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Airtable Community

Ask The Community

Software Subscription Directory and Renewal Alerts – Help with a custom base “Next Renewal Date” and reminders on software subscriptions

ACalculate Date of Previous Week’s Friday

Using Functions Across Tablesd

IF formula to find text in a cell and make a selection in another cell

Can’t figure out how to do a simple percentage calculation in AirtableDatabase design question

Feature Requests

Specific View for Form Input of type LinkAttachments: Ability to paste (cmd + v) a screen shot into the field from my clipboard

Show And Tell

Number and Currency ‘Pretty-Print’ Routines


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Airtable for Web Professionals Facebook Group

Discussion this week:

  • How to avoid getting time value added to primary field with CONCATENATE formula

GAP Videos Community

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Airtable Facebook Community

Updates this week:

  • Charitable Giving Tracker

Airtable LinkedIn Group

Waiting to be accepted by group. May not be active.

BuiltOnAir Web Community

Getting Ready to Go Live. Come back soon.

BuiltOnAir Podcast Community

S01:E01 Dan Fellars, Founder of Openside – Published

BuiltOnAir Slack Community

Recently created Slack community. Come join us here.

Openside Community

Have big things in the works. Keep an eye on this space in future.