The Projeto Business Team is run by Mehul Bhandari, and “has experience of working with Companies of different sizes, entrepreneurs and professionals for Business Development & Operations role.

Business Team along with Digital Team is equipped to well understand and handle the Business & Operational needs of clients.

Projeto Consulting Digital Team shall customize the Airtable as per your Operational requirement so that you can
keep your business data safe, track, monitor to take quick & informed decisions.
Needless to say you will be empowered to a level where your Business Productivity and Focus shall be multi-fold.

Ideal for Teams and Professionals
Ideal Context: Business, Start-up, Production, Academia, Research, Creative and Administration
Ideal Application Types: Manage & Operate Projects, Events, Collaborate with Teams, Get Remote Data, Compile Data,
Organize and Display Data, Intra Website Use, Status Reporting and More “