[00:08:12] shocked if that was there
[00:08:14] because URLs
[00:08:15] don't have settings that you could apply
[00:08:20] options. Yeah. Well now
[00:08:24] now I must test
[00:08:25] because you would think that
[00:08:27] if they had it for bulk that they
[00:08:29] would have it for one.
[00:08:32] Right?
[00:08:33] Well I guess they do
[00:08:35] if you click it. Yeah,
[00:08:37] I would I would be shocked if
[00:08:41] Oh jeez
[00:08:42] that was there
[00:08:44] anyway. It's very very cool.
[00:08:47] Yeah.
[00:08:48] Wait before you do anything,
[00:08:52] do you have the,
[00:08:54] the toggle at the
[00:08:55] underneath add new field,
[00:08:57] click that thingy
[00:09:00] at the top
[00:09:01] in the gray bar to that new field
[00:09:03] underneath that
[00:09:07] underneath where it says add new field,
[00:09:09] there's the settings button,
[00:09:11] click that
[00:09:12] example value.
[00:09:14] Oh,
[00:09:17] interesting.
[00:09:19] I think this just pulls from a record
[00:09:22] that's useful.
[00:09:23] Yeah,
[00:09:25] especially for like formula writing
[00:09:28] and stuff like that. Much easier for those
[00:09:32] workflows for me.
[00:09:33] Yeah, absolutely. I have,
[00:09:35] I've had it before where I have a
[00:09:37] couple of different formula fields
[00:09:38] that are concatenating a bunch of stuff
[00:09:40] together and sometimes
[00:09:41] it includes the date,
[00:09:42] sometimes includes a name and then
[00:09:44] like the project number
[00:09:45] and then I'll have another
[00:09:47] very similar field that's
[00:09:48] all of those things minus one.
[00:09:50] And seeing that
[00:09:52] as an example view column
[00:09:53] oh, now I can see well this field gives me
[00:09:56] everything and the date
[00:09:57] and this field gives me everything
[00:09:59] except for the date.
[00:10:00] So
[00:10:01] that's useful.
[00:10:03] You can sort so
[00:10:06] Oh wow.
[00:10:08] All right, so Kuovonne has tested for me
[00:10:11] created two date fields
[00:10:13] but changing the field configuration
[00:10:15] only changed the
[00:10:15] first field. Okay,
[00:10:17] thank you for testing.
[00:10:19] This is I bring this up
[00:10:21] because like earlier
[00:10:22] this past week someone on the
[00:10:24] forums was sort of lamenting that
[00:10:27] they have a bunch of date fields that they
[00:10:30] add and they constantly
[00:10:32] have to change the formatting
[00:10:33] with formula fields or
[00:10:34] individually through each
[00:10:36] configuration setting
[00:10:37] and then it was brought up that
[00:10:39] like I did like a speck
[00:10:41] project
[00:10:42] where that's a thing
[00:10:44] that you could do with the extensions
[00:10:47] api you can get in
[00:10:48] there and bulk change
[00:10:50] configuration options for
[00:10:53] different fields depending on
[00:10:56] the type of field
[00:10:57] like dates and checkboxes,
[00:10:58] all the ones listed in the
[00:10:59] screenshot I shared.
[00:11:01] Yeah so
[00:11:05] below this on the next like
[00:11:08] reply in this thread
[00:11:09] I was like yeah I'm not sure if
[00:11:11] I'm actually gonna release this
[00:11:13] extension
[00:11:13] honestly I feel like it would work
[00:11:15] better as a settings panel
[00:11:16] so like I'd be happy to
[00:11:18] just hand it over to Airtable.
[00:11:19] Well now they have a settings panel
[00:11:21] I'm looking at you Airtable
[00:11:24] Yeah I already did it. The code is done.
[00:11:29] Get in touch with Kamille get this added.
[00:11:35] Alright well cool.
[00:11:37] Yeah. So hot off the press
[00:11:39] I looked in the community
[00:11:42] and they haven't announced this
[00:11:45] new feature yet
[00:11:46] so hopefully it doesn't get
[00:11:48] pulled
[00:11:51] have happened before. Yeah
[00:11:54] it seems like a fairly
[00:11:58] like you're not changing functionality
[00:12:00] really. It's it's giving you a new way of
[00:12:02] looking at stuff you
[00:12:03] could have already done
[00:12:05] with the exception of the
[00:12:05] dependencies thing
[00:12:07] like that you could have figured out
[00:12:09] through investigation
[00:12:10] but it's putting it all there in one spot.
[00:12:13] Hopefully that
[00:12:15] you know makes it a lot easy easier
[00:12:18] and Kuovonne is saying
[00:12:20] you can sort by field
[00:12:22] type so
[00:12:23] that's useful.
[00:12:25] Yeah.
[00:12:26] Yeah, that's what I did here. Yeah.
[00:12:29] Well especially too,
[00:12:31] if you use any sort of like naming
[00:12:34] or indexing concept,
[00:12:35] like we do with the emojis
[00:12:37] whenever I had to go back
[00:12:39] and put all of the field
[00:12:41] type emojis essentially
[00:12:43] back when they took them away
[00:12:45] on the detailed view that
[00:12:46] took hours, I mean probably days
[00:12:49] to do
[00:12:50] and just having this panel right here
[00:12:52] would have made that take minutes.
[00:12:54] Yeah,
[00:12:57] Yeah. This is a huge time saver
[00:13:00] to modify update
[00:13:02] even just renaming the fields
[00:13:05] even if it didn't do
[00:13:06] any of the rest of the stuff
[00:13:08] just having the one interface
[00:13:10] to rename the fields
[00:13:11] and be able to just go down the line
[00:13:14] is I think going to be
[00:13:15] a big workflow changer
[00:13:16] for a lot of people.
[00:13:17] Yeah.
[00:13:18] And being able to see
[00:13:20] example views
[00:13:21] and the description column right next to
[00:13:23] each other. It'll help you
[00:13:24] as you're like writing,
[00:13:26] what's the difference between
[00:13:27] these eight formulas
[00:13:29] now you can see
[00:13:31] and of course field permissions
[00:13:33] you know,
[00:13:33] it's nice to see that kind of just
[00:13:35] there.
[00:13:36] Yeah, this actually
[00:13:37] might get me to use
[00:13:39] field permissions more that you can
[00:13:41] manage it all here.
[00:13:42] Yeah, I only use it a little bit,
[00:13:45] most of the bases I use,
[00:13:46] I'm functionally the only person in them.
[00:13:49] so I don't have need for permissions
[00:13:52] a whole lot of time except for giving a
[00:13:54] field the permission of
[00:13:56] nobody
[00:13:57] except for automations
[00:13:58] that's really useful.
[00:14:00] Yeah.
[00:14:01] Yeah, so good stuff definitely.
[00:14:05] A huge upgrade
[00:14:06] and overall management of your
[00:14:09] base and tables, things like that.
[00:14:12] So looking forward to that.
[00:14:14] Let's keep on the path
[00:14:17] of new features
[00:14:18] that are showing up in the
[00:14:21] BuiltOnAir community
[00:14:23] has been great to to
[00:14:24] bring these out much faster than Airtable.
[00:14:28] I don't think
[00:14:29] here's another one that Kamille
[00:14:30] you were the first to point out
[00:14:32] that I saw.
[00:14:34] Yeah, this was really random. I just
[00:14:36] for that same spec app I was
[00:14:40] using, I was just sort of like verifying
[00:14:43] you know what my options were and then I
[00:14:45] it was like I don't remember dot
[00:14:48] being an option
[00:14:49] and then I looked at my code
[00:14:50] for that app and I was like no,
[00:14:52] it's not an option
[00:14:53] because two months ago
[00:14:54] when I wrote this app you have to like
[00:14:56] write out what all the possibilities are
[00:14:58] and I didn't write dot there.
[00:14:59] So that is relatively new.
[00:15:01] I don't know how long
[00:15:02] it's been there but it's been
[00:15:03] there for a little bit.
[00:15:05] Yeah, I hadn't noticed it before.
[00:15:09] It's, you know,
[00:15:12] I think it's nice.
[00:15:14] The one the one thing that bothers me
[00:15:16] this is nit picky but check box and rating
[00:15:19] fields have the same
[00:15:21] selection for color
[00:15:23] and icon except for one,
[00:15:25] like the rating field has one
[00:15:28] less option and I think it's
[00:15:30] check mark.
[00:15:31] I don't think you can have a
[00:15:32] check mark in a rating.
[00:15:34] it's one of those,
[00:15:35] one of those six options
[00:15:37] you can't have it.
[00:15:38] I wonder if that's because
[00:15:39] they thought it would be confusing
[00:15:41] with the check box.
[00:15:41] I'm sure they did. But also like
[00:15:45] just make it
[00:15:46] it's easier on them
[00:15:47] if they make it consistent.
[00:15:49] And then I was also saying
[00:15:50] I would like to have an X.
[00:15:51] Like you can have a check
[00:15:52] mark, I would want to have an X.
[00:15:55] And then I think
[00:15:56] I don't have any other requests
[00:15:58] for the check box field.
[00:15:59] I think it's nice how it is.
[00:16:01] Anyway, they added a new option.
[00:16:03] Yeah, there's another feature for you
[00:16:07] that also was not announced anywhere in
[00:16:10] the Airtable forums. Here's one more
[00:16:17] display time zone.
[00:16:18] So this is a new feature. I can show
[00:16:21] that
[00:16:22] you go to a date
[00:16:29] here,
[00:16:34] here we go.
[00:16:35] So now when you go into
[00:16:38] the customized field type,
[00:16:40] there's now this display time zone,
[00:16:45] what does that do?
[00:16:48] It just puts
[00:16:49] like the the acronym next to it.
[00:16:54] So you're always aware of what
[00:16:58] time it's being stored in Airtable as
[00:17:03] because you have the option of
[00:17:05] using one time zone for everybody or using
[00:17:07] everybody's like local time zone
[00:17:09] and that could get really confusing.
[00:17:11] So it's just a visual marker.
[00:17:13] I don't think it really
[00:17:15] changed functionality but
[00:17:16] it should change
[00:17:18] hopefully how you know
[00:17:20] or limit confusion as people are
[00:17:23] editing the same base
[00:17:24] from like two very different locations.
[00:17:26] Well a lot of times with formulas
[00:17:28] if you're working off multiple date fields
[00:17:31] and comparing a bunch of different dates,
[00:17:34] having one of those things in GMT
[00:17:36] throws off the whole thing
[00:17:38] just being able to see
[00:17:40] which one is even wrong
[00:17:42] because if their dates that are
[00:17:44] in the past or in the future,
[00:17:46] like you're not referencing
[00:17:47] to your time right
[00:17:48] this second,
[00:17:49] You don't know whether it's
[00:17:51] three hours ahead or 12 hours
[00:17:52] ahead or or whatever
[00:17:53] that is.
[00:17:54] This just puts the little guy right there
[00:17:56] so that you know specifically
[00:17:58] which one is wrong.
[00:18:01] Yeah so it does yeah
[00:18:03] so if you're using the GMT
[00:18:05] then and then you have that
[00:18:06] toggle on so it'll show you GMT
[00:18:10] so that's useful because now
[00:18:12] you know that this
[00:18:13] is using the same date for
[00:18:14] everybody at the same time.
[00:18:18] Let's see if I just messed up my date
[00:18:22] interesting
[00:18:24] that it didn't adjust it
[00:18:26] but I think it leaves it alone
[00:18:29] and if you add new values,
[00:18:31] I don't really remember
[00:18:33] how it works precisely but it's
[00:18:36] it for me it's a crapshoot
[00:18:38] of whether or not
[00:18:39] I want to use the GMT toggle.
[00:18:42] Yeah definitely one of the biggest
[00:18:45] headaches, working with dates
[00:18:50] and I'm not like a developer
[00:18:52] or any of that stuff.
[00:18:54] Is this just a hard thing
[00:18:55] across the board?
[00:18:56] Like everybody struggles with date.
[00:18:59] It's not well any
[00:19:00] javascript based system
[00:19:02] definitely struggles with dates.
[00:19:04] I don't I can't
[00:19:06] speak for every coding language
[00:19:08] but like it is
[00:19:08] it's not easy if you're working in
[00:19:12] like regular javascript or react
[00:19:15] all Airtable extensions
[00:19:17] are built in a coding
[00:19:18] library called react.
[00:19:20] Which is javascript based.
[00:19:21] They have their own
[00:19:23] like packages purely designed
[00:19:25] to help you handle dates
[00:19:27] because it's difficult.
[00:19:29] You have to you know,
[00:19:31] adding and subtracting time
[00:19:33] is hard and figuring out
[00:19:36] what the third Wednesday of
[00:19:38] the sixth month is difficult
[00:19:40] and all that kind of stuff.
[00:19:42] So dates are hard.
[00:19:44] Yeah.
[00:19:45] Yeah, it's across the board
[00:19:47] just because time zones,
[00:19:50] it's just complicated.
[00:19:54] Alright. Moving on,
[00:19:55] another feature
[00:19:57] that was brought up actually.
[00:20:00] We'll come back to that one.
[00:20:02] Let's stick with features.
[00:20:06] Okay. A grouping one.
[00:20:08] So this is in the group by
[00:20:10] show groups with no records.
[00:20:13] So that's useful.
[00:20:14] So now there's a little icon
[00:20:17] to show if there's no records,
[00:20:20] you can hide it.
[00:20:23] I think that's only for select fields.
[00:20:28] Or you know, things with like
[00:20:31] finite options.
[00:20:32] So I think select fields and maybe
[00:20:34] check box fields
[00:20:35] because it could either be checked
[00:20:36] or unchecked and there's no
[00:20:37] other potential option for it.
[00:20:40] And the grouping dialogue now
[00:20:42] before it would show you like the list of
[00:20:45] every
[00:20:46] field in your table
[00:20:48] now it'll show you
[00:20:49] if you have no group set already,
[00:20:51] it will show you
[00:20:53] the fields you probably
[00:20:54] want to group by, and those are typically
[00:20:56] select field or I think it also picks out
[00:21:01] linked record fields,
[00:21:03] like the types of fields
[00:21:04] you typically do group by,
[00:21:06] and they'll put those at the top
[00:21:08] so that it saves hopefully saves you time
[00:21:11] and
[00:21:12] looking through all of your things.
[00:21:14] Yeah, Gotcha,
[00:21:16] let's see
[00:21:18] if I can see it here,
[00:21:24] I will say one thing
[00:21:25] that I really love on this
[00:21:26] is that they've kind of
[00:21:26] consolidated that initial uI experience
[00:21:29] across the filters, the groups and the
[00:21:32] sorting. So you're kind of using
[00:21:35] the same little dropdowns and things.
[00:21:38] It's just a nice touch.
[00:21:40] Yeah,
[00:21:42] Yeah, so other field types,
[00:21:44] So this is a formula
[00:21:45] and it doesn't have that.
[00:21:49] See this is one of those weird things too
[00:21:51] that I talked about always that
[00:21:52] nobody's using the same version
[00:21:54] of the product,
[00:21:55] because I've had that little
[00:21:56] icon, that little I for a while,
[00:21:59] I've had it too.
[00:22:00] It's not to me that part
[00:22:02] wasn't new,
[00:22:03] but they did change a bunch of
[00:22:05] like, what you first see
[00:22:07] when you have the group by option.
[00:22:11] Yeah.
[00:22:14] cool. So yeah,
[00:22:15] and it seems like they
[00:22:17] yeah, and some people in the thread were
[00:22:20] saying like they still have
[00:22:21] the old group I
[00:22:22] so they don't even have this new
[00:22:23] interface,
[00:22:25] so they've got lots of Ui changes
[00:22:29] in A B testing.
[00:22:32] Yeah
[00:22:34] A B testing,
[00:22:35] it's so hard to troubleshoot
[00:22:38] for other people
[00:22:39] if you don't have the same
[00:22:42] interface.
[00:22:43] Well the thing is is it's okay
[00:22:45] if you're A B testing but we're not
[00:22:47] just A B testing
[00:22:48] we're A B C D E F and G testing
[00:22:51] at any given time and nobody
[00:22:53] knows what group that they're in so
[00:22:56] well because it's not consistent
[00:22:58] because it's in one base testing this and
[00:23:00] another base not
[00:23:03] at the user level,
[00:23:05] you're experiencing one thing
[00:23:07] in one place,
[00:23:08] you should be experiencing it
[00:23:10] in all of the others.
[00:23:11] But that's hard because
[00:23:12] you've got different people
[00:23:14] shared to different bases and
[00:23:16] do it on the workspace level then,
[00:23:20] I don't know. Yeah. Something.
[00:23:23] But I think that
[00:23:24] these are some of those things
[00:23:26] that they just didn't really
[00:23:28] think about whenever they set up
[00:23:29] their whole pricing model
[00:23:31] and they're they're
[00:23:31] structuring of how they were going to
[00:23:33] charge everybody and how people are gonna
[00:23:35] be on teams and things like that.
[00:23:37] You know,
[00:23:38] I guess some of these things
[00:23:39] you just can't really account for it
[00:23:41] at that given time
[00:23:43] but I don't think that
[00:23:44] they've continued to handle it
[00:23:46] well once they figured out
[00:23:48] that this was a problem either.
[00:23:50] Yeah.
[00:23:52] Yeah. The other one.
[00:23:54] Like I only have one base
[00:23:56] that has the new UI with the data
[00:23:58] interface automations up at the top
[00:24:00] but I haven't heard of any,
[00:24:01] it sounds like nobody else
[00:24:03] is seeing that in any other bases.
[00:24:07] I know, but it's only in
[00:24:08] one base that I have it,
[00:24:10] it's just for that one base for you Dan.
[00:24:13] Well, and so I posted something the
[00:24:16] other day, you know,
[00:24:18] we got the new filtering options
[00:24:20] to be able to filter by a
[00:24:21] specific linked record field.
[00:24:23] And I actually I
[00:24:26] before I had done
[00:24:27] all of the investigation,
[00:24:28] I had jumped Airtable's butt on the
[00:24:30] forum because I had thought
[00:24:31] they had taken it away
[00:24:33] because I got a nice little
[00:24:35] blue like information icon
[00:24:38] next to it saying available soon.
[00:24:42] And so I kind of freaked out
[00:24:43] because I've already built
[00:24:45] a bunch of things on
[00:24:45] this
[00:24:46] particular feature. Well
[00:24:48] anyway, come to find out
[00:24:50] later on that was a look up field.
[00:24:52] So we may,
[00:24:53] what it was actually saying is
[00:24:56] eventually you will be able to use
[00:24:59] that same granular filtering
[00:25:01] for look up fields and that's great news
[00:25:05] but
[00:25:06] with the sort of lack of
[00:25:10] letting anybody know
[00:25:11] what the what the behavior is
[00:25:14] and to then going to another
[00:25:16] base and doing the exact same thing
[00:25:19] and having it not
[00:25:20] not do that.
[00:25:23] And then this particular
[00:25:25] dialogue that creates this,
[00:25:28] I'm gonna call it a bug
[00:25:30] for now,
[00:25:31] is it only happens if you right click
[00:25:34] on the field header and do filter
[00:25:36] from there in a little drop down
[00:25:38] and I making any sense whatsoever?
[00:25:40] I understand what you're saying
[00:25:42] because I use Airtable all the time
[00:25:45] you know, it is
[00:25:47] what you stumbled across
[00:25:49] is a typical
[00:25:50] I don't think I've ever seen there be a
[00:25:53] coming soon in Airtable
[00:25:55] stuff just sort of happens
[00:25:56] and you're like,
[00:25:57] oh it's here now, cool,
[00:25:58] there's no announcement at all
[00:26:00] in that thread where they
[00:26:01] were announcing the
[00:26:03] filter by specific linked record,
[00:26:06] there's one reply by someone
[00:26:08] from
[00:26:09] Airtable named Tim
[00:26:10] and he was like,
[00:26:12] he was replying to someone else
[00:26:13] who was saying it'd be great
[00:26:14] if we could do the
[00:26:15] same thing and look up fields,
[00:26:17] and Tim said
[00:26:18] that's coming
[00:26:19] and there was no timeline
[00:26:20] or anything about it
[00:26:22] and so you found the place holder
[00:26:24] for that. So they, you know,
[00:26:25] he was being truthful
[00:26:27] obviously that it's coming
[00:26:28] but it, it happens
[00:26:30] never that they put something in place
[00:26:34] and say coming soon and it's just not
[00:26:36] there yet.
[00:26:37] Normally they just sort of put it there,
[00:26:39] so that is confusing.
[00:26:41] Yeah,
[00:26:42] yeah, lots of
[00:26:44] lots of stuff coming out
[00:26:47] one more and then we can move on.
[00:26:51] So there is a game we
[00:26:52] were playing in the,
[00:26:54] in the BuiltOnAir slack community
[00:26:58] Justin started
[00:26:59] this. Never have I ever
[00:27:01] so I was gonna ask,
[00:27:02] I didn't see either of you
[00:27:04] respond to this,
[00:27:04] so we'll see what your responses are.
[00:27:07] So it's never have I ever Airtable
[00:27:09] style with something that
[00:27:12] you have never done in Airtable.
[00:27:16] So Justin started, added a collaborator
[00:27:19] field to a base
[00:27:21] or worked on a client project
[00:27:23] that had one. I have
[00:27:25] against all. I know I said
[00:27:26] six minutes ago.
[00:27:27] Oh I'm usually the only collaborator
[00:27:29] in the base.
[00:27:31] I have used a collaborator field.
[00:27:34] What's something you haven't used?
[00:27:37] Oh dear. Oh no.
[00:27:40] My problem is I build
[00:27:42] so much random stuff
[00:27:43] for other people and this is why I
[00:27:45] didn't play
[00:27:46] because like it's not that I personally
[00:27:48] use the feature,
[00:27:48] I built something for someone else
[00:27:51] and they use that feature so I abstain.
[00:27:55] Yeah that's fair.
[00:27:56] I mean I've probably played
[00:27:58] with every feature for sure.
[00:28:00] Hannah says understanding Rejex.
[00:28:03] I think many can no one understands
[00:28:05] Rejex are you kidding?
[00:28:08] It's not a real one
[00:28:09] to write all my Rejex.
[00:28:11] It's already made formulas,
[00:28:14] Nathan says understanding
[00:28:17] the switch command or switch function
[00:28:22] that will save you so much time
[00:28:24] just power through it.
[00:28:26] That's what I'm trying to
[00:28:28] do with scripting right now.
[00:28:30] I think that probably
[00:28:31] writing my own script is my
[00:28:34] never have I ever I use lots of scripts
[00:28:36] but they are not my scripts.
[00:28:39] Yeah
[00:28:42] and for me it would probably be
[00:28:45] this isn't like I never have I ever but a
[00:28:48] dirty secret is
[00:28:49] in our consulting business,
[00:28:52] we use another system for our
[00:28:54] project management,
[00:28:56] wow okay well you gotta spill now
[00:29:02] we use click up. Interesting.
[00:29:08] So there's a dirty little secret.
[00:29:11] Honestly, the main reason
[00:29:14] is we don't want to
[00:29:15] have to pay for collaborators
[00:29:18] so that we can give
[00:29:19] our clients access to it.
[00:29:21] That's fair. I mean that's
[00:29:23] one of the drawbacks,
[00:29:25] specifically of Airtable's pricing model.
[00:29:26] We're getting a request
[00:29:28] from Kuovonne
[00:29:29] to show if you try to delete a field that
[00:29:32] has a dependency on it,
[00:29:34] it now warns you, which is very useful.
[00:29:36] So
[00:29:39] that is good to know. So that's
[00:29:44] they also did put that
[00:29:46] dependency button in between
[00:29:49] the delete and hide field
[00:29:51] buttons. So hopefully
[00:29:53] with it being essentially
[00:29:55] a button that doesn't work right
[00:29:56] now because you have to be enterprise,
[00:29:59] it will stop some of the
[00:30:01] accidental deletions.
[00:30:03] Yeah,
[00:30:05] All right, we'll move on,
[00:30:07] we got one more
[00:30:07] and then we'll start with the with
[00:30:09] the other segments.
[00:30:10] So I thought this one was kind of cool
[00:30:14] to show kind of a
[00:30:15] fun little use case
[00:30:17] if you're interested in learning scripting
[00:30:20] and you want
[00:30:21] to see kind of how somebody else
[00:30:23] is writing a script.
[00:30:24] Here's a good little use
[00:30:25] case
[00:30:26] off of, I guess a meme
[00:30:27] I'm not on Tiktok.
[00:30:29] So apparently on Tiktok going around
[00:30:31] Steve Harvey
[00:30:32] says the success
[00:30:34] formula for success
[00:30:36] can be evaluated based off of men's
[00:30:40] suits and there's five color suits
[00:30:42] and you can make
[00:30:43] Or 3 colors... 5 suits
[00:30:45] and three shirts
[00:30:47] and that allows for
[00:30:48] a permutation of 75 different
[00:30:51] combinations.
[00:30:51] And so he wanted to write a script
[00:30:53] that would generate all of
[00:30:55] those permutations.
[00:30:57] And so and he shares the base he or she,
[00:31:00] whoever the rhyme minister is
[00:31:03] and good name.
[00:31:05] Yeah.
[00:31:07] And Kuovonne
[00:31:08] also who's a friend of the show,
[00:31:12] gives some good feedback
[00:31:15] on ways to improve the script.
[00:31:16] So if you want to see kind of
[00:31:18] the give and take
[00:31:18] of ways you can write a script
[00:31:20] and then and then improve it,
[00:31:21] I think this is a good,
[00:31:24] good flow to look at and learn from.
[00:31:27] Yeah,
[00:31:27] yeah, I saw this thread and
[00:31:30] my
[00:31:33] natural inclination is to just
[00:31:35] solve.
[00:31:36] So
[00:31:37] I
[00:31:37] Kuovonne did the polite thing,
[00:31:39] which is ask if they wanted help
[00:31:40] in the first place.
[00:31:41] So I was going to be like,
[00:31:43] well, here's how you really do it.
[00:31:44] And then I was like,
[00:31:46] let me just not.
[00:31:46] And so I'm happy that there's,
[00:31:48] you know, a more educational version
[00:31:51] of perhaps what I might have done because
[00:31:53] the script at the top works,
[00:31:55] or at least it should work.
[00:31:56] I didn't test it myself,
[00:31:57] but just sort of reading through it,
[00:31:59] you know,
[00:32:00] Perfectly fine,
[00:32:01] but could be a little slow
[00:32:03] because it's 75 permutations.
[00:32:05] If you've used Airtable scripting before,
[00:32:08] you might know that you could do 50
[00:32:12] batch
[00:32:13] Calls in a in a single call.
[00:32:15] So you can delete,
[00:32:16] create or update 50 records at
[00:32:18] once. So you can do this in just two
[00:32:21] cycles as opposed to 75.
[00:32:24] Yeah,
[00:32:25] but otherwise
[00:32:28] just a nifty little use case.
[00:32:30] Yeah,
[00:32:31] very cool. So check that out
[00:32:33] on the forum.
[00:32:34] We'll have the link in the show notes.
[00:32:36] All right. That is the end
[00:32:39] of our Round the Bases.
[00:32:41] Lots of new functionality to
[00:32:43] play with and
[00:32:46] and to learn from.
[00:32:48] So next we're going to go
[00:32:50] into On2Air, our primary sponsor.
[00:32:52] It's an all in one toolkit
[00:32:54] to run your business on Airtable.
[00:32:58] And for today's spotlight,
[00:33:01] we're gonna do another sneak peek.
[00:33:03] We did this two weeks ago
[00:33:05] on our last segment
[00:33:06] of what's coming out next with
[00:33:08] On2Air
[00:33:08] something we've been working on
[00:33:11] for many, many months and it's
[00:33:13] getting very close
[00:33:15] were a couple of weeks away
[00:33:17] from releasing a standalone forms
[00:33:19] builder
[00:33:20] to where you can build a
[00:33:22] external form
[00:33:23] that does a lot of advanced functionality
[00:33:25] we showcased last time
[00:33:27] the ability to view linked records
[00:33:30] and edit linked records.
[00:33:32] This is the builder side of it
[00:33:34] where you'll be able to build it.
[00:33:36] And we just added the ability
[00:33:39] to create field sets and columns.
[00:33:41] So you can actually have
[00:33:43] multi column forms.
[00:33:45] So you can have up to four
[00:33:46] different columns
[00:33:48] and specify how many columns you want,
[00:33:50] and then you'll have
[00:33:51] all of your fields
[00:33:53] that you can configure within
[00:33:55] each of these field sets,
[00:33:57] and move them around
[00:33:59] and set up more advanced
[00:34:01] forms with multiple
[00:34:03] columns and widths and things like that.
[00:34:07] So just a sneak peek at the
[00:34:09] functionality to configure
[00:34:12] all of the fields within your,
[00:34:15] your forms and
[00:34:16] field sets and
[00:34:17] configurations on that front. So
[00:34:20] very excited for this.
[00:34:22] Still quite a few things
[00:34:24] that we need to work out
[00:34:25] and get ready for launch,
[00:34:27] but this is coming,
[00:34:29] our goal is by the end of the month
[00:34:31] it might be very beginning of August
[00:34:33] by time we get all the final kinks worked
[00:34:36] out but excited to launch this,
[00:34:38] we'd love to hear your feedback
[00:34:40] on functionality
[00:34:40] that you want to see
[00:34:42] in an external form solution.
[00:34:44] So look forward to that coming soon.
[00:34:47] Cool.
[00:34:49] Yes,
[00:34:50] lots and lots of hours put into that.
[00:34:53] All right, Rebecca if you want to get your
[00:34:56] screen ready
[00:34:57] if you want to share
[00:34:59] and you're still on mute.
[00:35:03] Alright then, let's see.
[00:35:06] Well have you showcase
[00:35:08] what you've been working on
[00:35:11] no, it's gonna make me go
[00:35:12] out and come back,
[00:35:15] wait a second for that.
[00:35:18] Well until then actually Kuovonne
[00:35:22] said if we should if we could showcase
[00:35:26] the base that
[00:35:28] came with it on,
[00:35:30] on the one we were talking about.
[00:35:33] So let's click on this guy,
[00:35:36] was saying it's kind of a cool base
[00:35:41] with gallery view
[00:35:48] Under the outfits, go to gallery.
[00:35:52] There you go,
[00:35:53] you've got all of your combinations,
[00:35:56] we should get this in front
[00:35:58] of Steve Harvey
[00:36:01] see this is like, Airtable let's you do
[00:36:04] cool little stuff like this and it's
[00:36:07] actually really, really useful
[00:36:09] if you're familiar with
[00:36:10] what's called a capsule
[00:36:12] wardrobe, which is technically
[00:36:13] what Steve Harvey apparently described,
[00:36:15] where you have,
[00:36:16] you know, a limited number of
[00:36:19] solid pieces of clothing
[00:36:20] and they're supposed to be, you know,
[00:36:22] not super expensive
[00:36:23] but like high quality
[00:36:24] where you could wear them over and
[00:36:25] over
[00:36:26] and you have them,
[00:36:28] you know for different colors
[00:36:30] and different
[00:36:31] you know instances
[00:36:33] that you would wear them
[00:36:34] casual, business casual etcetera and
[00:36:36] you just create
[00:36:37] many permutations of those
[00:36:40] statement pieces,
[00:36:42] then you end up with a very,
[00:36:44] very varied wardrobe that could
[00:36:46] last you, you know
[00:36:48] your whole year
[00:36:49] without feeling too repetitive.
[00:36:50] That's a
[00:36:52] thing in fashion,
[00:36:53] that is I think fairly common
[00:36:54] and you could build something
[00:36:56] that helps you
[00:36:57] plan out your outfits
[00:36:58] throughout the day if that's something you
[00:37:00] want to do in Airtable
[00:37:02] yep, all right,
[00:37:04] Rebecca go ahead
[00:37:05] and share your screen if you're ready
[00:37:13] and
[00:37:16] oops,
[00:37:17] that's alright,
[00:37:18] I'll just minimize this.
[00:37:20] Yeah, now you're live
[00:37:23] Alright, we can see it.
[00:37:25] Okay, so I am going to show the
[00:37:28] end result first
[00:37:29] because I think it makes the rest
[00:37:31] of it make a lot more sense.
[00:37:33] So
[00:37:36] long story short,
[00:37:37] I started working for a company
[00:37:39] called crowd share
[00:37:40] and I am head of product
[00:37:43] and we have to,
[00:37:45] we're at the end, the apps already
[00:37:48] built were in the testing phase
[00:37:52] and the first thing
[00:37:53] that we want to do
[00:37:53] is some sort of manual testing.
[00:37:55] So we have purchased physical devices,
[00:37:57] We've hired testers to sit in a room and
[00:38:00] run through
[00:38:01] essentially a script
[00:38:03] and when I say script,
[00:38:05] I mean literally do this first,
[00:38:07] then do this, then do this. And so
[00:38:10] this is what I came up with
[00:38:11] to kind of give them
[00:38:12] some sort of an almost bug
[00:38:14] reporting tools. So these are
[00:38:16] fake people
[00:38:19] and they are tied to test our accounts
[00:38:22] and then once they,
[00:38:25] that's
[00:38:29] well that's new.
[00:38:30] So it looks like if you filter by
[00:38:33] an exact linked record and
[00:38:34] then de dupe the records
[00:38:36] with each other, it's going to break your
[00:38:41] filter, good to know
[00:38:44] but
[00:38:47] you can see,
[00:38:49] they just go in, click start testing
[00:38:52] and they come to this little checklist
[00:38:56] and so each checklist will see the
[00:38:58] breakdown in the back
[00:38:59] but it's been built off of a
[00:39:01] junction table that's looking
[00:39:02] at
[00:39:03] a master checklist
[00:39:04] and task list
[00:39:05] and then rebuilding
[00:39:07] or building that with the
[00:39:08] script.
[00:39:09] So they can come in here,
[00:39:11] it's just something to make it pretty,
[00:39:12] tells them what to do
[00:39:14] and they can fill out a form
[00:39:17] to say whether the step was
[00:39:18] successful or not.
[00:39:24] So if they completed it successfully,
[00:39:27] they just hit submit, if they had some
[00:39:29] problems, they can share their problems.
[00:39:31] If they could not complete the task,
[00:39:33] they can let us know there
[00:39:35] and provide the information
[00:39:38] about what they
[00:39:39] experienced.
[00:39:41] So
[00:39:45] the back end of that looks like
[00:39:50] this and so
[00:39:51] what I did on that first page
[00:39:54] is basically, and there's
[00:39:56] information on there
[00:39:58] that I can't share
[00:39:59] so I can't go back to it,
[00:40:01] but they have a button
[00:40:03] that says start testing
[00:40:10] and that takes them to their unpublished
[00:40:14] interface.
[00:40:18] If we choose to use Interfaces,
[00:40:19] now one of the problems
[00:40:21] that we're having with
[00:40:21] potentially using Interfaces
[00:40:23] is obviously getting everybody
[00:40:27] logged in and all of that stuff.
[00:40:29] Originally I had built this
[00:40:31] to where they could
[00:40:32] use check boxes
[00:40:33] to check off their tasks but
[00:40:35] between pori's bugs
[00:40:37] because I also built a pori
[00:40:39] site for this and I'll show
[00:40:40] you that here in a minute.
[00:40:42] But between their bugs and
[00:40:46] the shortcomings of Interfaces,
[00:40:49] I've had to rebuild this
[00:40:51] a couple of different
[00:40:52] times, a couple of different ways.
[00:40:55] So we went through live,
[00:40:57] I got to sit with the developer
[00:41:00] and essentially say,
[00:41:01] okay, what are all the screens
[00:41:03] and what are they all supposed to do?
[00:41:05] And we built this master
[00:41:07] sort of checklist.
[00:41:08] There's three different
[00:41:10] types of users within the app.
[00:41:13] and so
[00:41:17] the first problem that I came up to
[00:41:20] when building this was that
[00:41:23] it was difficult to get
[00:41:25] the actual user's feedback
[00:41:28] back to the record
[00:41:30] and still be tied to that user
[00:41:33] and so we ended up using
[00:41:35] a junction table script.
[00:41:37] Actually the one that is
[00:41:40] default
[00:41:42] In the marketplace?
[00:41:44] Yeah, that one.
[00:41:46] And I will say that I
[00:41:49] initially tried to use
[00:41:54] see
[00:41:58] that
[00:41:58] I think
[00:42:01] is it yours Kamille?
[00:42:03] I have one
[00:42:05] junction table assistant.
[00:42:07] Then there's link records by fields,
[00:42:10] which effectively
[00:42:11] creates a junction table kind of
[00:42:13] and then there's the
[00:42:14] junction table script.
[00:42:16] So all of them do slightly different
[00:42:17] things and
[00:42:19] it's not always going to be the case
[00:42:21] that any of those three do what you want
[00:42:23] them to do.
[00:42:24] Yeah, I just didn't have time
[00:42:26] to figure it out. That was it. This one,
[00:42:29] I actually probably spent more time
[00:42:32] looking for something else than if I would
[00:42:36] have just
[00:42:37] gone in and
[00:42:38] and chosen this first because
[00:42:40] they didn't know it was there,
[00:42:42] but
[00:42:44] it was super easy to set up
[00:42:46] basically just saying
[00:42:48] what are the two tables that
[00:42:50] you're looking at
[00:42:51] building
[00:42:53] junction records for
[00:42:54] And so a junction record,
[00:42:56] you can see here,
[00:42:57] it'll just be tied to
[00:42:59] also the tester and the task.
[00:43:03] I feel like I'm
[00:43:04] this is the part where
[00:43:05] I always feel like I stopped making sense.
[00:43:06] But
[00:43:08] so I can take these master
[00:43:10] checklists
[00:43:12] And say, Okay, now
[00:43:14] I know that every tester
[00:43:15] of the 12 testers that I have needs
[00:43:18] to have one instance of the join a channel
[00:43:21] under the ambassador user type.
[00:43:23] So by running this junction script,
[00:43:26] I was able to have it come create you can
[00:43:30] see tester one join the channel
[00:43:32] tester two join the channel
[00:43:34] tester three join the channel
[00:43:36] yeah and also create the tasks
[00:43:38] that go with that. So the tasks are the
[00:43:41] individual things
[00:43:42] that happen within that page.
[00:43:45] So
[00:43:47] some of the fun little
[00:43:50] features because I know this isn't like
[00:43:53] a super exciting tool but as they submit
[00:43:57] the reports based on the outcome
[00:43:59] it'll go through
[00:44:01] and check off their interface.
[00:44:03] So
[00:44:05] we go through here start testing
[00:44:10] And I go step one.
[00:44:13] Yeah
[00:44:18] the form completed successfully.
[00:44:28] Are these read only users?
[00:44:30] Yes they will be. Okay.
[00:44:34] And so that
[00:44:35] will
[00:44:37] there we go
[00:44:38] gives you a nice big check mark
[00:44:40] to let you know that was done.
[00:44:41] This is one of those things
[00:44:43] that's going to be broken
[00:44:44] in November because I'm
[00:44:46] gonna have to figure out
[00:44:47] how to get a new U. R. L.
[00:44:49] Oh you're doing that with a formula.
[00:44:51] No I'm doing it with
[00:44:54] automations but I'm using the Airtable
[00:44:57] URL
[00:44:57] I don't know maybe I can
[00:44:59] will still be able to store it
[00:45:01] somewhere
[00:45:02] if you're
[00:45:03] so what's happening?
[00:45:05] Your automation is taking the U. R. L.
[00:45:07] From an attachment
[00:45:08] and putting it where?
[00:45:10] In another attachment field?
[00:45:12] On top of the it just clears
[00:45:14] the attachment that's here.
[00:45:16] Actually the automation
[00:45:18] checks the check box which
[00:45:19] clears the attachment
[00:45:20] and then puts a new attachment
[00:45:22] here you're fine because
[00:45:23] what it's doing is
[00:45:24] it's uploading a new attachment.
[00:45:26] So the link is changing
[00:45:27] but you're pulling from the
[00:45:28] attachment field anyway so
[00:45:29] you're you're fine.
[00:45:31] I'll show you what's gonna break
[00:45:35] when my segment comes up.
[00:45:38] Yeah so
[00:45:39] as they go through
[00:45:41] and check all of those things off
[00:45:45] it will
[00:45:48] check out the whole
[00:45:50] I hate that those open.
[00:45:52] I wish there was like a model
[00:45:55] instead
[00:45:58] but
[00:45:59] we just got
[00:46:00] so many new changes in interface.
[00:46:02] I'm not gonna complain.
[00:46:05] It's not as bad you're using the app so it
[00:46:09] pops you out but
[00:46:10] if you were in a browser
[00:46:11] then it would just go
[00:46:14] so it wouldn't be as
[00:46:17] so I think actually
[00:46:18] these are taking so long
[00:46:19] because it's running through two
[00:46:20] separate automations.
[00:46:23] Yeah. Something
[00:46:24] probably gonna condense that
[00:46:26] into just one.
[00:46:29] But once those run through
[00:46:32] and correct themselves
[00:46:34] this would turn into that
[00:46:35] checkmark and filter out of the
[00:46:38] page.
[00:46:40] And so the
[00:46:44] and then if they did not mark
[00:46:46] completed successfully,
[00:46:47] they completed with some
[00:46:49] difficulty or could not be completed,
[00:46:51] it'll send a slack message to a slack
[00:46:52] channel for the developer to be able to
[00:46:56] take care of it
[00:46:57] kind of as we go
[00:46:58] and he's going to be sitting there
[00:47:00] live coding
[00:47:00] with us. So
[00:47:02] he's gonna be fixing
[00:47:03] and changing things as we
[00:47:05] discover them.
[00:47:07] You can see some of my sort of
[00:47:10] the way that I've structured this
[00:47:13] we have the people on the team,
[00:47:15] the companies that we work for
[00:47:17] and the platforms
[00:47:18] that we use this is literally
[00:47:20] the platforms that we're working off of.
[00:47:23] It is a social media manager.
[00:47:24] The types of users, the testers,
[00:47:28] the master checklist
[00:47:29] and then the junction checklist,
[00:47:32] the master task list,
[00:47:33] Junction task list,
[00:47:35] reports table,
[00:47:37] which says what the problems are
[00:47:39] and then what devices we've purchased
[00:47:43] the links to all of the platform pages and
[00:47:47] then this will be the calendar
[00:47:48] for all of the different rounds
[00:47:49] of testing that
[00:47:50] we do.
[00:47:52] And so
[00:47:54] just real quick I'll show you
[00:47:56] what I built in pori for this
[00:47:59] because it is
[00:47:59] pretty cool.
[00:48:00] It's not super working right now
[00:48:03] having some troubles
[00:48:04] but they're getting them knocked out
[00:48:05] as quickly as we can
[00:48:06] report them. So
[00:48:09] that's always good.
[00:48:12] Got to get it in
[00:48:13] before your battery goes out.
[00:48:15] It will still give me a few minutes.
[00:48:33] that was cool.
[00:48:34] I don't think we've shown,
[00:48:35] maybe we've shown pori interface in
[00:48:37] the past but probably yeah,
[00:48:39] probably at some point
[00:48:41] they've changed a lot and
[00:48:42] added a lot in the interim.
[00:48:44] I know Chris Dancy
[00:48:46] who's on the Off the Record show
[00:48:49] he uses pori all the time.
[00:48:50] So I'm sure, you know,
[00:48:52] they get a lot of debut on that show, I'm
[00:48:54] sure.
[00:48:56] Yeah. So the biggest thing
[00:48:58] that makes me use pori over anything else
[00:49:01] is the ease
[00:49:02] of their sort of listing filtering.
[00:49:06] And I've only recently actually
[00:49:08] figured this out, but it changed my reason
[00:49:12] for using pori from
[00:49:13] being so easy to set up
[00:49:15] to being able to have this sort of
[00:49:17] portal functionality.
[00:49:19] And so what you're seeing here
[00:49:21] is actually a big master list
[00:49:24] of all of those
[00:49:25] users tasks.
[00:49:27] But as they log in
[00:49:29] I can set here, you know,
[00:49:31] this is the editor,
[00:49:32] so I'm previewing from my side of
[00:49:34] things, but I can see
[00:49:36] whose tasks that I want to use.
[00:49:38] So you can see here on
[00:49:39] tester two,
[00:49:40] that first task
[00:49:41] hasn't been marked off yet,
[00:49:43] whereas on tester one it
[00:49:45] has been
[00:49:48] and so you can show that user
[00:49:51] their records only,
[00:49:53] but then I can also set a view.
[00:49:55] So like this is master list
[00:49:57] is filtered down
[00:49:59] to a view that only has the
[00:50:01] Ambassador tasks,
[00:50:02] which is one of our user types
[00:50:04] and so it'll only ever show
[00:50:06] the Ambassador tasks
[00:50:08] no matter who's logged in,
[00:50:10] but if someone is logged in,
[00:50:13] they can see specifically
[00:50:15] their Ambassador tasks
[00:50:19] and so we can go through here
[00:50:22] and click view details
[00:50:25] they do have now the
[00:50:26] ability to edit,
[00:50:28] I think it's all
[00:50:30] create read, update
[00:50:32] and delete
[00:50:34] for their users.
[00:50:35] So your users can actually come in here
[00:50:39] and have an editable record
[00:50:42] or an editable listing
[00:50:44] for them to be able to make changes to.
[00:50:46] I've been struggling with that a little
[00:50:47] bit. So I just went back to the way
[00:50:49] that I knew and put a button
[00:50:51] and so the detailed view
[00:50:53] obviously opens this
[00:50:54] is the exact same thing is that
[00:50:56] interface, it's just inquiry.
[00:50:58] So I can just say go
[00:51:00] to this website and log in
[00:51:02] with these details and
[00:51:04] not have to worry about pre setting up
[00:51:07] anything pre logging into Airtable.
[00:51:11] any of the issues that I was
[00:51:13] going to have to have before
[00:51:15] and some of these things
[00:51:17] are no longer issues
[00:51:18] because I changed the form that
[00:51:19] was behind here.
[00:51:20] Used to be you would have a checkbox
[00:51:22] that you could just check it
[00:51:22] off or use a form to report the issue
[00:51:26] but in theory
[00:51:27] I wouldn't have to have a form at all
[00:51:29] once everything's working
[00:51:30] correctly.
[00:51:31] I could just put that long text field here
[00:51:34] and that,
[00:51:38] spot for the screenshots and things here
[00:51:40] on this page and they can upload the
[00:51:42] things here.
[00:51:44] The other thing too is that
[00:51:45] this would work
[00:51:46] on the actual devices that they're
[00:51:48] using where as Interfaces would not,
[00:51:50] they would have to have
[00:51:52] a separate computer
[00:51:52] sitting there with them
[00:51:54] to be able to use those Interfaces
[00:51:56] as far as I understand.
[00:52:00] Good stuff. That's awesome Rebecca
[00:52:02] thanks for sharing. Are you planning to
[00:52:05] submit that interface
[00:52:07] to the interface contest?
[00:52:09] I don't
[00:52:12] excuse me, I don't know.
[00:52:14] I know there were some funny things
[00:52:17] about them changing things right after
[00:52:19] the scripting contest
[00:52:20] and all kinds of stuff like that. I don't,
[00:52:23] I don't know
[00:52:24] if I'm gonna get involved
[00:52:25] with the whole Airtable sanctioned event
[00:52:27] thing, but
[00:52:30] I think that it's,
[00:52:31] I'm super still new to Interfaces.
[00:52:34] I've noticed that the
[00:52:36] people who were here for a long time
[00:52:38] before Interfaces really are kind of like
[00:52:40] not there,
[00:52:41] prefer to at least in my experience,
[00:52:44] the only one who I've seen taken
[00:52:46] and really run with Interfaces is
[00:52:49] Chris Dancy
[00:52:50] and he's made some amazing ones,
[00:52:52] which is, it's always funny
[00:52:54] because I remember
[00:52:55] when they were first announced,
[00:52:56] Chris was like this is useless
[00:52:58] and then like a full month went by
[00:53:00] so for a while
[00:53:01] there was not a whole lot you could really
[00:53:04] do with it I guess.
[00:53:05] And then he was like, wait a minute,
[00:53:07] this is cool
[00:53:08] if there's still a lot of stuff
[00:53:10] missing of course,
[00:53:11] but like, you know,
[00:53:12] if you really get in there
[00:53:13] you could do some stuff but like
[00:53:15] you're saying it depends on
[00:53:16] if your device can even use it,
[00:53:18] if you're, if you have a tablet,
[00:53:20] you're kind of out of luck kinda
[00:53:22] you know, there's there's limitations.
[00:53:24] All right, let's move on,
[00:53:26] thank you. Rebecca for sharing that.
[00:53:29] It's always awesome to see
[00:53:31] real world examples
[00:53:32] and how companies are using
[00:53:34] Airtable with other stuff so
[00:53:36] you can see some of that stuff as well,
[00:53:39] I just want to give a shout out to
[00:53:41] anybody that's not in our community to
[00:53:44] join now.
[00:53:45] Like we showed earlier
[00:53:46] lots of cool things going on
[00:53:48] in the BuiltOnAir
[00:53:49] community. So join us
[00:53:51] builtonair.com/join that will get you into
[00:53:54] the slack community
[00:53:56] and our newsletter
[00:53:57] and we're gonna end
[00:53:59] Kamille is gonna show
[00:54:00] some cool stuff with her website
[00:54:02] and how she uses Glide apps
[00:54:04] with Airtable.
[00:54:06] Yeah. So the cosmic timing
[00:54:08] over this all
[00:54:09] I think is just a little bit funny.
[00:54:12] So this was decided
[00:54:13] I was going to do this segment
[00:54:15] two weeks ago
[00:54:17] before we took a break for last week.
[00:54:20] And then in the interim,
[00:54:21] like beforehand, I was like,
[00:54:23] I'm starting to use Glide more I think
[00:54:26] I'm starting to like it
[00:54:27] even more and more.
[00:54:28] They have Glide apps which are sort
[00:54:30] of designed for your
[00:54:31] the mobile experience, phone and tablet.
[00:54:34] And then the more recent product
[00:54:36] they put out is Glide pages,
[00:54:38] which is more designed
[00:54:39] for the web browser.
[00:54:40] And for a while I was like,
[00:54:41] I'm not sure if that has what I
[00:54:44] think it should have to be super useful.
[00:54:47] They've added a bunch of stuff
[00:54:48] in the interim.
[00:54:49] I've been using it a lot and I'm
[00:54:50] like, wow, I really like it. And then
[00:54:53] Like three days ago
[00:54:56] I went a little too hard
[00:54:58] in the paint
[00:54:59] in the Glide community forums.
[00:55:00] I think I'm being ratioed
[00:55:02] right now as we speak.
[00:55:04] So
[00:55:08] and it kind of gets into
[00:55:10] what I was going to talk about today
[00:55:13] and I do not
[00:55:14] want to have this come across
[00:55:16] as complaining.
[00:55:17] This is more so just
[00:55:19] my experience
[00:55:21] technically is a new user
[00:55:23] and the stuff I was looking for,
[00:55:25] what's there and
[00:55:25] what's not there.
[00:55:27] We are currently looking
[00:55:28] at a piece of my active website.
[00:55:30] I have two, one for me,
[00:55:31] the entity that is Kamille Parks
[00:55:33] and another one for my
[00:55:35] company.
[00:55:35] And they're both static html websites
[00:55:39] that are loosely fed by Airtable.
[00:55:42] And the reason why I was saying
[00:55:44] stuff is gonna break is because I store my
[00:55:47] attachments in Airtable and
[00:55:49] you can't use
[00:55:50] static attachment links after
[00:55:52] November.
[00:55:53] So at some point I needed to
[00:55:55] change up my system. I was experimenting
[00:55:57] what if I did it in Glide.
[00:55:59] And so far I've been
[00:56:01] able to build something that
[00:56:02] looks really, really nice in Glide.
[00:56:05] It is I think my favorite editor,
[00:56:09] visual editor, so pori and stacker and
[00:56:14] you know softr
[00:56:15] are all fairly visual website builders.
[00:56:19] I dislike all of their
[00:56:21] editors.
[00:56:23] And I hate bubble.
[00:56:24] I've said that before.
[00:56:26] I think bubble is a nightmare on
[00:56:28] as a designer and a developer.
[00:56:30] I think bubble sucks. But that's just me.
[00:56:32] Glide I think has
[00:56:33] the most intuitive editor
[00:56:35] and I'll explain what that means.
[00:56:37] So I'm just gonna walk through
[00:56:40] how you experience it. You sort of
[00:56:44] create your pages.
[00:56:45] And you design each page.
[00:56:47] Right here this is a list
[00:56:49] component, they're called collections.
[00:56:52] It's pulling from my Airtable base,
[00:56:54] it allows you to group by a particular
[00:56:56] field. So I have a category
[00:56:58] for guidelines and visioning
[00:57:01] analysis and all that kind of stuff.
[00:57:04] So this is all one list component
[00:57:06] for projects and that's just an option
[00:57:09] if I go over here, group by project
[00:57:12] type,
[00:57:13] that's a feature I really like.
[00:57:15] And then if I wanted to
[00:57:17] design the individual
[00:57:18] page for each project,
[00:57:20] I can click on it
[00:57:22] from here and edit there.
[00:57:24] Oftentimes with other editors
[00:57:26] you have,
[00:57:27] it's a whole lot of rigmarole to get
[00:57:29] to the page
[00:57:30] that you're trying to design for.
[00:57:32] I just find the navigation
[00:57:34] system pretty intuitive
[00:57:36] when using Glide
[00:57:38] and then adding and dragging
[00:57:40] and dropping things onto the
[00:57:41] screen I think is really nice and clean.
[00:57:44] You can get if I get out of the
[00:57:47] editor and just show you
[00:57:48] what it looks like published
[00:57:49] without extra stuff around
[00:57:50] it.
[00:57:51] I think it's really nice and clean.
[00:57:54] Ben French, who's a friend of the show,
[00:57:57] he did some testing
[00:57:59] and he was saying that Glide
[00:58:02] pages load really fast, which
[00:58:04] is great to hear. There are
[00:58:07] Bill French. I'm sorry,
[00:58:08] I'm thinking of Ben Green
[00:58:10] and Bill French at the same
[00:58:12] time. Bill French Sorry.
[00:58:14] He said that they load really fast.
[00:58:16] He did some testing for it and that's
[00:58:19] great to hear.
[00:58:19] That's something that you want to hear.
[00:58:21] This is a fairly small site
[00:58:23] but you know,
[00:58:24] I can imagine that it still loads
[00:58:25] fairly quickly.
[00:58:26] And this is all pulling
[00:58:28] directly from Airtable.
[00:58:29] They have a direct connector.
[00:58:31] They started off with,
[00:58:32] you know, build your sites with sheets.
[00:58:34] Now, you can build your sites
[00:58:36] with Airtable
[00:58:36] and they have their own
[00:58:37] data store as well
[00:58:39] where you could have Glide tables
[00:58:42] and not use
[00:58:43] google sheets or Airtable
[00:58:45] and you could use a mix
[00:58:46] of both if you want it.
[00:58:47] And sometimes that's useful
[00:58:49] Glide tables
[00:58:51] have
[00:58:52] a bunch of column types that are
[00:58:55] some of them are crazy.
[00:58:57] And some of them are
[00:58:58] things that definitely should be
[00:59:00] in Airtable but aren't.
[00:59:02] You can see all of these,
[00:59:03] this icon means
[00:59:04] it's pulling straight from Airtable.
[00:59:07] If I just show you some of these
[00:59:09] column types, they have stuff for arrays
[00:59:12] that Airtable doesn't have
[00:59:14] make array,
[00:59:15] joined lists, split apart an array.
[00:59:16] If you go under the array folder,
[00:59:19] you can append something
[00:59:21] to an array and keep
[00:59:22] it as an array
[00:59:23] instead of just, you know, text.
[00:59:25] Single, one of these called single element
[00:59:30] or single item
[00:59:31] where you could
[00:59:32] pick one piece of your array,
[00:59:34] there's a lot of stuff
[00:59:35] in here that's, you know, great.
[00:59:38] And
[00:59:39] they have a column type
[00:59:41] called experimental code
[00:59:44] because why not?
[00:59:45] Where you could have
[00:59:47] code stored elsewhere.
[00:59:50] And it would call like
[00:59:51] javascript functions for you.
[00:59:54] I have this thing that I've added.
[00:59:57] So all of these
[00:59:59] columns are coming from Airtable
[01:00:01] and you can add columns to it.
[01:00:03] They're not going to appear in Airtable,
[01:00:05] they're going to only appear in Glide.
[01:00:06] But I have this thing called
[01:00:08] a placeholder image
[01:00:10] where
[01:00:11] this is a column type
[01:00:13] that's already in here.
[01:00:14] It lets you sort of
[01:00:18] create an image
[01:00:19] from like a preset number of icons,
[01:00:22] which was useful for me
[01:00:24] because I have one project
[01:00:26] that has no attachments.
[01:00:28] So it let me put this placeholder image
[01:00:31] in here. And then,
[01:00:32] you know, that's what we're seeing
[01:00:35] in this, so
[01:00:38] there's a lot that I like about
[01:00:41] the Glide pages
[01:00:43] builder.
[01:00:44] There are some things that
[01:00:46] you know, I wish were there and aren't
[01:00:49] if I these are all links,
[01:00:51] if I hover my mouse over it,
[01:00:53] nothing happens and I
[01:00:54] can't control that, which is
[01:00:58] you know,
[01:00:59] it's annoying for me
[01:01:01] because again, I built my current website,
[01:01:04] like out of straight html and CSS.
[01:01:06] So I know exactly
[01:01:08] the effect I want to put on
[01:01:09] it and it's this thing,
[01:01:11] I know I can do it
[01:01:12] because I've already done it
[01:01:14] with my current website and I
[01:01:14] can't
[01:01:15] add that to Glide pages.
[01:01:19] which is the point I was trying
[01:01:21] to get across in the forums
[01:01:23] and again I went too
[01:01:25] hard, that's my bad
[01:01:27] should have toned it down and I didn't
[01:01:31] So
[01:01:33] yeah, I was supposed to be
[01:01:34] the nice one,
[01:01:35] I don't know what happened to me in
[01:01:37] 2022, I went off the rails.
[01:01:41] But yeah, so essentially
[01:01:43] Glide apps,
[01:01:44] the segment of their product that is
[01:01:46] designed for the mobile experience
[01:01:49] experience, they have, you know,
[01:01:50] the capability to
[01:01:52] sort of hack your own CSS in there.
[01:01:54] And for Glide pages,
[01:01:55] it's
[01:01:56] explicitly a feature that's only available
[01:01:59] for like the highest plan.
[01:02:01] And my personal website
[01:02:02] is not worth getting like a
[01:02:04] the equivalent of an
[01:02:06] enterprise level
[01:02:07] thing. That doesn't make sense for me.
[01:02:10] You know, I update my website once every
[01:02:12] two years,
[01:02:12] it just so happens that
[01:02:14] this is the two years
[01:02:15] at which I was supposed
[01:02:16] to update my website,
[01:02:18] it's not really worth,
[01:02:19] you know, going through all of that. But
[01:02:22] you know, there are little things
[01:02:24] that would be so easy
[01:02:26] for me personally to fix
[01:02:27] in like a second
[01:02:29] and I can't fix it
[01:02:30] because it's not an option to fix it.
[01:02:32] They don't have like straight CSS,
[01:02:35] you can add? No.
[01:02:37] If you have the enterprise
[01:02:39] level, you can
[01:02:40] you can add custom CSS
[01:02:41] if not you're kind of out of luck now.
[01:02:44] Again, everything that you see here
[01:02:46] was done without CSS so you can still make
[01:02:49] really
[01:02:50] good
[01:02:51] fast loading, always up to date
[01:02:54] website
[01:02:55] without any sort of coding whatsoever.
[01:02:59] It's just,
[01:03:00] you know, I know how to code,
[01:03:02] I know what I'm looking for,
[01:03:03] I want to put it in
[01:03:04] there.
[01:03:06] but yeah, I think
[01:03:08] it's there's so much potential here.
[01:03:10] It's very,
[01:03:11] very nearly what I want
[01:03:13] for my personal website.
[01:03:15] It wouldn't work at all
[01:03:16] for my company website because I need
[01:03:18] to use out Ceta as my
[01:03:21] login and authentication platform.
[01:03:25] You can't embed javascript
[01:03:28] into the header
[01:03:30] so that's something you can do in
[01:03:33] pori I think.
[01:03:35] Yeah, I think you could do that in pori,
[01:03:37] you can't do that in Glide.
[01:03:38] So it would never work for that
[01:03:40] secondary website I have unless they were
[01:03:43] to add that
[01:03:45] functionality. It doesn't super sound like
[01:03:47] that's something they're looking for.
[01:03:51] So it would only work
[01:03:52] for my personal sort of website
[01:03:55] and again,
[01:03:57] like it's it's so close.
[01:03:59] It's very it's very merely
[01:04:02] very nearly there for what I want.
[01:04:06] But there there's I definitely
[01:04:08] encourage people to get in
[01:04:10] to Glide and check
[01:04:12] it out,
[01:04:12] especially for the mobile experience.
[01:04:14] Like Rebecca I think you might,
[01:04:16] you know, if you have the spare time,
[01:04:18] I'm not sure that you even do,
[01:04:20] but if you have the spare time,
[01:04:21] just play around with their apps editor.
[01:04:24] It's because people are going to be
[01:04:25] on their phones, you know,
[01:04:26] or their tablets,
[01:04:27] you could create really,
[01:04:29] really nice slick systems.
[01:04:31] and then
[01:04:32] pages is so new, relatively,
[01:04:36] it's the equivalent with like Interfaces,
[01:04:38] where Interfaces,
[01:04:39] it's technically still a beta
[01:04:41] pages. It's not a beta,
[01:04:43] but it's new enough that,
[01:04:44] you know, they're gonna be adding features
[01:04:47] to it over time and so if something
[01:04:49] you want isn't there today,
[01:04:50] it might be there in like, you know,
[01:04:52] a couple of months, I don't know,
[01:04:55] what gives me hope
[01:04:56] and what makes this again
[01:04:58] cosmically funny.
[01:04:59] The CEO of Glide is really,
[01:05:02] really active in you know,
[01:05:05] a promoting the product
[01:05:07] he was on automate all the things
[01:05:10] with Aaron
[01:05:11] and you know,
[01:05:12] constantly talking about the product
[01:05:14] and the way he talks about it
[01:05:15] makes it really sound like he's
[01:05:18] involved in the development process,
[01:05:20] he's actively engaged
[01:05:22] and
[01:05:23] he's the first person to call me out
[01:05:26] on the, on the forums again,
[01:05:28] justifiably, I went too hard in the paint,
[01:05:31] but he's, he replies on the forum,
[01:05:33] that's such a great sign
[01:05:35] for a platform of any kind
[01:05:37] that had the literal CEO of
[01:05:38] the company care enough to read
[01:05:42] What had to be like 116th reply
[01:05:44] to that thread and be like, you know what,
[01:05:47] that's not actually accurate. Let me
[01:05:49] let me clarify something.
[01:05:51] So the fact they're still involved.
[01:05:54] So
[01:05:55] again, two weeks ago,
[01:05:57] when I said I was gonna do this segment,
[01:06:00] I have said before
[01:06:01] jokingly that as soon as
[01:06:04] Howie Liu CEO of Airtable
[01:06:05] becomes my best friend,
[01:06:07] I'm quitting the show.
[01:06:08] And then two weeks ago I was watching
[01:06:13] David Siegel's
[01:06:16] interview with Aaron
[01:06:17] on automate all the things and I was like,
[01:06:20] never mind, I want that guy
[01:06:22] to be my best friend.
[01:06:23] And then three days ago,
[01:06:25] are your frenemy
[01:06:27] went too hard in the paint.
[01:06:31] That's one way to get his attention.
[01:06:36] The panic because I was like, wow,
[01:06:40] there's, I had a point
[01:06:42] underneath all of that,
[01:06:43] but it was like way too much like
[01:06:46] I needed to focus. So
[01:06:48] that was like our panic about
[01:06:50] finding out that Howie watched
[01:06:51] Off the Record at
[01:06:52] least once.
[01:06:54] It is so
[01:06:57] again, great sign.
[01:06:58] I have a lot of faith in,
[01:07:00] you know, there's whatever minor
[01:07:02] things about my personal website that,
[01:07:05] you know, I really want to put this in
[01:07:07] and I can't, at the moment,
[01:07:09] you know, total faith
[01:07:10] that it's gonna be there eventually.
[01:07:14] so yeah,
[01:07:16] if I make that transition, I will,
[01:07:20] you know, alert people
[01:07:21] I guess on the BuiltOnAir forums,
[01:07:23] you can see my test
[01:07:24] site already posted this link
[01:07:26] so you can see
[01:07:27] what I've built already in the
[01:07:29] community
[01:07:29] and if I make the transition
[01:07:31] to make this my actual website,
[01:07:33] I will announce that
[01:07:35] and show you know,
[01:07:36] maybe a deep dive later.
[01:07:38] Nice, awesome.
[01:07:40] Thank you Kamille for showing that.
[01:07:45] And we'll end with
[01:07:47] Melanie's comment here,
[01:07:50] be right back,
[01:07:51] gotta go check out the Glide forums,
[01:07:53] that's how everybody.
[01:07:54] So I don't I
[01:07:56] haven't used Glide yet personally,
[01:07:58] but I've been saying
[01:08:00] in my like consulting
[01:08:01] and talking to friends like my friend
[01:08:03] Kamille keeps talking about
[01:08:04] this thing Glide
[01:08:05] and then they look it up and they
[01:08:06] all go, oh my God,
[01:08:08] we got to get in this right now.
[01:08:10] I'm like, I don't know anything about it,
[01:08:11] but you're welcome to start playing
[01:08:13] with it.
[01:08:13] Yeah.
[01:08:15] It gives me the same feeling
[01:08:17] I get with Airtable in that
[01:08:19] it makes me want to
[01:08:20] build something because
[01:08:22] it's such a pleasant experience.
[01:08:23] You're gonna hit walls
[01:08:24] just like you hit walls in Airtable,
[01:08:26] but you're gonna hit different walls and
[01:08:28] you're gonna be like,
[01:08:29] oh wait a minute.
[01:08:29] I could do this thing in Glide,
[01:08:30] but I can't do that thing in Airtable. So
[01:08:33] again, just be aware of what
[01:08:35] its limitations are. And you know,
[01:08:37] you have to be on a certain plan
[01:08:38] to get certain features, yada yada,
[01:08:39] all that kind of stuff.
[01:08:41] Melanie. If you want the drama.
[01:08:43] If the thread is like
[01:08:44] they're talking about CSS capability
[01:08:47] in Glide apps
[01:08:49] And then go through,
[01:08:51] go to like comment 115 or so.
[01:08:54] And then you'll see me up
[01:08:55] here from the Ether
[01:08:57] and go too hard.
[01:08:59] And then literally the next
[01:09:02] reply is the CEO
[01:09:03] being like, no no no
[01:09:06] that's not accurate.
[01:09:08] And then I have to like backtrack hard.
[01:09:11] I haven't returned. I'm scared.
[01:09:15] All right. We'll check that out for today.
[01:09:18] Thank you. Kamille and Rebecca.
[01:09:20] Thanks for coming on the show.
[01:09:22] Always glad to have you on
[01:09:24] and see what you're
[01:09:24] building. Thank you everyone for watching.
[01:09:27] And we will see you next week on.
[01:09:29] BuiltOnAir
[01:09:31] take care.