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Airtable App Marketplace Highlights


SQL Console – Query Airtable with all the power of SQL.


Share Links for Records – You can allow your clients to see their data by just sharing a URL that allows them to get quick access to a particular record. This extension gives you unique links for all the records in your Airtable table. You’ll just need to add a new formula field where a sharable URL will be generated for each record.


Airtable Universe Highlights

Partner Relationship Manager – As an unscripted production company, we need to build relationships with all different kinds of organizations and talent. With our Airtable base, we can track all of our various relationships for access and locations into one spreadsheet divided into tabs. Within each project, we can monitor all the calls and contacts we’ve had with that organization.


Visual Asset Manager – Labels are a key component of the candle experience and careful crafting goes into producing and planning every label. We have a rich library of visual assets that need to be shared and updated regularly across a large team, so we developed an Airtable base to improve collaboration between our designers and our in-house staff. Airtable is a solution that can scale as our team grows while maintaining collaboration and transparency and not constantly micro-managing account permissions.​



BuiltOnAir.com Resources

Data Fetcher – Data Fetcher is an Airtable app that allows you to run, save, and schedule API requests without leaving Airtable. You can make API requests on tons of platforms, instead of using a Zapier integration.

AnyForm – AnyForm helps eliminate confusion for your customers by letting you customize all your links. It allows you to take a public site URL (like an Airtable base) and create your own URL for it.


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