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Airtable Community

Ask The Community

Organizationnal Chart

CONCATENATE but exclude blank cells

Next Actions Development

Importing pre-defined options for a Single Select Field

Count records after a date

Formula IF – Repeating one solution from Excell in Airtable

Using Airtable to Schedule a Conference – recently updated thread

Employee Scores

Calculating the difference in time between two date fields

Turning off Sort/Group when viewable

Feature Requests

Better merging via Dedupe

Ghost rows and Autonumber

Show And Tell

(no new content)


Tableau Integration– recently updated

Zapier Emails: Create a Table From Linked Records


Airtable for Web Professionals Facebook Group

Discussion this week:

  • Creating a central table with links to all other tables


GAP Videos Community

Airtable Facebook Community

Updates this week:

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BuiltOnAir Web Community

BuiltOnAir Podcast

BOA Podcast S01:E05 – Sarah Henry, Research and Design Strategist

BuiltOnAir Slack Community

Recently created Slack community. Come join us here.

Openside Community

Recently re-launched the Openside community, and it’s awesome!