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On today’s episode, we travel to Bloomington, Indiana to chat with Chuck Beckett and Jar Turner of WFHB Community Radio. Chuck, IT Specialist and member of the station’s board of directors, and Jar, General Manager, both began their venture at WFHB by volunteering, and both are passionate about the sense of community provided by their station. 
When the pandemic hit, WFHB was forced to restrict access to the studios and became ever more reliant on technology – which of course is where Airtable comes to the rescue. The station largely relies on volunteers to do everything from DJing, news reporting, and even radio theatre.
Using Airtable’s new Sync feature, they are able to sync their volunteer calendar to several different bases, and securely share these bases amongst their volunteer base. Chuck calls this a game changer, and we have to agree.
Chuck demos his Calendar Server base for us today, which is available on the Airtable Universe. The base allows a user to enter a start date and frequency, and yields dates that can be used in a recurring fashion on a calendar.
One other project of interest is Chuck’s recently released app, called ORC. ORC is packaged into an Airtable base that is also available on the Universe, and employs the scripting app to output “pretty-printed” formulas – something formula loving users often find is missing from Airtable’s native formula editor.
Check out the show notes for links to learn more about WFHB Community Radio, and see Chuck’s bases on the Airtable Universe.


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