11/9/2021 – BuiltOnAir Live Podcast Full Show – S09-E09

Duration: 62 minutes

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In This Episode

Welcome to the BuiltOnAir Podcast, the live show.  The BuiltOnAir Podcast is a live weekly show highlighting everything happening in the Airtable world.

Check us out at BuiltOnAir.com. Join our community, join our Slack Channel, and meet your fellow Airtable fans.

Todays Hosts

Alli Alosa – Hi there! I’m Alli 🙂 I’m a fine artist turned “techie” with a passion for organization and automation. I’m also proud to be a Community Leader in the Airtable forum, and a co-host of the BuiltOnAir podcast. My favorite part about being an Airtable consultant and developer is that I get to talk with people from all sorts of industries, and each project is an opportunity to learn how a business works.

Kamille Parks – I am an Airtable Community Forums Leader and the developer behind the custom Airtable app “Scheduler”, one of the winning projects in the Airtable Custom Blocks Contest now widely available on the Marketplace. I focus on building simple scripts, automations, and custom apps for Airtable that streamline data entry and everyday workflows.

Dan Fellars – I am the Founder of Openside, On2Air, and BuiltOnAir. I love automation and software. When not coding the next feature of On2Air, I love spending time with my wife and kids and golfing.

Show Segments

Round The Bases – 00:04:11 –

A Case for Interface – 00:06:53 –

Explore Interfaces with “Introduction to Interfaces”.

Check out our first look at recently launched Interfaces.

View Script

Meet the Experts – 00:46:11 –

Meet Ben Green.

Visit them online

Automate Create – 00:53:23 –

Watch as we review and work through automations. Implement an Automation to create tasks from templates

Full Segment Details

Segment: Round The Bases

Start Time: 00:04:11

Roundup of what’s happening in the Airtable communities – Airtable, BuiltOnAir, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Segment: A Case for Interface

Start Time: 00:06:53

Introduction to Interfaces

Explore Interfaces with “Introduction to Interfaces”.

Check out our first look at recently launched Interfaces.

View Script

Segment: Meet the Experts

Start Time: 00:46:11

Ben Green –

Meet Ben Green.

Visit them online

Segment: Automate Create

Start Time: 00:53:23

Airtable Automations – Task Templating

Watch as we review and work through automations. Implement an Automation to create tasks from templates

Full Transcription

The full transcription for the show can be found here:

[00:01:42] Welcome everyone to the
[00:01:44] BuiltOnAir podcast.
[00:01:45] The live show.
[00:01:46] We're glad to be with you.
[00:01:48] We've got a special program for you today.
[00:01:50] We're excited to
[00:01:52] talk about exciting things
[00:01:54] that just came out
[00:01:56] and welcome Rebecca glad to have
[00:01:57] you on.
[00:01:59] And we also have a special guest with us.
[00:02:02] Ben Green, Welcome.
[00:02:03] Good to have you with us.
[00:02:06] Thanks for having me
[00:02:07] excited to be here.
[00:02:08] Especially today. Yeah,
[00:02:09] yeah, it's a good day.
[00:02:11] And we got Kamille with us as always,
[00:02:13] welcome Kamille. I'm wearing the shirt,
[00:02:17] that's a new one.
[00:02:19] Is that a new one?
[00:02:20] No, I've had this shirt for a while.
[00:02:22] I think it's my only Airtable shirt,
[00:02:24] but it seemed appropriate for today.
[00:02:28] Yeah,
[00:02:29] very true.
[00:02:31] The only question is,
[00:02:32] do you have matching socks with them?
[00:02:34] No,
[00:02:34] I couldn't find my socks,
[00:02:36] so you know, what are you going to do?
[00:02:39] I didn't wear
[00:02:40] my Airtable socks today either,
[00:02:43] they were stuck in a drawer somewhere
[00:02:45] someday. Ben you wearing any Airtable?
[00:02:48] I don't have any Airtable swag.
[00:02:50] No, I have no idea where to get it.
[00:02:53] Come on now.
[00:02:54] Yeah. Where did you get the socks?
[00:02:58] I don't know part of a swag bundle
[00:03:00] from my various Airtable engagements.
[00:03:03] I don't know. I think it was from the
[00:03:05] conference
[00:03:07] last year,
[00:03:08] year before. I don't know.
[00:03:10] I don't think I'm engaged enough.
[00:03:13] Speaking of engagement,
[00:03:16] watch Ben's show
[00:03:17] Off the Record on Thursdays,
[00:03:19] Wednesdays,
[00:03:20] whatever. Very true. Yes, we'll learn.
[00:03:24] We'll learn more about Ben coming up in
[00:03:28] the show.
[00:03:28] So you think I would
[00:03:30] know what day it's on.
[00:03:31] Just because I'm also on
[00:03:32] that show?
[00:03:33] I don't know anything.
[00:03:38] regulars there so
[00:03:39] well I thought it was an
[00:03:40] announcement because you said
[00:03:41] speaking of engaged,
[00:03:43] I don't know if there's
[00:03:44] an announcement coming.
[00:03:45] My life is not exciting.
[00:03:48] All right, maybe for a future show.
[00:03:52] So we will go through.
[00:03:54] So we always do four segments
[00:03:57] on this show and
[00:03:58] we always like to kick off
[00:04:00] talking about what's
[00:04:01] going on in the community
[00:04:02] and this week was relatively quiet
[00:04:05] until late last night.
[00:04:07] And so that's what our
[00:04:08] focus is going to be.
[00:04:10] We're actually going to combine
[00:04:11] Round the Bases of what's
[00:04:12] going on
[00:04:13] and
[00:04:16] we are going to introduce
[00:04:18] a new product
[00:04:19] that Airtable just launch or a new
[00:04:21] feature
[00:04:22] the Airtable just launched
[00:04:24] called Interfaces.
[00:04:25] And we'll actually have a new
[00:04:27] segment on our show
[00:04:29] called Case for Interface
[00:04:31] and we will in the future
[00:04:34] use interfaces to solve common problems.
[00:04:38] So you'll see that as a
[00:04:39] regular segment on our show.
[00:04:41] So the first one,
[00:04:42] I don't yet have a graphic for it.
[00:04:44] So we'll just do an
[00:04:46] introduction into that.
[00:04:47] So and then after that
[00:04:49] we will learn more about On2Air,
[00:04:52] we'll do a spotlight
[00:04:53] on the primary sponsor On2Air,
[00:04:56] learn a little bit about that.
[00:04:57] Then we'll find out more
[00:04:59] about our guest Ben Green,
[00:05:01] an expert in the Airtable
[00:05:03] world and then he will
[00:05:05] also show an Automate Create for us
[00:05:08] to end the show. So
[00:05:10] with that as far as Round the Bases,
[00:05:13] late last night
[00:05:14] I'm going to give credit to
[00:05:16] I first heard from it from Scott
[00:05:18] Rose who is listening in on today's show.
[00:05:21] He was the first to break it to me.
[00:05:23] I don't know if you guys
[00:05:24] saw it broken anywhere else but
[00:05:28] so shoutout to Scott for
[00:05:30] monitoring the website
[00:05:32] closely all day looking for
[00:05:33] that big announcement to come.
[00:05:36] And so we are going to learn about
[00:05:41] what it is, what it entails,
[00:05:43] how it impacts you,
[00:05:45] how you can use it and
[00:05:47] everything there
[00:05:48] everything else going on
[00:05:50] in the communities was general
[00:05:52] discussion on topics and things like that.
[00:05:55] And so I think we can hold those
[00:05:58] off till next week
[00:06:00] if any are worth
[00:06:01] bringing up for next time.
[00:06:03] So there's Scott with us monitoring 24/7.
[00:06:08] All right, so Kamille offered up,
[00:06:10] Kamille spent the most time
[00:06:12] with it last night.
[00:06:13] I know Ben
[00:06:14] you also spend some time with it
[00:06:16] as did I. So we'll all kinda chime
[00:06:18] in on our first impressions.
[00:06:21] But Kamille if you want
[00:06:24] to share your screen. I will
[00:06:27] if that works we'll learn about it.
[00:06:31] I also will bring up that Airtable
[00:06:34] redesigned their entire homepage.
[00:06:37] So new messaging, they highlight the
[00:06:41] interface section and everything
[00:06:44] that's talking about that and how it
[00:06:48] plays.
[00:06:49] Actually. I put yours up.
[00:06:51] There you go.
[00:06:52] So yeah, I pulled up
[00:06:54] the you just mentioned that Airtables
[00:06:56] website has been redesigned.
[00:06:59] And so it's you know, more
[00:07:04] activated, if that makes sense,
[00:07:06] There's animations going
[00:07:07] and it shows off Airtable's
[00:07:09] sort of interface,
[00:07:10] you can just kind of scroll
[00:07:12] through and see how things
[00:07:13] are a little bit different,
[00:07:14] but that's not what we're here for.
[00:07:16] Interface designer. So if you go to,
[00:07:19] Airtable's Support website,
[00:07:21] they already have articles
[00:07:23] that are talking about
[00:07:24] what is the Interface Designer.
[00:07:27] And then I've also pulled up
[00:07:29] Airtable's Youtube account
[00:07:31] has also already
[00:07:32] released a video or two
[00:07:33] just sort of giving you the high strokes.
[00:07:35] And then what I'm gonna do is sort of
[00:07:37] jump into
[00:07:40] what your experience would be like
[00:07:43] for using interfaces.
[00:07:44] So I'm in my Airtable
[00:07:45] account and you can see
[00:07:49] things look much the same
[00:07:51] except for up at the top.
[00:07:53] So it's not a top level
[00:07:54] thing that you would click on
[00:07:56] up here.
[00:07:56] It is the same place where you would find
[00:07:58] all your bases and
[00:07:59] workspaces up at the top
[00:08:00] you'll have the interfaces
[00:08:02] note that it says beta at the top.
[00:08:05] To my knowledge,
[00:08:07] it is released for everyone.
[00:08:09] It is an open beta
[00:08:10] and I don't know how long
[00:08:13] it's going to be beta or you know,
[00:08:17] when it will be officially
[00:08:19] officially launched,
[00:08:20] if that makes sense.
[00:08:21] I believe they said early 2022
[00:08:26] and I believe it also mentions that
[00:08:31] you can use it on free bases for now.
[00:08:34] But that will be changing.
[00:08:36] But interfaces that you create
[00:08:39] will stay with you
[00:08:40] like you won't lose them but
[00:08:42] you won't be able to create
[00:08:45] them for non pro bases.
[00:08:47] Okay. So first things first
[00:08:49] I've made at least one
[00:08:50] interface I think I've made
[00:08:52] two,
[00:08:52] and you'll notice that it says
[00:08:54] there are no interfaces yet.
[00:08:56] I'm sure it says in one of
[00:08:57] these support articles,
[00:08:59] I feel like it's because I
[00:09:00] haven't published that interface yet.
[00:09:02] There's a published option that you have
[00:09:04] to click and I think if I click that
[00:09:06] it would appear here.
[00:09:08] so I'm going to start with
[00:09:09] going into the base
[00:09:10] that I test everything in.
[00:09:12] that has a lot of connected,
[00:09:14] a lot of linked to another record types.
[00:09:17] There's roll ups, lookups, yada, yada.
[00:09:19] And we're gonna be using this base
[00:09:21] to sort of dive into what an interface is.
[00:09:24] So again, when you open up a base,
[00:09:26] it is largely the same
[00:09:27] except for up at the top
[00:09:29] in the top left next to the Airtable logo.
[00:09:31] This will take you back to where you
[00:09:32] get to all your bases.
[00:09:34] This is where you would click
[00:09:35] to create an interface for
[00:09:37] this base. So
[00:09:38] to my knowledge
[00:09:40] interfaces work on a per base
[00:09:44] basis.
[00:09:45] So, as you all know,
[00:09:47] you can sync multiple bases together.
[00:09:50] And that might be a way
[00:09:52] to use an interface
[00:09:53] for more than one base at once.
[00:09:54] As far as I know
[00:09:56] an interface looks at one base at a time.
[00:09:59] So you can see right here
[00:10:01] that the one interface
[00:10:03] that I've made is unpublished
[00:10:04] and you can have multiple
[00:10:06] interfaces for each base.
[00:10:08] Jumping into the one
[00:10:09] that I was testing in
[00:10:12] it kind of feels like there's
[00:10:16] folders if that makes sense
[00:10:19] because I have interface test
[00:10:21] and then I have first
[00:10:23] test. So we're still not quite
[00:10:25] in the interface.
[00:10:26] There seems to be different
[00:10:27] levels because I haven't played
[00:10:29] around with it enough. I'm not sure.
[00:10:31] Well these are,
[00:10:33] I think these are all
[00:10:34] grouped at the base level.
[00:10:35] Right? So these are, I could have made,
[00:10:39] let me go back from the start
[00:10:41] so I could make another,
[00:10:44] I can make another interface.
[00:10:46] But inside each interface
[00:10:48] I could create new
[00:10:50] pages, pages if you will.
[00:10:52] So let me just get in here.
[00:10:56] So what you're seeing is
[00:10:58] using one of their sort of
[00:10:59] default templates that they
[00:11:00] have. They have a few templates
[00:11:02] that you can choose from
[00:11:03] to help you place items
[00:11:04] quicker. So on the left hand side
[00:11:06] we have a list of records that are pulling
[00:11:09] from my purchase orders table and then
[00:11:14] whenever you select a new one,
[00:11:16] what it's going to do, let me
[00:11:17] go into preview mode.
[00:11:19] So that doesn't pop up
[00:11:20] by going to preview mode.
[00:11:21] It will pull in
[00:11:23] all of the information linked
[00:11:25] to purchase order number three.
[00:11:27] And then I have sort of set it up
[00:11:30] to have this grid view of
[00:11:33] all of the linked purchase order line
[00:11:36] items linked to this purchase order.
[00:11:38] There's a lot of cool things
[00:11:40] in Interface Designer
[00:11:41] and I'm going to do my best
[00:11:43] to sort of point out some of the
[00:11:46] quirks I guess that I've noticed.
[00:11:49] So this isn't a view. I don't have a view
[00:11:52] that's only looking at the purchase
[00:11:54] order line item records linked to table
[00:11:56] three. It is pulling in the linked
[00:11:59] records automatically based on
[00:12:01] which is the currently selected record.
[00:12:04] And that's something you could turn
[00:12:06] on and off if you wanted
[00:12:07] to show everything
[00:12:08] from a particular view or all
[00:12:09] records at once. You could
[00:12:11] but in this particular use case
[00:12:13] it makes sense to
[00:12:14] only show purchase order
[00:12:15] number three's line items.
[00:12:17] So there you go. You'll notice that
[00:12:20] you know certain fields will look exactly
[00:12:22] like they will in an Airtable
[00:12:25] base all of the sort of pill
[00:12:27] fields look like they would
[00:12:29] the single selects
[00:12:30] and multi select the same
[00:12:31] thing with the link to
[00:12:33] another record type fields.
[00:12:35] You can click on these
[00:12:37] and it will pull up the
[00:12:38] expanded record view.
[00:12:40] I don't know if that's something
[00:12:41] you can disable. It might be.
[00:12:43] I don't know.
[00:12:43] And then the same thing for this
[00:12:45] one up here, the sort of expanded
[00:12:46] view
[00:12:48] where you could show certain
[00:12:50] fields from whatever
[00:12:52] that linked record is and I
[00:12:53] believe you can adjust
[00:12:55] which record which fields show up.
[00:12:58] So if I click on this
[00:13:00] we can start to see what
[00:13:02] options are available to me.
[00:13:06] and this right here
[00:13:07] connected to record list.
[00:13:08] Record list is over here.
[00:13:10] So if I wanted to change the list,
[00:13:12] I could have
[00:13:14] but
[00:13:15] you know, I didn't
[00:13:17] if you had multiple linked records,
[00:13:19] like I do,
[00:13:20] you could switch this to another
[00:13:22] linked records.
[00:13:23] So instead of pulling in the
[00:13:24] customer, maybe I want to pull
[00:13:26] in the shipping option
[00:13:27] like I did down here.
[00:13:28] And you guys stop me
[00:13:30] if you have any sort of questions
[00:13:32] that you had or if you
[00:13:33] notice something
[00:13:34] because I'm just going to keep going.
[00:13:36] Yeah,
[00:13:36] maybe show like the
[00:13:38] like as far as the click
[00:13:41] if you click on maybe the
[00:13:43] shipping option field
[00:13:45] and make it not editable.
[00:13:48] So view only.
[00:13:50] Oh yeah, well, let me quickly go into
[00:13:54] preview mode, I'm in preview mode.
[00:13:56] So right now it's not editable,
[00:13:58] there's no sort of thing
[00:14:00] I can do to edit this.
[00:14:02] If I go out of preview mode
[00:14:04] right now, you'll see that everything
[00:14:06] by default comes in as view only.
[00:14:08] So when you share this
[00:14:09] with your other collaborators,
[00:14:11] they'll just be able to
[00:14:12] look at stuff but not necessarily
[00:14:15] edit anything unless you
[00:14:16] go in and change that.
[00:14:18] So as soon as I click editable,
[00:14:19] you'll notice that this plus sign
[00:14:21] was changed.
[00:14:22] If I go back into preview mode
[00:14:24] now I can click X on this
[00:14:26] and if I click that everything
[00:14:28] sort of updates
[00:14:29] automatically and if I pick another one,
[00:14:32] you'll notice my order total is
[00:14:34] updating as well because it's
[00:14:36] a formula
[00:14:37] and it's adding together the cost of
[00:14:38] shipping yada yada yada
[00:14:40] all of this interaction
[00:14:42] with the interface is live syncing
[00:14:44] with your base itself. So
[00:14:45] It's a sort of 1-1.
[00:14:47] You're not waiting on any
[00:14:49] sort of delay or syncing time.
[00:14:51] As far as I've noticed,
[00:14:53] it's pretty quick,
[00:14:54] of course this is a very basic
[00:14:56] interface and I only have one
[00:14:59] where it seems like I could
[00:15:01] have several in a
[00:15:02] group and multiple groups per base. So
[00:15:06] if you go down to shipping option,
[00:15:09] you were to edit it,
[00:15:11] pick it out of preview mode.
[00:15:13] There is the option,
[00:15:14] if you want to see it more
[00:15:15] closer to a grid,
[00:15:17] you can change it from pill
[00:15:19] to the thing is called default to
[00:15:21] where you can add records
[00:15:23] and like see more fields that way,
[00:15:24] that's what I did for this one up here.
[00:15:29] but yeah, you could do that
[00:15:30] for any of them and I'm wondering,
[00:15:32] I thought I saw,
[00:15:33] I could have been wrong,
[00:15:35] I thought I saw somewhere you being
[00:15:37] able to change which fields are visible.
[00:15:40] It doesn't look like that's
[00:15:42] the case here.
[00:15:43] It is the case in a couple places
[00:15:45] like in the record list,
[00:15:47] something that I liked,
[00:15:49] the record title doesn't have
[00:15:50] to be the primary record,
[00:15:53] the primary field of that table.
[00:15:55] So if I wanted to
[00:15:56] make it shipping address line one
[00:15:58] for whatever reason I could
[00:16:00] and it comes up as bold and then
[00:16:02] I could pick what other two fields are
[00:16:04] displayed. So I was possibly
[00:16:06] confusing it with this.
[00:16:08] So if you go back to
[00:16:10] that shipping option
[00:16:13] and make it
[00:16:15] view only
[00:16:16] and then go to public or preview,
[00:16:21] you can still click on it and it brings up
[00:16:26] and that is editable.
[00:16:28] So it's kind of weird that
[00:16:30] it's not editable on the other,
[00:16:32] but when you click on it it is so that's
[00:16:36] yeah, that's a good catch. So this is a
[00:16:41] it's
[00:16:43] this record, right? Isn't this record.
[00:16:47] So you know, it might be the case now.
[00:16:50] What it does do if the base,
[00:16:52] if you set up your base
[00:16:54] to say Kamille shouldn't
[00:16:55] be able to edit the price field
[00:16:57] no matter where I am in Airtables product,
[00:17:00] I will not be able to edit the price
[00:17:01] field. So if I changed the
[00:17:04] field the field permissions to do that.
[00:17:06] Even if I were to click that up here,
[00:17:08] I wouldn't be able to change that here.
[00:17:11] So I could kind of see why,
[00:17:13] you know,
[00:17:15] it
[00:17:16] it allows me to edit because
[00:17:18] there's nothing I've said
[00:17:20] so far that says Kamille
[00:17:21] shouldn't be able to edit this,
[00:17:23] but it would be nice.
[00:17:25] It would if I go out of preview again,
[00:17:27] it would be nice if there was a thing
[00:17:29] for this field type specifically for
[00:17:31] record link,
[00:17:32] you know, open
[00:17:34] the
[00:17:35] expanded view in read only.
[00:17:37] That would be cool. I would like that.
[00:17:40] Yeah, so let me make a new interface
[00:17:43] just so we could all sort of see things in
[00:17:46] real time. Something that I really like
[00:17:49] about this window we're seeing here is
[00:17:52] that it updates in real time.
[00:17:54] It's actually really cool.
[00:17:56] So like I was saying before
[00:17:58] there's a couple of sort of
[00:18:00] pre made templates,
[00:18:01] you know, well one of them is just blank,
[00:18:03] but the three that they have are
[00:18:04] pretty,
[00:18:05] you know, streamlined and simple,
[00:18:08] high level sort of examples
[00:18:10] that you could use.
[00:18:12] And you'll notice that there's
[00:18:15] a charts in them. You can't add any app.
[00:18:18] There's certain
[00:18:22] components that are,
[00:18:23] you can find around in Airtable.
[00:18:25] One of them is chart.
[00:18:26] One of them is timeline,
[00:18:27] which used to be an app and is now a view,
[00:18:30] you can add those
[00:18:31] to an interface but you can't add
[00:18:34] like a calendar view and
[00:18:35] you can't add
[00:18:38] like the matrix or
[00:18:43] what's it called, pivot table
[00:18:45] like there's certain apps,
[00:18:47] there's a lot of apps,
[00:18:47] most apps that you can add yet.
[00:18:49] I don't know if that's
[00:18:51] something they're planning
[00:18:52] to do. It would be cool if they did.
[00:18:55] I hope so.
[00:18:55] Yes, I would hope so too because
[00:18:57] it's, there are several apps
[00:18:59] I could think of that
[00:19:00] would be very useful.
[00:19:01] I'm going to start with blank.
[00:19:03] You know what, no.
[00:19:05] One quick comment on that.
[00:19:07] I actually looked under the
[00:19:08] hood to see how they were
[00:19:11] embedding like the chart
[00:19:14] and the timeline and
[00:19:17] and they're not, I frames
[00:19:19] this a little bit technical
[00:19:20] but they're not,
[00:19:21] I frames like apps are
[00:19:23] there actually rendered
[00:19:26] as part of the main web page,
[00:19:29] which is interesting.
[00:19:30] So that means that they made
[00:19:32] them kind of first class
[00:19:34] citizens within the design.
[00:19:38] And that makes sense to me
[00:19:40] and I'll get there in a second.
[00:19:43] I just realized by clicking blank
[00:19:44] I couldn't do the thing that I wanted to
[00:19:46] highlight which is that this
[00:19:48] thing will update when you change stuff.
[00:19:50] So there are three customers in my base.
[00:19:54] If I were to change this to purchase
[00:19:56] orders that five changes
[00:19:58] all of these charts change yada yada.
[00:20:00] I just thought that was cool.
[00:20:03] But going back to the blank one,
[00:20:05] you can kind of see what our
[00:20:07] options are as we just sort of start.
[00:20:10] So text as far as I know,
[00:20:12] static text divider does what it says,
[00:20:15] filter is cool. And
[00:20:18] grid
[00:20:19] timeline chart number record picker.
[00:20:22] I'm going to start with record picker.
[00:20:25] And as I sort of move stuff,
[00:20:26] you can kind of see what
[00:20:29] it allows you to do.
[00:20:30] There's sort of a narrow
[00:20:32] center of the screen sort of thing
[00:20:35] or wide, where you could go from one edge
[00:20:37] of the screen to the other.
[00:20:39] It doesn't seem to allow
[00:20:41] right aligned things,
[00:20:43] which is a little annoying to me.
[00:20:45] And if I hover up at the top, then it's a
[00:20:48] it becomes like a header for the whole
[00:20:52] for the whole interface.
[00:20:53] So I'm going to put this down here
[00:20:56] and it will pick the
[00:20:57] first table by default.
[00:20:59] So I could see everything
[00:21:00] related to customer three.
[00:21:02] Let's just
[00:21:03] do all of the defaults that allows me.
[00:21:06] And if I pick grid,
[00:21:07] you'll see, I have the same option
[00:21:09] of doing narrow or wide.
[00:21:11] I'll stay consistent.
[00:21:14] I want to do
[00:21:20] yeah, I chose the grid view
[00:21:23] or grid element.
[00:21:24] Each individual thing that appears
[00:21:26] on an interface
[00:21:27] would be called an element.
[00:21:29] The source is the record picker.
[00:21:31] So it's pulling everything related to
[00:21:33] customer three.
[00:21:35] And then the field,
[00:21:36] the only relevant field
[00:21:38] is purchase order.
[00:21:38] So it's looking at the purchase orders
[00:21:41] table finding everything that has been
[00:21:42] linked to customer three.
[00:21:44] And if I go in and change that,
[00:21:46] it should change to
[00:21:47] the appropriate customer.
[00:21:49] Or actually now that I look
[00:21:50] at this I think what it's
[00:21:51] doing is it's pulling a grid view
[00:21:54] that only has
[00:21:56] the customer.
[00:21:58] So I did something wrong.
[00:22:02] What do I do?
[00:22:03] I did this in the other one.
[00:22:05] I don't know how to fix it.
[00:22:07] I'm new to this.
[00:22:09] We're all new.
[00:22:11] So I'm going to delete this.
[00:22:16] Here's our first test.
[00:22:17] If you have something that's
[00:22:19] linked to something else and
[00:22:20] you delete it it will throw an error.
[00:22:23] So let's refresh the page and hope it
[00:22:26] allow me to get back in here.
[00:22:28] It does. So it will panic
[00:22:30] for a second and then it
[00:22:31] will notice that something
[00:22:33] has been deleted.
[00:22:34] Hopefully Airtable fixes that it
[00:22:35] shouldn't throw an error like that.
[00:22:37] It should just do this automatically.
[00:22:39] You know
[00:22:42] invalid source.
[00:22:44] Let's just pick all purchase orders.
[00:22:48] And now let's add this filter component.
[00:22:53] So I want to do
[00:22:57] purchase orders.
[00:22:59] I'm doing this backwards,
[00:23:03] connect filter to an element.
[00:23:05] I'm connecting it to
[00:23:06] the grid itself that I just
[00:23:08] placed down here.
[00:23:09] Now if I do filter status is pending,
[00:23:13] it will filter that grid. Again I'm not
[00:23:16] using a pre made view.
[00:23:19] I'm making my own sort of view
[00:23:22] as I interact
[00:23:23] like you can do with sharing
[00:23:25] out a view.
[00:23:26] Whoever has that view could
[00:23:28] add their own filters after the fact and
[00:23:30] then when they refresh the page
[00:23:32] it will be, you know, it will be reset to
[00:23:34] whatever it was when it was shared.
[00:23:40] So
[00:23:43] and I think going back to
[00:23:45] what Dan said earlier
[00:23:47] filters can be attached
[00:23:49] to multiple elements.
[00:23:51] So if I had a chart in here
[00:23:56] yeah, I don't
[00:23:57] want to set up a chart
[00:23:59] but if I were to also connect it
[00:24:02] I think I could
[00:24:03] if I started to make this
[00:24:09] Yeah,
[00:24:11] so originally chart was an option
[00:24:12] because it was pulling
[00:24:14] from customers but once
[00:24:14] I changed it to pull also
[00:24:16] from purchase orders
[00:24:18] like these two are then I could
[00:24:20] hook this filter into
[00:24:21] controlling both of them at once.
[00:24:24] So you can see as I edit the filter,
[00:24:26] both of them are changing
[00:24:28] and going back to
[00:24:29] what Dan said,
[00:24:30] it's that's important
[00:24:32] because right now apps in the sidebar of
[00:24:35] Airtable's base view work
[00:24:37] independently of one another.
[00:24:40] They don't see apps
[00:24:41] that are
[00:24:41] right next to each other,
[00:24:43] even if they're on the
[00:24:44] same dashboard view,
[00:24:45] same base, they don't really
[00:24:47] get to talk to each other.
[00:24:48] They can only look at
[00:24:49] the base itself, the data that's there.
[00:24:52] And then the base structure
[00:24:55] because apparently these components are
[00:24:59] built into the interface,
[00:25:02] we're not looking at the chart app,
[00:25:04] we're looking at a chart
[00:25:07] element if that makes sense.
[00:25:10] It's probably a lot of the same code but
[00:25:12] especially designed to hook
[00:25:14] directly into this Interface Designer,
[00:25:16] that means that each element
[00:25:19] could look at or interact
[00:25:21] with multiple things on
[00:25:22] the same interface
[00:25:23] and it's really important.
[00:25:25] I think it's the key difference
[00:25:26] between one of the key differences between
[00:25:29] an interface
[00:25:30] and a dashboard that was made in Airtable
[00:25:33] so you could set up your filters and
[00:25:36] all that other stuff.
[00:25:37] I'm sure if I kept going,
[00:25:39] there's other things I could
[00:25:41] do with that, like all of these
[00:25:44] all of these elements
[00:25:45] like a pilot and they could all
[00:25:47] look at this filter or
[00:25:48] some of them don't have to
[00:25:50] look at the same filter, et cetera.
[00:25:53] I think what you're also showing
[00:25:55] is how easy it is to kind
[00:25:57] of get lost in the
[00:25:58] weeds. Like that extra layer
[00:26:01] of power makes it also
[00:26:04] easy to get lost. Yeah, it's
[00:26:09] we've only had this for roughly
[00:26:12] 12 hours. So in much of those
[00:26:15] hours I was asleep
[00:26:17] so there's, there's not a whole lot
[00:26:20] that I have a firm grasp on quite yet.
[00:26:23] But so far considering it's a beta
[00:26:25] and it's been out for less than a day,
[00:26:28] I'm pretty happy with what
[00:26:30] I'm seeing in sort of,
[00:26:31] I can kind of see a trajectory.
[00:26:33] Now, I'm famously bad at guessing.
[00:26:36] You may recall last week on Ben's show
[00:26:41] where I was like, oh,
[00:26:42] they're probably not going to have
[00:26:43] A front end for like 2023
[00:26:48] I think I said
[00:26:49] this is still not quite a front end,
[00:26:52] but it is pretty funny that
[00:26:54] like less than a week later
[00:26:56] interfaces has been released. So,
[00:26:58] you know, don't trust my guesses,
[00:27:01] but I can see based on how they've chosen
[00:27:04] to implement the stuff that they
[00:27:06] have implemented,
[00:27:08] a nice little system that you
[00:27:09] could end up building
[00:27:12] some important notes, this is not
[00:27:18] really public facing,
[00:27:19] the current beta is sort of
[00:27:21] designed for you to give the
[00:27:23] collaborators of your base
[00:27:25] something to look at,
[00:27:27] that isn't the entire base at
[00:27:28] once, so they still have access
[00:27:31] to the base and like I said before,
[00:27:33] you can set up their permission
[00:27:35] so they don't have any
[00:27:36] permissions for one table,
[00:27:37] they have
[00:27:38] certain field permissions
[00:27:39] for certain fields. Yada, yada.
[00:27:41] But you can't just give it to
[00:27:43] somebody who doesn't already
[00:27:46] have access to the
[00:27:47] base. If you do,
[00:27:49] it will add them to the base.
[00:27:52] So it's not you know,
[00:27:55] the third parties like
[00:27:56] stacker and cory
[00:27:57] and softer and yada yada,
[00:27:58] what they do is allow you
[00:28:00] to circumvent giving someone
[00:28:04] access to the base, if you will,
[00:28:06] they're interacting with
[00:28:07] pori or stacker or
[00:28:08] softer instead of Airtable,
[00:28:10] you're still working in Airtable.
[00:28:12] So whoever is editing this
[00:28:15] sort of stuff needs to have
[00:28:17] edit permissions for that.
[00:28:19] Airtable base.
[00:28:21] Yeah,
[00:28:22] yeah, maybe show that
[00:28:23] on the share if you do the share
[00:28:27] somebody first let
[00:28:28] me publish
[00:28:29] because the share button
[00:28:31] is sort of greyed out right now
[00:28:34] and I can't share it.
[00:28:35] I believe it has to be shared
[00:28:37] first and you can see up at the top,
[00:28:39] I can also
[00:28:41] preview as different collaborators.
[00:28:44] If there was more than one person in this
[00:28:46] base you would be able to see
[00:28:48] and then you could test,
[00:28:50] you know, if I didn't give Joe
[00:28:51] the right permissions
[00:28:53] to edit the order date for
[00:28:54] instance, you would be able to see that.
[00:28:57] so let me click publish
[00:29:03] I don't know what's happening
[00:29:05] right now. I'm publishing
[00:29:08] you published all the pages
[00:29:10] but it tells you which
[00:29:12] ones like haven't been
[00:29:13] modified since the last published,
[00:29:16] like in automations. So this is
[00:29:20] okay, okay, I see what's happening.
[00:29:22] I'm publishing the whole group,
[00:29:23] I don't know what the Airtable
[00:29:25] terminology for interface test is yet.
[00:29:28] But the thing that was just on
[00:29:30] my screen a second ago is untitled.
[00:29:32] This order status and this grid
[00:29:35] and this chart
[00:29:36] is part of untitled and that's
[00:29:38] under the group of interface test,
[00:29:40] which is where the first test is.
[00:29:41] Let me publish both of them untitled
[00:29:44] page And interface test
[00:29:46] is the interface test is a book
[00:29:50] and then there you go.
[00:29:52] Pages inside the book here, do I do this?
[00:29:55] I don't want to,
[00:29:57] what happens?
[00:29:58] You can add me, we'll just bring it up.
[00:30:02] Okay, hold on,
[00:30:03] I imagine that was the share button
[00:30:05] so things are slightly
[00:30:06] different now that I'm in the
[00:30:08] actual published interface.
[00:30:10] So the thing at the
[00:30:10] top is gone and it's just sort of that
[00:30:14] you switch in between the pages
[00:30:16] like you would a view. I'm on untitled
[00:30:19] now and if I go back to
[00:30:21] the first one I made
[00:30:22] you can see that one there.
[00:30:24] If I go back into share,
[00:30:26] I could probably add, I don't know
[00:30:29] who are you Dan.
[00:30:33] Yeah, that works.
[00:30:34] And then it will show you
[00:30:37] that they have access. So I'm going to add
[00:30:40] you as we're going to start
[00:30:42] with read only and see what that does.
[00:30:49] yeah, and then I'll get an email
[00:30:53] and then if you go back to edit,
[00:30:55] you could then view it as me.
[00:31:00] Okay, now I'm an edit mode,
[00:31:02] let me get into untitled.
[00:31:05] If I view myself as dev
[00:31:07] team, who is Dan
[00:31:10] And then preview
[00:31:15] It seems
[00:31:19] that doesn't seem right,
[00:31:20] is it because I'm previewing?
[00:31:22] That still doesn't seem right.
[00:31:24] I feel like I shouldn't
[00:31:25] be able to do that.
[00:31:26] I don't know that anything
[00:31:28] is limited to the collaborator.
[00:31:31] It should be though.
[00:31:34] It seems like that's what the point is.
[00:31:38] Well, I think when you went into preview,
[00:31:44] are you previewing as me?
[00:31:45] Cause that drop down went away.
[00:31:48] Well,
[00:31:49] preview as
[00:31:51] Yeah, it should be locked down.
[00:31:54] I think. Right now it is right.
[00:31:57] I don't think so because I could
[00:31:59] still click this button. Oh yeah,
[00:32:01] it seems like a problem.
[00:32:02] Yeah, that does. All right. So
[00:32:06] test things out
[00:32:07] and make sure that people
[00:32:08] aren't like circumventing permissions
[00:32:10] that they should have.
[00:32:12] I feel like that might
[00:32:13] have that might be an
[00:32:15] issue.
[00:32:15] I don't think that's a feature per se.
[00:32:18] And it could be an issue with the
[00:32:20] preview as I wonder.
[00:32:22] Yeah, it could be like
[00:32:23] if I were on the published version
[00:32:25] of this, it could be that it
[00:32:27] works the way it should.
[00:32:28] I don't think I could,
[00:32:29] I could preview in the published thing.
[00:32:32] I'm just me when I'm here
[00:32:33] Dan, I would love to see
[00:32:35] what it looks like on your end.
[00:32:37] If you can see the whole base
[00:32:37] or if you can just see the interface. Now,
[00:32:40] I have not tested that out.
[00:32:41] Well because I've shared the base,
[00:32:43] he should be able
[00:32:45] to see the whole base
[00:32:46] because that's sort of how
[00:32:47] they've set up their permission
[00:32:49] structure. But you can,
[00:32:51] I think just with your teams,
[00:32:53] you just direct people,
[00:32:55] you give them it's a
[00:32:56] separate link that they can get
[00:32:57] for the published version
[00:32:58] of the interface.
[00:32:59] So you would just say, hey, go to this,
[00:33:01] don't worry about the base,
[00:33:02] look at this thing.
[00:33:03] So if you go to untitled
[00:33:05] because that's where the thing is.
[00:33:11] Okay, You can't Okay.
[00:33:13] I think it's okay.
[00:33:15] So that's not as much of an issue as it
[00:33:18] is as I thought it is.
[00:33:21] So to recap,
[00:33:22] I shared with Dan to have read only
[00:33:25] permissions for the underlying base,
[00:33:27] which means he shouldn't be able to create
[00:33:29] any records anywhere.
[00:33:31] And when I was previewing as Dan,
[00:33:33] I was able to
[00:33:35] add records,
[00:33:36] we're currently looking at Dan's screen
[00:33:39] and he actually can't when he's looking at
[00:33:41] the published version,
[00:33:42] he doesn't have the ability to
[00:33:44] add or edit any records,
[00:33:46] which is what we want.
[00:33:47] So
[00:33:48] it's a minor gotcha
[00:33:51] if you're previewing
[00:33:53] but not in the actual thing. So
[00:33:55] look at this, I can share it with people.
[00:33:58] Now there is a thing
[00:34:00] in workspace settings where you can
[00:34:04] prevent people from adding new people
[00:34:08] to a base. I believe.
[00:34:10] I wonder if that is also hooked in,
[00:34:12] It should be
[00:34:13] if I go to my workspace settings
[00:34:21] jeez where where?
[00:34:23] Yeah, you got that right now.
[00:34:26] Yeah,
[00:34:28] then the account
[00:34:30] or just in the workspace?
[00:34:32] Okay. I've switched on restrict
[00:34:34] adding new collaborator
[00:34:35] to this workspace and its bases.
[00:34:37] So if you refresh this,
[00:34:39] will it allow you to do that?
[00:34:42] Let's find out.
[00:34:44] I still have a share button.
[00:34:47] Okay. I can still share
[00:34:50] but since I'm read only,
[00:34:52] I can only add read only users,
[00:34:56] so you won't be charged for new,
[00:34:59] read only people in the base,
[00:35:01] but it does give access to data
[00:35:03] to new people who you may
[00:35:05] or may not have wanted
[00:35:06] in that base.
[00:35:07] Something that's something
[00:35:09] to keep in mind. I feel like that
[00:35:10] should be corrected.
[00:35:11] Yeah,
[00:35:14] but this is
[00:35:15] yeah, very interesting.
[00:35:19] I think I mean this is the beginning of
[00:35:22] game changing
[00:35:24] interaction. Like I wonder
[00:35:26] how many
[00:35:27] people will only use interfaces and not
[00:35:30] bases.
[00:35:32] Yeah, it's
[00:35:35] it still sort of requires you
[00:35:37] to have gone in and sort of set up
[00:35:40] the structure of your base right?
[00:35:42] You can't start in an
[00:35:45] interface and sort of build
[00:35:48] build what your desired experience is.
[00:35:51] You have to build your base first and
[00:35:53] then make an interface for it.
[00:35:56] And
[00:35:58] like I'm saying
[00:35:59] if you add collaborators to it,
[00:36:02] it's not going to erase their
[00:36:04] ability to go into the base
[00:36:05] and make all the same edits
[00:36:07] that they would have
[00:36:08] been able to make in the interface.
[00:36:12] one thing noticeable in the interface
[00:36:15] is that you can't go in the
[00:36:18] top left and click
[00:36:19] to the Airtable workspaces. It takes like
[00:36:22] a lot, quite a few clicks in my opinion,
[00:36:25] you have to go to base.
[00:36:27] You have to go back to the base. Yeah,
[00:36:31] and then go to that.
[00:36:34] So that's a simple fix.
[00:36:37] But I think that should be
[00:36:39] an option just go back to home
[00:36:42] and then also remember
[00:36:44] if you are sharing this with people
[00:36:46] that are read only,
[00:36:48] they can always go back
[00:36:49] to the base and see all the data. So
[00:36:52] you're not hiding data from people
[00:36:56] that's always visible.
[00:36:58] Yeah,
[00:37:00] so these are sort of just notes
[00:37:05] again less than a day out,
[00:37:08] still in beta
[00:37:09] but these are things that were sort of
[00:37:12] hoping for the next sort of release
[00:37:15] if you will of this product.
[00:37:17] So Kuovonne says
[00:37:18] this can make user training
[00:37:21] much easier but will not yet
[00:37:22] replace trusting your users.
[00:37:24] I think that's absolutely true.
[00:37:26] Because it is still connected
[00:37:29] to Airtable much more so than the third
[00:37:32] parties are. It's not like pori
[00:37:35] slash software slash jacker etcetera.
[00:37:37] Where you can say, you know,
[00:37:39] just look at this thing,
[00:37:40] you don't even know what's
[00:37:41] behind it all.
[00:37:42] You still kind of know
[00:37:44] what's behind it all,
[00:37:45] but
[00:37:46] you know, it does allow for
[00:37:50] making a much more
[00:37:52] user friendly way to interact
[00:37:56] with the data
[00:37:58] to sort of sum things up, to have
[00:38:02] apps
[00:38:03] interplay with each other etcetera.
[00:38:07] Hannah says it's not a,
[00:38:09] not a portal. It isn't
[00:38:11] Right. Here's a good question.
[00:38:13] Can you create new records via interfaces?
[00:38:16] You can.
[00:38:19] So I should not as easily.
[00:38:21] So here's one that's a single record,
[00:38:24] viewer, records are linked records.
[00:38:27] Yeah, I can make new linked records
[00:38:29] in this sort of thing that record picker.
[00:38:31] I don't think there's an option
[00:38:34] at the bottom to create a new record.
[00:38:36] So
[00:38:38] and I think in the listing.
[00:38:42] I think that's a real
[00:38:43] fire.
[00:38:44] Probably not gonna be an option anywhere
[00:38:47] or delete. So I can't delete this record.
[00:38:52] Yeah
[00:38:56] but in the table listing if I go to a
[00:39:00] Like in this one
[00:39:02] usually when there's
[00:39:04] when you have the permissions to do it,
[00:39:07] you can add a new record
[00:39:09] in the list
[00:39:10] but with the record picker you can't
[00:39:14] so yeah, limited as far as
[00:39:17] yeah adding, creating new. Yeah, for sure,
[00:39:22] interesting.
[00:39:25] Well
[00:39:27] and I think and if you're watching
[00:39:30] the comments Justin's
[00:39:32] there's some issue with like creating new
[00:39:40] in some interfaces they don't
[00:39:43] have a create new, like I don't have a,
[00:39:46] well, this one was shared with me. So
[00:39:49] I don't think
[00:39:50] actually I can't create a new one here.
[00:39:55] So for some reason there's times when
[00:39:59] you can't create new ones
[00:40:01] I think well I think he
[00:40:03] was saying you can't do that
[00:40:04] if the interface is published.
[00:40:07] So if you unpublished,
[00:40:09] your interface
[00:40:12] then you would be able to add
[00:40:13] a new page to it.
[00:40:14] Which seems a little silly.
[00:40:15] I don't quite get the reasoning for that.
[00:40:19] I imagine to me it sounds like
[00:40:20] you should be able to add
[00:40:22] a new page and that
[00:40:23] page is just not
[00:40:24] published yet.
[00:40:26] But if all publishes are tied to the
[00:40:30] group level and not the individual
[00:40:32] pages maybe that's why
[00:40:34] and Kuovonne mentioned
[00:40:36] to work around,
[00:40:37] you could set up
[00:40:38] scripts with like based on
[00:40:39] the check box or something
[00:40:42] to add or delete. That's not ideal.
[00:40:45] But definitely a workaround.
[00:40:48] Yeah, I didn't see
[00:40:50] buttons as an element.
[00:40:51] I could've just missed it.
[00:40:53] You can have them as like
[00:40:54] field buttons,
[00:40:55] field buttons but not as like a,
[00:40:58] you know, like record picker
[00:41:00] is an element.
[00:41:01] I couldn't see one that was just a
[00:41:02] button and tie that button,
[00:41:04] you know, either the link or to.
[00:41:06] Yeah, I would want to see that.
[00:41:09] So I have a couple of things
[00:41:11] that I would want to see in the coming
[00:41:12] weeks as they sort of add to this.
[00:41:16] Yeah, so what overall impression day one
[00:41:21] I think it's pretty promising
[00:41:23] for a day one.
[00:41:25] I think it's sort of
[00:41:27] gets at just show me
[00:41:29] what I want to see
[00:41:31] and linked records and the main record
[00:41:34] at the same time. Like that's sort of a
[00:41:37] an issue when you're looking
[00:41:40] at a Airtable's base interface,
[00:41:42] You really can only look
[00:41:43] at one table at a time
[00:41:44] and that's what you have to
[00:41:45] have the apps window kind of open to see
[00:41:49] a record and all of its associated
[00:41:51] records at the same time.
[00:41:52] It sort of gets around that.
[00:41:54] And like someone said in the chat,
[00:41:56] it's a user interface aid
[00:41:59] and not necessarily
[00:42:00] a security work around.
[00:42:02] So I think that's where interfaces
[00:42:05] is going to live, it's a sort of
[00:42:08] better
[00:42:10] it depends Well,
[00:42:11] there's a use case for looking
[00:42:13] at the whole base like you normally would,
[00:42:15] but
[00:42:15] for all of the use cases
[00:42:16] where you would want
[00:42:18] just an interactive sort of
[00:42:19] interface,
[00:42:20] I think it's promising
[00:42:22] there's stuff that needs to be added.
[00:42:25] Day one promising.
[00:42:27] Yeah, very cool.
[00:42:28] Ben, any other
[00:42:29] final thoughts on interfaces?
[00:42:31] My thoughts were
[00:42:33] that you can tell it's still in beta.
[00:42:36] There's quite a few
[00:42:37] little things that don't work.
[00:42:39] Like one of the things for me was when I'm
[00:42:41] editing a page
[00:42:43] in interfaces that you click add element,
[00:42:46] that box never
[00:42:47] disappears
[00:42:49] unless you re click it.
[00:42:52] But I think this like paves the way
[00:42:54] for a lot of enhancements
[00:42:56] down the road for
[00:42:57] something closer to like a user portal
[00:43:00] or some sort of like front end.
[00:43:04] And it doesn't seem like
[00:43:05] it's tied to just one,
[00:43:06] it doesn't seem like it will be
[00:43:07] tied to just one base eventually
[00:43:09] with its placement on the workspace.
[00:43:12] Yes, that's true.
[00:43:13] It doesn't seem it's not
[00:43:15] even tied to work space
[00:43:17] it seems. It seems like its own
[00:43:21] category on its own. So
[00:43:24] eventually Yeah, I could see
[00:43:26] them making it so you could sort of
[00:43:29] interplay between different bases.
[00:43:31] Have it like associated
[00:43:33] with the sync feature
[00:43:34] maybe.
[00:43:35] The only thing I don't know is
[00:43:37] that per page, if you could have one page
[00:43:39] pull elements from multiple bases.
[00:43:43] That would be interesting to see. But
[00:43:45] for one interface it looks like you
[00:43:47] could have multiple pages
[00:43:48] that they can all
[00:43:48] pull from different bases eventually
[00:43:50] that would be possible right now.
[00:43:53] Yeah,
[00:43:54] yeah, my, I am impressed.
[00:43:56] I think it's a great start, you know,
[00:43:59] I'm gonna continually
[00:44:01] pound the table.
[00:44:02] Being an app developer
[00:44:04] Kamille you as well.
[00:44:05] It's got to incorporate
[00:44:07] apps into the interface.
[00:44:09] This really devalues the
[00:44:10] marketplace at this point
[00:44:12] because as more people use the interfaces,
[00:44:15] you kind of don't want to leave that
[00:44:17] to go then back to the old one,
[00:44:20] then open up
[00:44:21] the side bar and get your apps.
[00:44:23] so once they figure that out,
[00:44:25] I think that really opens up the
[00:44:29] the opportunities for app developers.
[00:44:34] So hopefully we'll see that soon.
[00:44:36] So great. That's a great introduction.
[00:44:39] And like I mentioned, we'll
[00:44:41] we'll have a new segment,
[00:44:42] we'll do more,
[00:44:43] we'll dive deeper into the different
[00:44:45] types of elements within the interface.
[00:44:48] Is so this is our first segment of a
[00:44:50] first version of our new segment,
[00:44:53] A Case for Interfaces.
[00:44:56] So as we continue on a quick spotlight,
[00:44:59] I'll do this briefly On2Air is an all
[00:45:02] in one toolkit to run your
[00:45:03] business on Airtable.
[00:45:05] It's a suite of apps to do a
[00:45:06] variety of different things
[00:45:08] to help you enhance
[00:45:10] your Airtable usage and
[00:45:12] especially if you're running a business,
[00:45:14] you need to check out on2air.com.
[00:45:16] I just briefly want to bring up
[00:45:18] one of our apps is our backup solution.
[00:45:20] Airtable already does backups
[00:45:23] but for security reasons and for best
[00:45:27] practices it's always recommended
[00:45:30] to have an external backup of your data
[00:45:32] outside of Airtable.
[00:45:34] That's where On2Air backups comes in.
[00:45:36] We can help back up your data
[00:45:38] and your attachments to your dropbox,
[00:45:41] your box or your google drive
[00:45:43] on a scheduled basis,
[00:45:45] automated all happening in the background.
[00:45:47] So you don't have to worry
[00:45:49] about your data
[00:45:50] and know that you've always got
[00:45:52] residing outside of Airtable at all times.
[00:45:55] So check us out on2air.com/on2air-backups
[00:45:59] for your backups solution
[00:46:03] with that we're going to continue
[00:46:06] on to our next segment which is
[00:46:10] got to refresh my page here.
[00:46:12] Meet the experts.
[00:46:14] So we have an expert among us.
[00:46:17] Ben Green has been part of the community.
[00:46:20] You've likely seen his smiling face
[00:46:24] on Youtube. Amongst many videos.
[00:46:26] I know you've got quite the collection
[00:46:29] of videos and why don't you tell us a
[00:46:31] little bit about yourself,
[00:46:32] your background,
[00:46:33] what you're up to
[00:46:34] really interested in how you
[00:46:36] came to find Airtable
[00:46:38] and what you're up
[00:46:39] to now with Airtable.
[00:46:41] Yeah. First I would say
[00:46:42] I would definitely
[00:46:44] recommend using On2Air backups.
[00:46:46] I've used it in a few cases
[00:46:48] with clients
[00:46:49] and it is definitely a product to go
[00:46:51] for, so plus one for On2Air backups.
[00:46:55] But yeah, thank you for having me on.
[00:46:58] So you wanted a background
[00:47:00] and how I got to know Airtable,
[00:47:02] is that right?
[00:47:02] Yep.
[00:47:03] So my background
[00:47:05] I've actually only been an Airtable
[00:47:08] user for about
[00:47:09] a year and eight months I think.
[00:47:14] About five years ago
[00:47:15] I started school at IU Bloomington,
[00:47:18] I graduated about a
[00:47:20] year ago
[00:47:21] but I went there
[00:47:22] and got a degree in information systems
[00:47:25] and operations,
[00:47:25] learned to code in a few languages
[00:47:29] like sequel and R and C.
[00:47:31] Sharp and a lot of
[00:47:33] stuff I found not to be fun
[00:47:36] and then also took some classes
[00:47:38] in access and
[00:47:40] Excel
[00:47:40] access, I found very
[00:47:42] like the concept is very similar
[00:47:45] to Airtable as well as learning like
[00:47:47] enterprise software development,
[00:47:49] just realized they still teach
[00:47:51] access in school.
[00:47:52] Yeah, I had one class on it
[00:47:55] and I did not enjoy that
[00:47:57] the access part as much.
[00:48:01] but then I had a friend
[00:48:03] who introduced me to Airtable and
[00:48:05] I was like can you teach me how to
[00:48:08] use Airtable,
[00:48:09] I'll work for you for free
[00:48:10] and do like anything,
[00:48:11] you just show me how to use it
[00:48:13] because he said like,
[00:48:14] it's a great tool like if
[00:48:15] you can learn it,
[00:48:16] you'll never have any problems ever.
[00:48:18] And so
[00:48:19] I started using it for school,
[00:48:22] I just managed my
[00:48:24] all my assignments and stuff
[00:48:26] in Airtable and then that summer
[00:48:29] I worked for free doing
[00:48:31] implementation for a
[00:48:32] business like all summer
[00:48:34] for like three months.
[00:48:35] And then that brings me to
[00:48:37] like last September
[00:48:39] where I went to the Airtable
[00:48:41] users conference
[00:48:42] with Chris Dancy,
[00:48:44] I was just a visitor.
[00:48:46] I think
[00:48:47] Dan, you were a sponsor.
[00:48:48] Kamille, you were a speaker
[00:48:50] if I remember right.
[00:48:52] There was that same day
[00:48:54] I published my first YouTube video.
[00:48:56] It was like an intro to Airtable.
[00:48:58] I think I published
[00:48:59] the day before because I
[00:49:00] was like, I have to publish it before.
[00:49:02] That was like my deadline
[00:49:04] for publishing my first video.
[00:49:07] But then since then
[00:49:08] I think I published 180 videos, wow,
[00:49:12] so it's been,
[00:49:13] it's been a lot
[00:49:14] and a lot of the videos feature Kamille
[00:49:16] as well as Kuovonne in the chat. It's been
[00:49:19] amazing doing Off the Record with Chris
[00:49:22] and those ladies and Rebecca sometimes
[00:49:25] joins as well,
[00:49:26] but that's how I got started.
[00:49:29] Very cool
[00:49:30] and tell us what are you doing now?
[00:49:34] So I do consulting.
[00:49:35] So primarily
[00:49:38] with people book calls from my
[00:49:40] YouTube channel,
[00:49:41] people watch like six or seven
[00:49:42] videos, they don't themselves
[00:49:44] and then they like they
[00:49:46] don't be set everything up
[00:49:47] themselves don't know either
[00:49:50] expedite the process
[00:49:51] and work with someone
[00:49:52] or they just don't want to spend the
[00:49:53] time and learn all the fundamentals
[00:49:55] of doing right.
[00:49:56] So then they work with me to
[00:49:58] build it. I have a few people,
[00:50:00] a few contractors on my team
[00:50:02] that helped me out with some of the
[00:50:05] development,
[00:50:05] like for example like mapping stuff
[00:50:07] out and then actually doing
[00:50:09] some of the automations
[00:50:10] because some of those
[00:50:11] can get pretty time consuming.
[00:50:13] Yeah.
[00:50:15] All right, very cool.
[00:50:17] Well, great to have you on.
[00:50:19] I know we've interacted quite
[00:50:20] a bit over the year
[00:50:22] that you've been involved.
[00:50:23] It seems like it's been longer
[00:50:25] than that, but
[00:50:27] it's cool to see right out of school,
[00:50:30] learning
[00:50:31] Airtable and now pretty well
[00:50:33] established as an expert
[00:50:35] consultant in this
[00:50:37] space.
[00:50:37] So where where can people find you
[00:50:39] if they're interested in working with
[00:50:41] you?
[00:50:42] You guys go to any
[00:50:43] of my YouTube videos. It's
[00:50:46] I don't know what my link is,
[00:50:48] but it's Ben Green,
[00:50:50] my websites www.optimizeis.com.
[00:50:52] It's in the description
[00:50:54] of any of the videos.
[00:50:55] Yes, those are blue light blockers.
[00:50:58] I got them on the Amazon.
[00:51:01] It reduces eye strain.
[00:51:03] Yeah, I highly recommend.
[00:51:05] Okay. We'll put links
[00:51:08] in the show notes
[00:51:09] for anybody that wants to work
[00:51:11] with you. But yeah,
[00:51:13] check them out on YouTube
[00:51:14] tons of videos and then Off the
[00:51:15] Record. When does that air?
[00:51:18] So that's every Wednesday.
[00:51:19] Kamille and Kuovonne
[00:51:20] like I said,
[00:51:21] they're there pretty often and Rebecca.
[00:51:23] But it's every Wednesday
[00:51:25] at seven p.m. Eastern time
[00:51:26] and you can either go to
[00:51:27] the Airtable community Facebook group.
[00:51:29] Me and Chris basically run that
[00:51:32] there's like 5000 people in there.
[00:51:34] We go to the Airtable community Facebook
[00:51:36] group and we go live in there.
[00:51:38] Or you can join us. If you go to
[00:51:40] www.videowithben.com
[00:51:42] at seven p.m. You can join the zoom room.
[00:51:46] Okay, video with Ben.
[00:51:47] And then, yeah,
[00:51:48] I also give a plug for the Facebook
[00:51:50] community that you help run.
[00:51:52] Feel like there's
[00:51:53] 1000 things.
[00:51:54] Yes. Yeah Facebook group.
[00:51:56] It's
[00:51:57] facebook.com/groups/airtablecommunity.
[00:52:01] And is that the largest Facebook
[00:52:04] community for Airtable?
[00:52:06] It is.
[00:52:06] I believe that I think a few 1000 people.
[00:52:09] Yeah, I know there's a couple
[00:52:10] others but I think that is the largest,
[00:52:13] there's like 200 people joining in a
[00:52:15] week.
[00:52:16] Wow.
[00:52:17] 100 people joining in a week.
[00:52:19] Yeah. Yeah, it's definitely very,
[00:52:21] very active.
[00:52:22] We reference it quite often
[00:52:24] on this show talking about what
[00:52:26] people are mentioning in there.
[00:52:28] So if you're on Facebook then
[00:52:31] definitely
[00:52:32] check that out.
[00:52:33] It's lively and always
[00:52:35] discussion going on there.
[00:52:36] So cool.
[00:52:37] Well with that,
[00:52:38] if you want to start
[00:52:40] sharing your screen Ben before we
[00:52:43] get to you and what you're
[00:52:44] going to share with us.
[00:52:46] I'll give a plug for our
[00:52:47] community.
[00:52:47] There's lots of communities out there.
[00:52:49] The BuiltOnAir community
[00:52:50] is
[00:52:51] one of many great ones and
[00:52:54] we love for you to join us,
[00:52:55] especially if you're already in slack.
[00:52:57] We have a slack community
[00:52:59] where people are talking
[00:53:01] and asking questions and you
[00:53:02] get to interact with amazing
[00:53:05] people like Ben and Kamille
[00:53:07] and we also have our website
[00:53:09] builtonair.com where we'll publish
[00:53:12] podcasts, updates, what's going on.
[00:53:14] So it's worth checking out,
[00:53:16] sign up for the newsletter.
[00:53:18] So builtonair.com
[00:53:19] is where you can find all
[00:53:20] these great resources.
[00:53:22] So with that we're going to do
[00:53:25] and Automate Create
[00:53:26] and Ben's gonna walk us
[00:53:28] through some task templating.
[00:53:30] So I'll share your screen go for it.
[00:53:33] All right. So this demo like,
[00:53:36] like Dan just said is
[00:53:38] going to be showing a task
[00:53:40] template
[00:53:41] so that to start off this base,
[00:53:43] what I have are a few different like
[00:53:45] stock projects that you might have.
[00:53:48] So I work with
[00:53:49] a few people in this case is
[00:53:51] transaction coordinators.
[00:53:53] They work with multiple states
[00:53:55] or multiple types of
[00:53:56] projects that have different requirements
[00:53:59] and
[00:54:00] each of those projects
[00:54:02] is a record in this table
[00:54:03] and then it's linked to all the
[00:54:05] related tasks.
[00:54:06] So here we have tasks
[00:54:08] like I just put for stock tasks in here.
[00:54:11] You can also say like who it should be
[00:54:15] assigned to
[00:54:16] as well as some due dates,
[00:54:19] which I can go into how that works later.
[00:54:23] I got this idea from someone
[00:54:25] in the Airtable community
[00:54:27] in the Facebook group.
[00:54:28] I can't remember who it was.
[00:54:30] And I know I showed Kuovonne
[00:54:32] this last week and she
[00:54:33] seemed to like it
[00:54:34] because I've been kind of on a spree of
[00:54:37] finding ways to do everything
[00:54:39] without using scripts
[00:54:40] and a lot of people have
[00:54:41] been doing the same thing
[00:54:43] but writing it into scripts
[00:54:44] where a script would go
[00:54:45] find like everything
[00:54:47] that matched whichever project was
[00:54:51] chosen
[00:54:52] and then go add those tasks
[00:54:54] and assign them to people.
[00:54:56] So how this works is you
[00:54:58] add like a new file
[00:54:59] and we'll say this is
[00:55:01] like
[00:55:02] 902
[00:55:04] East ninth street
[00:55:07] for this I have it set up
[00:55:10] so you pick a few days from
[00:55:12] the example would be in a contract
[00:55:14] for a real estate transaction
[00:55:15] but you pick a
[00:55:16] few due dates.
[00:55:17] You could just pick like the start date
[00:55:20] of it for most use cases
[00:55:22] and then you pick which
[00:55:23] project type it is.
[00:55:25] So if I choose this one
[00:55:27] what it should go do
[00:55:29] is go and those tasks to the task
[00:55:32] table
[00:55:33] and then
[00:55:34] also move that here because this needs to
[00:55:38] be deleted afterwards.
[00:55:40] That's another conversation
[00:55:41] on why that needs to be deleted
[00:55:43] but
[00:55:45] has anything like this one
[00:55:47] been shown on this before?
[00:55:48] I don't believe
[00:55:50] I don't think so.
[00:55:52] So what this does here
[00:55:54] is it comes in here
[00:55:55] and assigns or like creates all these
[00:55:57] tasks. You can mark them as done
[00:56:00] it also If I hide some of the stuff,
[00:56:03] it calculates the due date
[00:56:04] that should be required.
[00:56:05] So the due date was
[00:56:06] calculated from the task templates
[00:56:09] And for this one
[00:56:11] remind me which one it was
[00:56:13] buyer financing Indiana.
[00:56:15] So for buyer financing Indiana
[00:56:17] these are like the this is
[00:56:19] I believe a workday
[00:56:20] formula
[00:56:21] just they add so including weekends.
[00:56:25] But this would say like five days
[00:56:27] after the effective date,
[00:56:28] six days after the effective date.
[00:56:30] And we know what the effective day
[00:56:32] is from a look up when this is created.
[00:56:36] So
[00:56:37] I guess do you have any
[00:56:40] immediate questions?
[00:56:41] When it's
[00:56:44] you assign it a project type
[00:56:46] and then your automation runs
[00:56:48] And it links the appropriate tasks
[00:56:51] to the transaction.
[00:56:53] Is it duplicating tasks
[00:56:55] from a template?
[00:56:57] Or is it linking the original tasks
[00:56:59] to 902 East 9th Street?
[00:57:01] It is
[00:57:03] duplicating the tasks.
[00:57:05] So it's creating records here
[00:57:08] for each task
[00:57:10] that ended up being a look up
[00:57:12] here. So the trigger
[00:57:14] for the automation is from
[00:57:17] this task templates table,
[00:57:21] it's a look up here.
[00:57:23] So if I turn the automation off,
[00:57:25] I can show how it works.
[00:57:27] And then show the automation of course.
[00:57:31] So here, if we choose by our cash Indiana
[00:57:36] in task templates,
[00:57:37] the trigger is that this is not empty
[00:57:41] and then it will go
[00:57:42] for when it triggers on this record
[00:57:44] it goes and creates this
[00:57:45] record in the task table,
[00:57:47] is that what you're asking?
[00:57:50] Yes. Okay and that makes sense.
[00:57:52] I was in my head,
[00:57:53] I don't know why
[00:57:55] I was envisioning some other
[00:58:00] you know what, no.
[00:58:01] I see what I was envisioning
[00:58:03] I was picturing another table being
[00:58:05] involved for projects
[00:58:06] and it looks like there is,
[00:58:08] it's your each of these task
[00:58:10] templates is linked to
[00:58:13] the project templates as well.
[00:58:17] So you assign it a template
[00:58:19] and then that's what triggers.
[00:58:22] Yeah, I also figured
[00:58:24] out how to do this.
[00:58:25] You could have I think the same setup
[00:58:27] and have the task templates
[00:58:29] live in the task table
[00:58:30] and just be like in their own
[00:58:32] view, like filtered out
[00:58:33] from everything else.
[00:58:34] I think people, or business owners
[00:58:36] like this
[00:58:37] false sense of security
[00:58:39] of having these here
[00:58:40] so that their employees won't mess
[00:58:41] with them. Yeah,
[00:58:42] so that's why choose this other table.
[00:58:44] Okay. I like having templates
[00:58:48] separated out from the real
[00:58:51] just because if you
[00:58:52] ever needed,
[00:58:53] what are the what's
[00:58:55] my count of active tasks?
[00:58:56] You always have to
[00:58:57] remember okay, well
[00:58:58] don't include the templates so
[00:59:00] you know, it just removes that
[00:59:02] sort of margin of error
[00:59:04] by keeping them separate
[00:59:05] anyway.
[00:59:08] I also a lot of times
[00:59:10] I'll duplicate the task
[00:59:12] but also link back to the task
[00:59:14] template so you kind of have,
[00:59:16] you know the source of where it came from
[00:59:20] and that wouldn't work as well
[00:59:21] if it was in the same table
[00:59:23] because you don't
[00:59:24] have the back link
[00:59:27] unless you
[00:59:28] the
[00:59:29] familiarly then.
[00:59:32] Well yeah like I think Hannah
[00:59:34] here says let's see the automation.
[00:59:38] So Dan do you use
[00:59:39] something similar to this?
[00:59:41] So I have done it with scripting
[00:59:44] but yeah very similar structure of the
[00:59:48] database. Yeah.
[00:59:49] Yes. So everything that I do is
[00:59:51] without scripting because I
[00:59:53] don't find business owners
[00:59:55] want to learn how to script and then
[00:59:57] that clients come to me
[00:59:58] with this with scripts
[00:59:59] and they have no idea how to do
[01:00:01] anything. So we changed them.
[01:00:02] It's easier to maintain
[01:00:04] if you if you're giving it
[01:00:05] to someone else
[01:00:06] if you just use if you can use
[01:00:08] the update record or create record steps.
[01:00:11] Sometimes it's just better just use those.
[01:00:14] Yeah.
[01:00:15] So the trigger is here
[01:00:17] on this test templates table
[01:00:19] and it's just watching to
[01:00:21] make sure that this project is not empty.
[01:00:24] That there's no like safeguards to
[01:00:26] make sure that like
[01:00:27] like it will error if these are empty
[01:00:30] because it needs those
[01:00:31] when creating the tasks
[01:00:33] but I could add those in there.
[01:00:37] And then the next thing it does
[01:00:39] is it goes and creates
[01:00:40] a record in the task
[01:00:41] table.
[01:00:42] So this one is pretty straightforward.
[01:00:44] It just pulls this step id
[01:00:46] the transaction to link it to.
[01:00:48] Is this right here this is probably the
[01:00:51] hardest one to get.
[01:00:53] So what you need to do is
[01:00:55] click on the blue button
[01:00:57] come in here, press continue
[01:00:58] find this project linked record.
[01:01:00] And then you have to like continue twice
[01:01:02] basically. You press continue.
[01:01:04] Then this isn't the linked record
[01:01:07] id you want, press
[01:01:08] continue again and then I
[01:01:11] maybe I should go test it
[01:01:12] so you can see but it should be this
[01:01:14] id right here.
[01:01:16] So let's test this.
[01:01:21] If you test it it gives you test data
[01:01:23] for those watching
[01:01:25] that makes it pretty nice.
[01:01:27] So not this link record
[01:01:29] the press continue again
[01:01:31] and then it says like
[01:01:32] what's right here
[01:01:33] and you can insert that
[01:01:35] and what that does
[01:01:37] is it links it to the transaction,
[01:01:42] This is a different part of it
[01:01:43] that I can show in a second
[01:01:45] it's like the second
[01:01:46] stage to this.
[01:01:48] But then it also links back
[01:01:50] to the project template.
[01:01:51] That's how this is
[01:01:51] grouped is it links it to
[01:01:54] that template assigns who it's for and
[01:01:59] what day it's due.
[01:02:01] The last thing
[01:02:02] which is kind of repetitive,
[01:02:05] it kind of wastes all the tasks
[01:02:07] besides the first time it does it,
[01:02:09] but because it doesn't
[01:02:11] do anything after the first one.
[01:02:14] Is it clears this out
[01:02:16] so this is updates that transaction
[01:02:18] record clears this
[01:02:19] out
[01:02:20] and moves the name of that to right here.
[01:02:26] So after the first task that is triggered
[01:02:30] it's like after this one
[01:02:32] that's already done but it
[01:02:33] I don't know any other way
[01:02:35] to make it really seamless
[01:02:37] to make that work.
[01:02:39] Yeah. So what we're seeing is
[01:02:41] there's no conditional logic
[01:02:44] within an automation
[01:02:45] step where you can say
[01:02:47] don't run this step
[01:02:48] if the linked record is already
[01:02:50] cleared
[01:02:51] and that's why you have to do it
[01:02:53] with each individual run. Because
[01:02:55] the automation is running
[01:02:57] for each task template
[01:02:59] item,
[01:03:00] it's running
[01:03:01] there's four for this particular one,
[01:03:03] so it's running four times.
[01:03:06] Yes,
[01:03:07] exactly.
[01:03:11] So the next step of the automation
[01:03:13] is right here, it says like selling cash
[01:03:15] Texas, so let's change
[01:03:18] the name of that one from
[01:03:21] this will say
[01:03:27] It's like that one
[01:03:30] also change it to buyer
[01:03:33] that way here,
[01:03:34] it looks like it's like the second.
[01:03:36] So if you have like different
[01:03:39] portions of your task list,
[01:03:40] maybe it's conditional
[01:03:41] that you're never going to do
[01:03:42] tasks
[01:03:43] five through eight,
[01:03:45] unless you do tasks one through four
[01:03:47] or you just don't want
[01:03:48] to run 50 tasks at once,
[01:03:50] you want to split it up
[01:03:51] into different ones.
[01:03:52] What this does is once you get
[01:03:54] do the first three,
[01:03:55] actually the first three don't matter,
[01:03:56] These can be unchecked.
[01:03:58] Once you check this one,
[01:04:00] what it should go do
[01:04:01] is going to run this task list,
[01:04:04] that task list
[01:04:08] and the same thing here.
[01:04:09] If these happen to be in order
[01:04:11] which to do that, I would have
[01:04:12] just had to put a four here
[01:04:14] and they would be in order
[01:04:17] when you go check these ones off
[01:04:19] or run that next task list that is
[01:04:22] Whichever one is right here.
[01:04:28] Yeah, populated here,
[01:04:33] interesting.
[01:04:35] I've done this very similar
[01:04:38] first for several one in particular.
[01:04:42] This is what caused us to run
[01:04:45] into record limits
[01:04:47] because for every a lending
[01:04:49] company, so for every home loan
[01:04:52] they have like a task list
[01:04:55] of 17 different tasks
[01:04:56] for each loan that comes in and so
[01:05:00] That just the task table
[01:05:02] just instantly hit 50,000
[01:05:04] because they have a couple of
[01:05:06] 1000 loans
[01:05:09] And so automatically creating
[01:05:11] all these tasks hit the
[01:05:13] 50,000 record limit
[01:05:15] pretty quickly.
[01:05:16] Yeah, so this definitely requires
[01:05:19] like archiving records.
[01:05:20] So what I see this type of
[01:05:22] client do is they'll have like
[01:05:24] a view for each transaction
[01:05:26] which would make it really
[01:05:27] nice if they included
[01:05:28] views
[01:05:29] in automations like creating views
[01:05:32] would love that.
[01:05:33] But then they just basically
[01:05:35] like print the view,
[01:05:37] archive it and then delete
[01:05:38] all the records
[01:05:40] in the history on the tasks table.
[01:05:43] Yeah.
[01:05:45] Yeah,
[01:05:46] interesting. Yeah, very, very
[01:05:48] common use case.
[01:05:50] Great way to to set that up and
[01:05:52] implement it and automate it
[01:05:55] and awesome, thank you Ben
[01:05:57] for showing that and
[01:05:59] for coming on the show
[01:06:01] and people check out his podcast
[01:06:04] Off the Record and he's joined by Kamille.
[01:06:09] So Kamille
[01:06:10] get to see her all over the place
[01:06:12] everywhere.
[01:06:15] And sometimes I remember the days
[01:06:18] on which the shows I'm on appear.
[01:06:21] Very true. And we will be back
[01:06:24] next week
[01:06:25] and we'll definitely be continued to
[01:06:27] dive into interfaces.
[01:06:29] And we're excited to see
[01:06:31] what everybody is building with
[01:06:33] them. If you have questions on
[01:06:35] what you want us
[01:06:36] to highlight next time,
[01:06:38] let us know in the comments,
[01:06:40] and until then we love to see
[01:06:41] what everybody is building
[01:06:43] on Air and we'll see
[01:06:44] you next week.
[01:06:47] See ya.