Using Airtable to Manage Team Projects

Hey everyone! Season 6 is official over so it’s time to start our Winter Series! For the next few weeks we will be reviewing some of our favorite episodes from Season 5 and going more in depth with the creators. We’re starting off looking at Episode 9 with James Jackson, a product designer. 

James started his career in 2012 as a content reporter for arts in North Carolina. As a content writer he met some engineers and people in the tech industry. He was fascinated with “building things” and soon after he moved to New York and started as a developer. 

With all his different experiences and background, James is able to bring together content, design, and development. James claims the title of a digital maintenance man; he sees a problem and figures out what tools and technology is needed to solve it. When looking in his toolbox, Airtable is almost always his first choice because it is great for collaborations and has a great design.

James loves Airtable just like the rest of us but because of his design background he has even more appreciation for the platform. First he has gotten into coding with languages like HTML and Javascript. Airtable makes it easy to build projects with code and create overall better designs. He also loves how Airtable is super user friendly and knows the importance of a good design. For him this is what sets Airtable apart from other platforms because it is not just tech savvy but has one of the best designs. 

Airtable has helped James solve complex problems with easy solutions.  For example, his Weekly Summary Base lets managers keep track of team members projects. He also uses Airtable for his personal life. During this recording he was getting ready to move to Colorado and used Airtable to categorize and keep track of all his belongings.

Demo: Weekly Summary Base

  • Separated by team members and shows what they completed or worked on for that week
  • Uses hidden fields to organize dates effectively
  • A form for team members to fill out each week to get the data
  • Makes it simple to use and see for managers and team members
  • Has the ability to add reminders or emails to stay updated
  • Can be used in any industry or job

We loved hearing from James and his unique perspective on why Airtable is so great. He also shows how Airtable makes finding solutions easy with his bases.

Learn more about James below!

James’s Website

James’s Designs (Dribbble)

Airtable Weekly Summary for Managers | James Darin

Here’s the video of the original podcast, including more of James’s story, and the live walkthrough of the base described above:

Episode Video:

Here’s an audio version of the above, with links to download or share if desired:

Episode Audio

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