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Yarn, Fiber, Spinning/Knitting Project Tracker

When I wanted to do a breed study and keep records, I started this base, and then it got a bit out of control. Tables available: - Breeds: pre-populated with over 120 breeds of wool and other types of fibers including micron and bradford counts for most

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+100 Architecture Salaries

Get salary information and interview tips from Architects around the country. Learn "how" they got the job and the stories behind it.

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Homework & Class Tracker

Track your classes and homework in this simple base. Auto-updating fields to help you keep track of upcoming due dates, what you did, and what you have to do. Track your classes each semester, where they are, as well as keep your professor or teache

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The Airtable Pokédex

I thought people might want to make their own Pokédex that they can customize so I made this base as an example. It features data on Pokémon (including 8th generation Galar Pokémon), types, abilities, moves, items, and more. It comes with a few blocks ins

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Scout Overnight Camp planner

A template for planning a multi-level overnight camp out including a full 24 hour schedule of events. Use the different tables to track badge requirements, build a schedule, list required supplies (including who is bringing what and the overall budget), a

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200 Black Creators

Two Hundred Black Creators is a little passion project initially featured as a form of counter-programming on social media. This list consists of Black Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Historians, Urban Planners, Artists, Furniture, I

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Anti-racist Resources

This is a constantly growing database of anti-racist resources. Articles, books, podcasts, movies, PDFs and more. There are also places to donate and support. BlackLivesMatter _NOTE: As items are added/removed when necessary, please bookmark this, as cop

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Alyse Middleton

I'm a crafter and fiber artist and like to know what supplies and materials I have.


Adam Denais, AIA

Architect in Dallas, TX. I founded NEXT Architects - a FB group focused on helping the NEXT generation of Architects and designers move through their careers with confidence.


Amanda Grill

Principal at Fizzmation. We use powerful tools like Airtable to build clever systems for small organizations to work smarter and more strategically, maximizing results and minimizing efforts.


Sean Canty

Designer & Assistant Professor of Architecture seancanty.net