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In this episode, Meet Tim Alexander from DataFetch. 


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Airtable App Marketplace Highlights

AirFlow – Connect, import, schedule, and sync data from any source (Facebook, Google, Shopify, and other APIs)


Field List – Generate a table listing all the fields in your base, including field name, type, table, and more.

Airtable Universe Highlights


Keep track of your lost and found items – “This Airtable allows businesses and organizations better manage lost and found property and customer claims, in one place. Whether you are in Loss Prevention, Hospitality, or Guest Relations, this Airtable will ease tracking.”


Wardrobe Manager – “The Wardrobe Manager base implements a full-featured outfit, garment, and accessory database intended for the individual who wants or needs a more structured approach to managing his or her wardrobe.”

BuiltOnAir.com Resources

CSV GETTER (EASY NO CODE API) – “Use CSV Getter to generate a robust API endpoint URL for your base. With your URL you can download your whole base as CSV or with multiple JSON types. You can also filter and shape your data using parameters. Great for No-coders or those wanting to schedule a backup.”

STACKER – “Stacker creates a digital interface for your business, with no code required. The tool allows you to create different portal views with different information shown that you can provide to your team, partners, and customers. With Stacker, each user can log into their own portal of your business data and view or edit based on permissions you set. Stacker is a visually appealing tool that will let you engage with your team and customers.”


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