Using Airtable to Design Powerful Business Processes

For our guest of this week’s Podcast Summer Series we have the pleasure of reviewing the episode we had with Alex Bass, founder of Cyber Bytes. Alex’ work is in the workflow design niche, and he shares his insights on what life in that realm can be like. Due to his position as CEO of a company in the tech realm, Alex has pivoted multiple times over the years, with the most recent focus being in supporting Copper CRM for G.Suite. 

Alex shares a base he built to supplement a CRM setup with a client of his in the car dealership business. He built integrations between the clients CRM and the Airtable base to serve as an in-between for data filtering. It makes use of several unique ID fields to keep their records organized, then uses several tables within the base to add data from a form submission to the ID records. 

Other elements of note in the database:

  • Territory/Owner lookup table – with fields to simplify lookups via territory/zip code by ranges instead of individual codes. 
  • Photo Uploads – associating images and other assets with a form submission
  • Car make/model/turn radius tables for each model they interacted with
  • Automations to catch tricky or unique scenarios with form submissions and direct to the right resource, including emails drafting, auto-responders and more
  • A system for a staging area on data scenarios

Alex is a talented developer with a knack for making things work, and his business model invites interaction, collaboration and communication. 

Here’s the video of the original podcast, including more of Alex’ story, and the live walkthrough of the base described above:

Episode Video:

Here’s an audio version of the above, with links to download or share if desired:

Episode Audio

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