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In the season 15 finale, hosts Dan and Kamille are joined by Ben Bailey, Sr. Research Systems Manager at Frame.io, an Adobe Company. 


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**New season starting October 3rd

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Airtable App Marketplace Highlights (Extensions)

TabGraph – “Visualize linked records as graphs, such as a flowchart, decision tree, or user flow diagram.”


Connect for WooCommerce – “Connect for WooCommerce is the ultimate solution for faster and more efficient WooCommerce management. By combining the power of Airtable with WooCommerce, AirToWoo enables you to manage your store up to 10 times faster than before.”


Airtable Universe Highlights

Mileage Reimbursements – “Allow employees to track their mileage. Keep a log of reimbursements and amount owed to each driver.”


Marketing Content Operations – “This base supports an end-to-end content operations workflow with built-in interfaces for content submission, approvals, and reporting.”

BuiltOnAir.com Resources

BASEGENIUS – “Experts in the realm of third-party integrations, BaseGenius by Airtable Sherpas offers users capability to sync Airtable data with Saleforce for a fixed monthly cost, no matter the amount of data travelling between the two tools.”

/AIRCALENDAR – “A helpful tool to use Airtable capability as a calendar. /aircalendar features include countdowns, Google Calendar links and auto-magical sorting. While not a plug-and-play solution yet (some set-up and use of JQuery and others are required) it still provides great function with minimal work.”


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