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Set Defaults

With this script, every time you create a record in your base table, it will automatically add the data you set as a default. You will not have to manually enter the information. It will also add the data to records already created if you need to add or change previous records.

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Field Tweaker

After importing data, it’s not uncommon to want to clean up and normalize data values, especially text fields that may have all types of inconsistencies. This is where the Field Tweaker script block can help.

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Enhanced Content Calendar

Using this script with the Content Calendar Template, you will be able to do some common tasks with managing your content calendar, including creating and managing your calendar.

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Meta Definition

Something very often requested is the ability to extract the meta information of a base/table to be used for external use. Now, with the new scripting block, that information can be extracted and shared outside.

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